AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2022-09-21docs: Add sha256 sum for Baker1-1/+2
2022-09-21docs: add release notes for 22.2.0Dylan Baker1-0/+6220
2022-09-20VERSION: update to 22.2.0mesa-22.2.0Dylan Baker1-1/+1
2022-09-19svga: fix invalid component access of domain locationCharmaine Lee1-0/+15
2022-09-16ac/surface: disallow 256KB swizzle modes on gfx11 APUsMarek Olšák1-1/+12
2022-09-15st_pbo/compute: fix 1D coord dimension by pre-trimming vectorsMike Blumenkrantz2-4/+9
2022-09-15st_pbo/compute: fix 1D_ARRAY offsetsMike Blumenkrantz2-3/+3
2022-09-15vulkan/device_select_wayland: fix a memory leak with DRM device handlingRiteo2-1/+3
2022-09-15amd/common: some ASICs with gfx9 use compute rings for renderJames Zhu2-2/+2
2022-09-15freedreno: We really don't need aligned vbo'sRob Clark2-2/+2
2022-09-15.pick_status.json: Update to 3d4c36a3bcc51ed441b2667d92291bea30ef7449Dylan Baker1-0/+486
2022-09-15zink: handle split acquire/presentMike Blumenkrantz2-1/+5
2022-09-15tu: Don't preload variable-count descriptorsConnor Abbott2-1/+10
2022-09-15ir3: Prevent reordering movmsk with killDanylo Piliaiev3-4/+14
2022-09-15broadcom: fix dependencies in static_library() callsEric Engestrom4-7/+7
2022-09-15venus: ignore pInheritanceInfo if not secondary command bufferYiwei Zhang2-1/+2
2022-09-15radeonsi: invalidate L2 when using dcc storesPierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer3-1/+16
2022-09-15mesa: avoid reading back textures from VRAMPierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer2-3/+5
2022-09-15panfrost: Respect buffer offset for OpenCLAlyssa Rosenzweig2-3/+12
2022-09-15docs/zink: document rgtc requirementErik Faye-Lund2-2/+8
2022-09-15radv: fix pipelineStageCreationFeedbackCount when it's 0Samuel Pitoiset2-3/+4
2022-09-15nir/gather_info: Clear cross-invocation output mask.Timur Kristóf2-1/+4
2022-09-15zink: fix in-fence lifecycleYiwei Zhang3-3/+8
2022-09-15zink: fix zink_create_fence_fd to properly importYiwei Zhang2-25/+40
2022-09-15zink: flag all assigned output slots as mappedMike Blumenkrantz4-7/+8
2022-09-15nv50: properly flush the TSC cache on 3DKarol Herbst2-6/+2
2022-09-15nv50/ir: fix OP_UNION resolving when used for vector valuesKarol Herbst2-2/+2
2022-09-15tu: Clamp priority in DRM submitqueue creationMark Collins2-2/+5
2022-09-15amd/common: Disable DCC retile modifiers on RDNA1Bas Nieuwenhuizen2-6/+2
2022-09-15amd/common: Don't rely on DCN support checks with modifiers.Bas Nieuwenhuizen2-11/+19
2022-09-15intel/pci_ids: Drop non-upstream dg2 pci-idsJordan Justen2-8/+1
2022-09-15anv: pipelineStageCreationFeedbackCount is allowed to be 0Iván Briano2-7/+11
2022-09-15zink: clamp miplodbias when creating samplerErik Faye-Lund3-3/+5
2022-09-15gallium/u_threaded: fix offset calculation for draw_multi slotsMax Kellermann2-2/+3
2022-09-15gallium/u_threaded: add missing reference counts for draw_multi slotsMax Kellermann2-2/+9
2022-09-14agx: Fix float copyprop of neg(neg) caseAlyssa Rosenzweig2-4/+5
2022-09-14vulkan: Dirty VP_VIEWPORTS/SCISSORS when copying viewports/scissorsJason Ekstrand2-3/+3
2022-09-14pan/bi: Consider all dests in helper_block_updateAlyssa Rosenzweig2-17/+26
2022-09-14pan/bi: Fix out-of-bounds write in va_lower_split_64bitAlyssa Rosenzweig2-2/+2
2022-09-14llvmpipe: don't assume pipe_context is always available in flush_frontbufferMike Blumenkrantz2-2/+3
2022-09-14pan/bi: Fix dual texturing with uniformsAlyssa Rosenzweig3-11/+22
2022-09-14intel/pci_ids: Add dg2 0x5698 pci-idJordan Justen2-1/+2
2022-09-14intel/pci_ids: Update DG2 device namesJordan Justen2-13/+13
2022-09-14intel/pci_ids: Update ATS-M device namesJordan Justen2-3/+3
2022-09-14meson: Only draw with llvm depends on native directlypal10002-4/+4
2022-09-14zink: don't emit illegal interpolationMike Blumenkrantz2-5/+3
2022-09-14zink: only add srgb mutable for images with modifiersMike Blumenkrantz2-2/+6
2022-09-14zink: explicitly use unsigned types for bit shiftsMike Blumenkrantz3-5/+5
2022-09-14spirv: Mark phis as mediump instead of directly lowering them to 16 bit.Emma Anholt2-33/+9
2022-09-14zink: check the variable mode before taking samplemask path in ntvMike Blumenkrantz2-2/+4