AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2023-11-07meson: Only link libvdrm to Turnip with virtio KMDMark Collins1-2/+3
2023-11-07meson: Only include virtio when DRM availableMark Collins1-1/+3
2023-11-06vk/graphics_state, tu: Rewrite renderpass flags handlingConnor Abbott12-81/+112
2023-11-04virtio: Add vdrm native-context helperRob Clark6-3/+775
2023-11-02tu/msm: Fix timeline semaphore supportRob Clark1-0/+2
2023-10-11tu: Count a whole push consts range in constlen for PREAMBLE push constsDanylo Piliaiev1-0/+5
2023-10-04turnip,ir3: Implement A7XX push consts load via preambleDanylo Piliaiev21-48/+215
2023-10-03ci: Compile Turnip's virtio kmd in debian-arm64Danylo Piliaiev1-0/+1
2023-10-03tu/perfetto: Remove now unnecessary tu_perfetto_utilDanylo Piliaiev4-36/+5
2023-09-27freedreno/fdl: Use A8_UNORM HW format for samplingConnor Abbott2-5/+5
2023-09-27zink: Rework color clamping and conversionConnor Abbott5-61/+79
2023-09-13meson: Warn about side-effects from DRM for FD KMDsMark Collins1-16/+24
2023-09-11freedreno/a6xx: Re-write the function-of-doomRob Clark3-568/+586
2023-09-11zink: set optimal_keys for turnip jobsMike Blumenkrantz1-0/+2
2023-09-11zink: imply ZINK_DEBUG=quiet if ZINK_DEBUG=optimal_keys is set on turnipMike Blumenkrantz1-0/+3
2023-09-11zink: add ZINK_DEBUG=quietMike Blumenkrantz3-2/+9
2023-09-11ir3: Add helper to determine when variant exceeds safe constlenConnor Abbott1-4/+19
2023-09-05vk/graphics_state: Fix copying MS locations pipeline stateConnor Abbott1-4/+4
2023-08-19egl,venus,vulkan,turnip,freedreno: Update CPU trace init to init more than pe...Bas Nieuwenhuizen5-5/+9
2023-08-17ci/turnip: Add a660 VK coverage.Emma Anholt5-0/+284
2023-08-16turnip: Move sysmem clears to the first subpass that uses them.Emma Anholt1-16/+23
2023-08-16turnip: Move gmem clears and loads to the first subpass that uses them.Emma Anholt2-36/+62
2023-08-16turnip: Save the renderpass's clear values in the cmdbuf state.Emma Anholt6-42/+43
2023-08-16turnip: Skip emitting empty CP_COND_REG_EXEC.Emma Anholt1-2/+7
2023-08-16turnip: Track the first/last subpass an attachment is used in.Emma Anholt2-17/+52
2023-08-14vulkan/format: Use correct swizzle for 1-plane YCbCr formatsFaith Ekstrand4-8/+8
2023-08-08tu/drm: Add missing error path cleanupRob Clark1-0/+2
2023-08-01turnip: Use common nir_vk_is_not_xfb_outputDanylo Piliaiev1-7/+2
2023-07-21tu, freedreno/a6xx: Remove has_ccu_flush_bugConnor Abbott6-29/+11
2023-07-20turnip: flush cache for dstBuffer in vkCmdCopyQueryPoolResultsYiwei Zhang3-1/+7
2023-07-13turnip: Add debug option to allow non-conforming features.Amber3-7/+12
2023-07-13freedreno, turnip: set correct reg_size_vec4 for a6xx_gen1_lowAmber1-0/+1
2023-07-13turnip: make sampler_minmax support configurable.Amber3-2/+6
2023-07-13turnip: Add support for devices not supporting double thread size.Amber4-6/+29
2023-07-13turnip: Make multiview support configurable per generationDanylo Piliaiev3-6/+11
2023-07-13freedreno,turnip: Make VS input attr/binding count configurableDanylo Piliaiev4-3/+8
2023-07-13freedreno,turnip: Make CS shared memory size configurableDanylo Piliaiev5-7/+26
2023-07-13freedreno,turnip: Make number of VSC pipes configurableDanylo Piliaiev4-35/+53
2023-07-13freedreno, turnip: Clarify some RB_CCU_CNTL fieldsDanylo Piliaiev14-70/+137
2023-07-03vk/graphics_state: Don't track each vertex input fieldConnor Abbott1-10/+15
2023-07-03vk/graphics_state: Track attachment count as stateConnor Abbott2-7/+21
2023-07-03vk/graphics_state: Fix some assertions when copying stateConnor Abbott1-6/+4
2023-07-03vk/graphics_state: Add VI_BINDINGS_VALID stateConnor Abbott2-5/+40
2023-07-03vk/graphics_state: Add feedback_loop_input_onlyConnor Abbott1-0/+3
2023-07-03vk/graphics_state: Remove vk_subpass_infoConnor Abbott4-41/+20
2023-07-03tu/kgsl: Fix memory overwrite with vkFlushMappedMemoryRanges when more than 1...Shan-Min Chao1-1/+1
2023-06-15zink: add mem debuggingMike Blumenkrantz7-3/+155
2023-06-02ci/turnip: Update full-run xfails.Emma Anholt3-109/+11
2023-06-01freedreno/a6xx: Fix xfb stream configurationRob Clark5-19/+20
2023-05-08ir3: Record whether a shader writes gl_ViewportIndexConnor Abbott2-2/+4