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2020-01-18docs: fixup indentationErik Faye-Lund1-0/+4
The most canonical indentation-style here is two spaces, which is what the standard boilerplate in all documents use. So let's normalize to that. Reviewed-by: Eric Engestrom <> Tested-by: Marge Bot <> Part-of: <>
2019-05-24editorconfig: Fix meson styleDylan Baker1-1/+1
The syntax was wrong, resulting in it not working at all. Reviewed-by: Eric Engestrom <>
2019-01-10editorconfig: Add max_line_length propertyAndres Gomez1-0/+1
The property is supported by the most of the editors, but not all: Cc: Eric Engestrom <> Cc: Eric Anholt <> Signed-off-by: Andres Gomez <> Reviewed-by: Dylan Baker <> Reviewed-by: Eric Engestrom <>
2017-10-09editorconfig: Add meson configurationDylan Baker1-0/+4
Signed-off-by: Dylan Baker <> Reviewed-by: Eric Anholt <>
2017-01-03editorconfig: Fix up the tab rendering width.Eric Anholt1-0/+1
Our editorconfig file looked sensible, saying that we wanted to indent with spaces and use 3/4/whatever space indentation. However, the spec has this little surprise: "tab_width: a whole number defining the number of columns used to represent a tab character. This defaults to the value of indent_size and doesn't usually need to be specified." so once my editor started respecting editorconfig, the files that have tabs left in them started getting rendered wrong, showing up like this in brw_program.c: case GL_COMPUTE_PROGRAM_NV: { struct brw_program *prog = rzalloc(NULL, struct brw_program); if (prog) { prog->id = get_new_program_id(brw->screen); return _mesa_init_gl_program(&prog->program, target, id); } else return NULL; } Reviewed-by: Ilia Mirkin <>
2016-08-31Introduce .editorconfigEric Engestrom1-0/+34
A few weeks ago, Jose Fonseca suggested [0] we use .editorconfig files to try and enforce the formatting of the code, to which Michel Dänzer suggested [1] we start by importing the existing .dir-locals.el settings. The first draft was discussed in the RFC [2]. These .editorconfig are a first step, one that has the advantage of requiring little to no intervention from the devs once the settings files are in place, but the settings are very limited. This does have the advantage of applying while the code is being written. This doesn't replace the need for more comprehensive formatting tools such as clang-format & clang-tidy, but those reformat the code after the fact. [0] [1] [2] Acked-by: Nicolai Hähnle <> Acked-by: Eric Anholt <> Signed-off-by: Eric Engestrom <> Reviewed-by: Jose Fonseca <>