AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-01-06radeonsi: remove TGSIMarek Olšák16-5346/+598
2020-01-06radeonsi: disable SDMA on gfx8 to fix corruption on RX 580Marek Olšák1-0/+5
2020-01-06radeonsi: move SI and CIK+ SDMA code into 1 common function for cleanupsMarek Olšák12-190/+104
2020-01-06radeonsi: rename dma_cs -> sdma_csMarek Olšák10-46/+46
2020-01-06radeonsi: add AMD_DEBUG=nodmacopyimage for debuggingMarek Olšák3-1/+4
2020-01-06radeonsi: add AMD_DEBUG=nodmaclear for debuggingMarek Olšák3-1/+4
2020-01-06radeonsi: remove broken and unused SI SDMA image copy codeMarek Olšák1-181/+2
2020-01-06radeonsi: rename SDMA debug flagsMarek Olšák4-9/+9
2020-01-06gitlab-ci: Switch LAVA jobs to use shared dEQP runnerTomeu Vizoso17-292/+206
2020-01-06gitlab-ci: Update kernel for LAVA to 5.5-rc1 plus fixesTomeu Vizoso2-2/+2
2020-01-06panfrost: Handle PIPE_FORMAT_R10G10B10A2_USCALEDAlyssa Rosenzweig1-0/+2
2020-01-06panfrost: Report MSAA 4x supported for dEQPAlyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+10
2020-01-06panfrost: Cleanup tiling selection logicAlyssa Rosenzweig1-13/+14
2020-01-06panfrost: Implement sRGB blend shadersAlyssa Rosenzweig2-8/+16
2020-01-06panfrost: Support rendering to non-zero Z/S layersAlyssa Rosenzweig1-5/+5
2020-01-06panfrost: Texture from Z32F_S8 as R32FAlyssa Rosenzweig1-0/+4
2020-01-06iris/query: Implement PIPE_QUERY_GPU_FINISHEDDanylo Piliaiev1-0/+17
2020-01-06st/mesa: use uint-samplers for sampling stencil buffersErik Faye-Lund1-4/+6
2020-01-06ac/surface: use uint16_t for mipmap level pitchesSamuel Pitoiset1-1/+1
2020-01-05etnaviv: fix incorrectly failing vertex size assertJonathan Marek1-1/+1
2020-01-05lima: fix PP stream terminator sizeVasily Khoruzhick1-1/+3
2020-01-05lima: don't reload and redraw tiles that were not updatedVasily Khoruzhick3-7/+67
2020-01-05lima: postpone PP stream generationVasily Khoruzhick1-11/+17
2020-01-05lima/parser: Fix VS cmd stream parserAndreas Baierl1-2/+2
2020-01-05lima/parser: Fix rsw parserAndreas Baierl1-2/+0
2020-01-04anv: Only enable EWA LOD algorithm when doing anisotropic filtering.Kenneth Graunke1-1/+2
2020-01-04iris: Allow HiZ for copy_region sourcesKenneth Graunke3-5/+18
2020-01-04i965: Allow HiZ for glCopyImageSubData sourcesJason Ekstrand1-0/+9
2020-01-04anv: Allow HiZ in TRANSFER_SRC_OPTIMAL on Gen8-9Jason Ekstrand2-11/+18
2020-01-04intel/blorp: Use the source format when using blorp_copy with HiZJason Ekstrand1-1/+9
2020-01-04i965/blorp: Don't resolve HiZ unless we're reinterpretingJason Ekstrand1-1/+1
2020-01-04blorp: Allow reading with HiZJason Ekstrand2-2/+12
2020-01-04blorp: Stop whacking Z24 depth to BGRA8Jason Ekstrand1-11/+0
2020-01-04etnaviv: move descriptor based texture structsChristian Gmeiner2-40/+31
2020-01-04etnaviv: move state based texture structsChristian Gmeiner2-49/+42
2020-01-04panfrost: Fix Android buildRoman Stratiienko1-0/+1
2020-01-04mesa/st: glsl_to_nir: don't lower atomics to SSBOs if driver supports HW atomicsGert Wollny1-2/+3
2020-01-04r600: Delete vertex buffer only if there is actually a shader stateGert Wollny1-1/+2
2020-01-04r600: Make SID and unsigned valueGert Wollny1-1/+1
2020-01-04r600: Fix maximum line widthGert Wollny1-4/+1
2020-01-04r600/sb: Correct SB disassambler for better debuggingGert Wollny2-1/+8
2020-01-04r600: Make it possible to include r600_asm.h in a C++ fileGert Wollny1-0/+9
2020-01-04r600: Add functions to dump the shader infoGert Wollny4-0/+211
2020-01-04gallium: tgsi_from_mesa - handle VARYING_SLOT_FACEGert Wollny1-0/+4
2020-01-04nir: make nir_get_texture_size/lod available outside nir_lower_texGert Wollny3-110/+117
2020-01-04gallium/tgsi_from_mesa: Add 'extern "C"' to be able to include from C++Gert Wollny1-0/+9
2020-01-04spirv: Fix glsl type assert in spir2nir.Bas Nieuwenhuizen1-0/+4
2020-01-04etnaviv: use a better name for FE_VERTEX_STREAM_UNK14680Christian Gmeiner2-2/+2
2020-01-04radv: Only use the gfx mipmap level offset/pitch for linear textures.Bas Nieuwenhuizen1-2/+6
2020-01-04Revert "amd/common: Always initialize gfx9 mipmap offset/pitch."Bas Nieuwenhuizen2-5/+7