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2006-02-23get 3d textures working againtexman_0_1_pre_ttmKeith Whitwell12-127/+262
2006-02-22Fix cubemap layoutKeith Whitwell1-3/+5
2006-02-22Append an MI_FLUSH to each batchbuffer for synchronization. Not reallyKeith Whitwell6-25/+24
ideal from a performance viewpoint and there are mechanisms to avoid this in future.
2006-02-22restore swapbuffers throttlingKeith Whitwell2-1/+5
2006-02-22Introduce fixup/relocation lists for dma buffers.Keith Whitwell50-2761/+2587
2006-02-13tweaksKeith Whitwell1-24/+50
2006-02-13rename texdown to reflect behaviour changesKeith Whitwell2-1/+1
2006-02-13bump driver date, etcKeith Whitwell3-2/+3
2006-02-13Fix inverted image in copytexsubimage by tickling the hardware toKeith Whitwell3-17/+103
do the inversion in the blitter.
2006-02-11Some functions had been indented by one space?!Keith Whitwell1-86/+86
2006-02-11move blit functions to new fileKeith Whitwell12-362/+393
2006-02-10Use aligned malloc for backing store, if necessary.mesa_texman_20060210Keith Whitwell1-2/+3
2006-02-09Remove 2nd copy of do_memcpyKeith Whitwell1-9/+0
2006-02-09fix refcounting and other issuesKeith Whitwell13-76/+133
2006-02-09Add basic timing for memcpysKeith Whitwell1-15/+83
2006-02-09Add INVARIENT to the active state listKeith Whitwell1-3/+4
2006-02-09Make various changes to get a number out of texdown that betterKeith Whitwell1-31/+102
represents realworld usage. In particular, avoid situations where the client texture image and the mesa copy (if there is one) are both resident in L2 cache.
2006-02-09Turn DBG output on/off with INTEL_DEBUG=bufsKeith Whitwell2-13/+9
2006-02-01Switch between memcpy implementations according to src/dest alignment.mesa_20060201Keith Whitwell1-1/+10
2006-02-01Debug offKeith Whitwell1-2/+2
2006-02-01Quieten dependKeith Whitwell1-1/+1
2006-02-01Just build the i915 on this branchKeith Whitwell1-2/+4
2006-02-01subtexrate test on this branch tooKeith Whitwell2-0/+353
2006-02-01gearbox demo on this branch tooKeith Whitwell4-7/+509
2006-02-01Bump driver dateKeith Whitwell1-1/+1
2006-02-01Disable check_copytex_fragment_ops - it doesn't really apply.Keith Whitwell1-3/+6
2006-02-01Get batchbuffers working natively again. This code stillKeith Whitwell19-123/+173
relies over-heavily on the DRI lock to protect offsets in the command stream from changing before being queued on the ring, and should be viewed as being a pretty temporary mechanism before a more robust alternative is implemented, most likely based on a batchbuffer relocation list that will be used to patch prebuilt batchbuffers after validation takes place.
2006-02-01Remove the last of the old AllocateAgp mechanism.Keith Whitwell1-194/+62
Move the batchbuffer code to being effectively a ring of bufmgr buffers.
2006-02-01Add code to map/unmap all texture images for the software rasterizer.Keith Whitwell1-8/+62
Add the color and depth buffers to the validation list to ensure they are fenced correctly by hardware rasterization.
2006-02-01Ensure that color buffers and textures are mapped (bmBufferMap) beforeKeith Whitwell1-2/+35
software rasterizer fallbacks. This has two functions, firstly to ensure that the Data pointers point to something and secondly to ensure than any pending fences on those buffers are discharged before allowing the software rasterizer to read/write the data. This needs to be integrated with Brian's validate code.
2006-01-30file gearbox.c was added on branch texman_0_1_branch on 2006-02-01 18:13:23 ↵Keith Whitwell0-0/+0
2006-01-28Get hardware-accelerated CopyTexSubImage working well enough to runKeith Whitwell2-1/+23
Brian's gearbox demo.
2006-01-28Allow ValidateBuffers to allocate memory for buffers which haven't yetKeith Whitwell1-12/+30
got it by other methods. Typically this is buffers being written to by hardware excluding the fixed front/back/depth buffers which are have pre-allocated memory. At some point will want to pass BM_READ/BM_WRITE flags to catch the couple of cases where buffers are treated differently in each case.
2006-01-28remove debugKeith Whitwell13-55/+56
2006-01-28Build fixesKeith Whitwell1-2/+2
2006-01-28Use the x86 __memcpy to avoid performance clif for uploads where theKeith Whitwell1-1/+14
source data is worse than 64-byte aligned.
2006-01-27file subtexrate.c was added on branch texman_0_1_branch on 2006-02-01 ↵Keith Whitwell0-0/+0
18:14:09 +0000
2006-01-27initial copytexsubimage code, untestedKeith Whitwell11-36/+416
2006-01-27added _swrast_eject_texture_images()Brian Paul2-0/+43
2006-01-26Get readbuffer correctly.Keith Whitwell1-5/+5
2006-01-26- Remove (most of) old agp client memory hack.Keith Whitwell8-169/+234
- Implement an accelerated version of glCopyPixels using the blitter.
2006-01-26Expand the buffer manager to include a notion of multiple pools withinKeith Whitwell9-170/+378
a memory space. Allow some pools to be excluded from the upload/evict processing, meaning that any buffers within those pools are effectively fixed. Add a mechanism to create buffers in those pools. This allows the legacy fixed front/depth/back buffers to be represented in this scheme and will allow other future pinned buffers to be allocated from fixed pools in such a way that they cannot fragment the rest of the texture memory.
2006-01-26Added _swrast_validate_texture_images() to make sure all textures haveBrian Paul2-0/+49
data resident for software rasterization. Relies on new swrast driver function: ValidateTextureImage()
2006-01-25Fix confusion over pitch. demos/texobj renders correctly.Keith Whitwell5-14/+15
2006-01-25Offset returns weren't being returned.Keith Whitwell1-5/+29
2006-01-25Remove silly debug.Keith Whitwell1-1/+0
2006-01-25Another texture manager checkpoint:Keith Whitwell21-389/+440
- Add code to validate textures before use. - Simplify vertex paths for now. - Make vertex paths validate textures. This is done pretty with some pretty heavy-handed use of the dri lock - fixing this is a priority. - Add lots of debug statements demos/texobj renders, but textures are incorrect.
2006-01-24Remove dead code. Gears runs.Keith Whitwell3-4/+0
2006-01-24Checkpoint of texture manager rework for i915.Keith Whitwell21-1824/+1516
Compiles but won't do any more than that.
2006-01-24Add another layer on top of the simple 2d regions in intel_regions.[ch]Keith Whitwell6-99/+489
which keeps track of a whole, well-defined mipmap tree. These are a fixed layout on intel hardware and managing them is complicated in the face of GL's TexImage function calls where data can arrive in any order, making it difficult to guess a layout ahead of time. Wrapping mipmap trees up in a struct and programming interface like this reduces the burden elsewhere.