AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
11 hoursintel/compiler: adjust task payload offsets as late as possiblestaging/22.1Marcin Ślusarz2-8/+23
11 hoursintel/common: allocate space for at least one task urbMarcin Ślusarz2-2/+5
11 hoursintel/blorp: Dirty depth bounds dynamic state bits after blorpSviatoslav Peleshko2-3/+1
11 hoursnir/serialize: Put dest last in packed_instr::texBoris Brezillon2-2/+2
11 hours.pick_status.json: Update to 9d7d1c0637529301d3e319ec5f1c883c5f249783Dylan Baker1-0/+756
3 dayszink: fix image bind countingMike Blumenkrantz2-2/+3
3 daysintel/blorp/gen6: Set BLEND_STATEChange only if emitting the blend stateSviatoslav Peleshko2-2/+2
3 daysutil: use force_gl_map_buffer_synchronized workaround with RAGETimothy Arceri2-1/+3
3 daysutil: add dri config option to disable GL_MAP_UNSYNCHRONIZED_BITTimothy Arceri8-1/+15
3 dayslavapipe: skip post-copy pNext checking during pipeline creation for compositesMike Blumenkrantz2-4/+3
3 dayslavapipe: fix renderpass info handling during pipeline creationMike Blumenkrantz2-5/+11
3 dayslavapipe: copy more pNexts for pipeline creationMike Blumenkrantz2-1/+47
3 daysegl/wayland: Don't try to access modifiers u_vector as dynarraySebastian Keller2-4/+3
3 days.pick_status.json: Update to 9527fbe596e2ace276c158f67a900c29aad6cdd0Dylan Baker1-0/+396
4 daysRevert "wsi/x11: Avoid using xcb_wait_for_special_event in FIFO modes"Renato Pereyra1-26/+8
4 daysRevert "wsi/x11: Don't leak xcb_get_geometry_reply_t."Renato Pereyra1-1/+0
4 days.pick_status.json: Mark 420270cb4f73da6251d4caec976358681f05c45c as backportedDylan Baker1-1/+1
4 daysanv: limit RT writes to number of color outputsLionel Landwerlin2-5/+8
4 daysnir/algebraic: Fix NaN-unsafe fcsel patternsIan Romanick2-5/+5
4 daysnir: i32csel opcodes should compare with integer zeroIan Romanick2-3/+3
4 daystu: Fix linemode for tessellation with isolinesConnor Abbott3-2/+10
4 daysvc4: Propagate txf_ms's dest_type to the lowered txf.Emma Anholt5-121/+37
4 daysnir/lower_point_size: apply point size clampingMike Blumenkrantz2-6/+13
4 daysvirgl: overpropagate precise flagsItalo Nicola2-3/+1
4 dayswsi/x11: add xcb_put_image support for larger transfers.Dave Airlie2-10/+35
4 daysegl/x11: add missing put_image cookie cleanupsDave Airlie2-8/+10
4 daysegl/x11: split large put image requests to avoid server destroyDave Airlie2-4/+22
4 dayszink: fix dual_src_blend driconf workaroundMike Blumenkrantz2-2/+2
4 daysglx/drisw: invalidate drawables upon binding context if flush extension existsMike Blumenkrantz2-4/+10
4 daysglx/drisw: store the flush extension to the screenMike Blumenkrantz3-1/+4
4 dayspan/bi: Fix LD_BUFFER.i16 definitionAlyssa Rosenzweig2-2/+2
4 daysvulkan/wsi: fix crash with debug names on swapchainLionel Landwerlin2-6/+7
4 daysgallium/u_blitter: Fix depth.Timur Kristóf3-4/+6
4 daysdocs: set language to englishErik Faye-Lund2-2/+2
4 daysr300: prefer old not native swizzle in constant foldingFilip Gawin2-3/+2
4 daysaco: fix validation of SOP1 instructions without definitionsSamuel Pitoiset2-3/+4
4 daysanv: Properly clamp attachment layer countsJason Ekstrand2-9/+25
4 dayspanfrost: Remove sync arguments from panfrost_batch_submitIcecream952-15/+12
4 daysintel/fs: Add missing synchronization for WaW dependencyIan Romanick2-1/+3
4 days.pick_status.json: Update to 8ce7faab47a77377a6a1313a80580828b052f878Dylan Baker1-0/+1674
8 dayszink: cap driver inlining using ssa allocation limitMike Blumenkrantz3-1/+13
8 dayszink: relax zink_resource_buffer_needs_barrier checksMike Blumenkrantz1-1/+1
8 dayszink: don't short-circuit gfx stage finding during barrier generationMike Blumenkrantz1-2/+16
8 dayszink: collect gfx stages for all bindings during barrier generationMike Blumenkrantz1-8/+6
8 dayszink: add a #define for vk shader bitsMike Blumenkrantz2-5/+7
8 dayszink: track image bindsMike Blumenkrantz2-0/+3
8 dayszink: rework buffer barrier generationMike Blumenkrantz1-29/+45
8 dayszink: track vertex buffer bind counts on resourcesMike Blumenkrantz2-0/+3
8 dayszink: move draw-time barrier generation down a littleMike Blumenkrantz1-1/+1
10 dayszink: clamp renderpass layers betterMike Blumenkrantz2-2/+2