AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-04-21egl/x11: authenticate before doing chipset id ioctlsJonathan Gray1-54/+56
2016-04-21gallium/radeon: Silence possibly uninitialized variable warning.Bas Nieuwenhuizen1-1/+1
2016-04-21winsys/amdgpu: Silence possibly uninitialized variable warning.Bas Nieuwenhuizen1-0/+3
2016-04-21radeonsi: Enable loading into CE RAM.Bas Nieuwenhuizen3-0/+14
2016-04-21radeonsi: Use defines for CONTEXT_CONTROL instead of magic values.Bas Nieuwenhuizen2-2/+5
2016-04-21winsys/amdgpu: fix preamble IB sizeThomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen1-0/+1
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Reduce the urb size requirement for vertex bufferTopi Pohjolainen1-5/+4
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Reduce the size of vertex bufferTopi Pohjolainen1-12/+19
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Do not tricker urb re-configuration unnecessarilyTopi Pohjolainen2-1/+5
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Skip re-emitting urb config whenever possibleTopi Pohjolainen1-0/+15
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Prepare to switch from compute pipelineTopi Pohjolainen1-0/+2
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Skip uploading state/options not needed for clearsTopi Pohjolainen3-17/+37
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Re-introduce clear programsTopi Pohjolainen5-4/+473
2016-04-21i965/meta: Move check for srgb into is_color_fast_clear_compatible()Topi Pohjolainen2-17/+19
2016-04-21i965/meta: Expose check for fast clear compatibilityTopi Pohjolainen2-20/+25
2016-04-21i965/meta: Expose fast clear value setupTopi Pohjolainen2-5/+10
2016-04-21i965/meta: Expose non-fast clear rectangle calculationTopi Pohjolainen2-10/+21
2016-04-21i965/meta: Expose resolve clear rectangle calculationTopi Pohjolainen2-7/+15
2016-04-21i965/meta: Expose fast clear rectangle calculationTopi Pohjolainen2-19/+33
2016-04-21i965: Declare input to mcs alignment calculation constantTopi Pohjolainen2-2/+2
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Switch the order of render and texture targetsTopi Pohjolainen2-1/+5
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Reduce scope for generator and its inputsTopi Pohjolainen3-26/+25
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Add support for disabling color blendingTopi Pohjolainen4-0/+19
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Add support for setting fast clear operationTopi Pohjolainen4-0/+5
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Enable blits on gen8Topi Pohjolainen3-6/+9
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Prepare stencil sampling for gen8Topi Pohjolainen2-3/+4
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Add check for supported sample numbersTopi Pohjolainen2-2/+17
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Add support for sampling 3D texturesTopi Pohjolainen3-6/+23
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Add support for source swizzleTopi Pohjolainen5-9/+29
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Pipeline upload support for gen8Topi Pohjolainen3-0/+699
2016-04-21i965/gen8: Expose pma stall emissionTopi Pohjolainen2-4/+8
2016-04-21i965: Allow texture surface state setup to be used by blorpTopi Pohjolainen4-6/+12
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Prepare sampling for gen9Topi Pohjolainen1-2/+14
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Prepare render target write for gen8Topi Pohjolainen5-8/+10
2016-04-21i965/blorp/gen6: Prepare vertex buffer setup logic for gen8Topi Pohjolainen1-8/+22
2016-04-21i965/blorp/gen7: Expose state setup applicable to gen8Topi Pohjolainen2-11/+50
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Use 8k chunk size for urb allocationTopi Pohjolainen1-5/+14
2016-04-21i965/blorp/gen7: Prepare re-using for gen8Topi Pohjolainen1-2/+4
2016-04-21i965/blorp: Let compiler calculate the vertex buffer sizeTopi Pohjolainen1-21/+10
2016-04-21i965/gen8: Expose state base address setupTopi Pohjolainen2-2/+4
2016-04-21i965/gen8: Expose surface state helpersTopi Pohjolainen2-25/+41
2016-04-21i965/gen9: Use correct size for DS_STATETopi Pohjolainen1-4/+18
2016-04-21glsl: add forgotten textureOffset function for sampler2DArrayShadowRoland Scheidegger1-0/+7
2016-04-20i965: Fix interpolateAtSample() on single sampled buffers.Kenneth Graunke1-0/+15
2016-04-20i965: Fix gl_SampleMaskIn[] in per-sample shading mode.Kenneth Graunke3-2/+42
2016-04-20i965: Only enable oMask output when there's a multisample FBO.Kenneth Graunke1-1/+1
2016-04-20i965: Generalize wm_key->compute_sample_id to wm_key->multisample_fbo.Kenneth Graunke4-8/+7
2016-04-20i965: Delete now dead persample_2x FS program key flag.Kenneth Graunke3-8/+0
2016-04-20i965: Simplify gl_SampleID setup on Gen8+.Kenneth Graunke1-5/+37
2016-04-20i965: Flip key->compute_sample_id check.Kenneth Graunke1-7/+7