AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2006-03-26remove some unneeded codetexman_0_1_20060325Brian Paul2-14/+0
2006-03-25merge from trunkBrian Paul126-12431/+19664
2006-03-25Shorten ctx->Driver.RenderbufferTexture to ctx->Driver.RenderTexture sinceBrian Paul7-23/+31
2006-03-25Implement software fallback for render-to-texture when the texture formatBrian Paul3-27/+64
2006-03-25fix a couple issues in _mesa_free_framebuffer_data()Brian Paul1-1/+3
2006-03-25commentsBrian Paul4-3/+9
2006-03-25Implement rendering to textures for any mipmap level, any cube face, anyBrian Paul4-49/+58
2006-03-25check if copying from FBO, adjust x, y accordinglyBrian Paul1-8/+16
2006-03-25Check for incomplete framebuffer in _mesa_Clear()Brian Paul1-1/+7
2006-03-25unlock mutex before freeing data (caught w/ valgrind)Brian Paul1-2/+2
2006-03-25Replace _mesa_destroy_context() with _mesa_free_context_data() because ctxBrian Paul1-2/+1
2006-03-25silence several -pedantic warningsBrian Paul1-4/+11
2006-03-25remove stray semicolonBrian Paul1-1/+1
2006-03-25s/inline/INLINE/ to allow use of -ansi flag with gcc.Brian Paul7-13/+13
2006-03-24merge from trunkBrian Paul1-72/+79
2006-03-24In i915/i830_update_tex_unit() get the firstImage pointer _after_ we've calledBrian Paul2-2/+12
2006-03-24added some missing formats in _mesa_source/dest_buffer_exists()Brian Paul1-2/+16
2006-03-24better switch casesBrian Paul1-1/+6
2006-03-24update scissor at end of intel_draw_buffer()Brian Paul1-0/+4
2006-03-24no need to pass ctx to _mesa_clip_to_region()Brian Paul5-8/+6
2006-03-24update i915/i830Scissor to use DrawBuffer instead of driDrawable boundsBrian Paul2-26/+12
2006-03-24minor clean-upsBrian Paul1-3/+4
2006-03-24more fixes and clean-up in intelCopyBuffer()Brian Paul1-14/+9
2006-03-23some commentsBrian Paul1-0/+3
2006-03-23just commentsBrian Paul1-2/+3
2006-03-23another intelFlush() callBrian Paul1-1/+3
2006-03-23fix some mapping bugsBrian Paul1-4/+4
2006-03-23check for NULL rb in _mesa_framebuffer_renderbuffer()Brian Paul1-2/+4
2006-03-23Added an intelFlush() call inside intel_bind_framebuffer() to be sureBrian Paul1-0/+5
2006-03-23added render/framebuffer locking for thread safetyBrian Paul4-0/+25
2006-03-23tweak to render-to-texture region codeBrian Paul1-3/+14
2006-03-23In intelCopyBuffer() use current context, not dPriv->driContextPriv->driverPr...Brian Paul1-0/+10
2006-03-23move prevLockFile/Line into context structBrian Paul2-17/+10
2006-03-23INTEL_PACKCOLOR() no longer neededBrian Paul1-7/+0
2006-03-23Combine the bodies of _mesa_FramebufferTexture1D/2D/3DEXT into a singleBrian Paul1-149/+100
2006-03-23Comment about removing screen->fbFormat field in the future.Brian Paul1-1/+1
2006-03-23In intelClearColor() always compute both 16bpp and 32bpp clear valuesBrian Paul5-14/+24
2006-03-23Initial attempt at software fallback for rendering to a hardware textureBrian Paul1-10/+21
2006-03-23Before calling intel_region_release/reference() check if the regionsBrian Paul1-4/+8
2006-03-23Only try to validate depth/stencil pairing for user-created FBOs.Brian Paul1-2/+5
2006-03-23assert(refcount > 0) in intel_region_release() - helpful for finding refernce...Brian Paul1-2/+5
2006-03-23use intel_region_reference() in MakeCurrent to make sure we don't accidentall...Brian Paul1-8/+12
2006-03-22fix 16bpp bugBrian Paul1-1/+1
2006-03-22fix a test in intel_validate_paired_depth_stencil(), fixes a 16bpp bugBrian Paul1-1/+1
2006-03-22Rendering to FBO w/ stencil but w/out depth works now.Brian Paul4-51/+42
2006-03-22need to resize the depth/stencil wrappers, if present, in _mesa_resize_frameb...Brian Paul1-4/+26
2006-03-22need an AllocStorage function for resizesBrian Paul1-1/+27
2006-03-22Merge from trunk (get RENDER_START, clip code movement)Brian Paul2-13/+29
2006-03-22assertion fixesBrian Paul1-1/+3
2006-03-22remove some invalid assertions (storage may not yet be allocated for the rend...Brian Paul1-4/+0