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-This directory contains a copy of the installed kernel headers
-required by the anv & i965 drivers to communicate with the kernel.
-Whenever either of those driver needs new definitions for new kernel
-APIs, these files should be updated.
-You can copy files installed after running this from the kernel
-repository, at version the drivers require :
-$ make headers_install INSTALL_HDR_PATH=/path/to/install
-The last update was done at the following kernel commit :
-commit 6d61e70ccc21606ffb8a0a03bd3aba24f659502b
-Merge: 338ffbf7cb5e c0bc126f97fb
-Author: Dave Airlie <>
-Date: Tue Jun 27 07:24:49 2017 +1000
- Backmerge tag 'v4.12-rc7' into drm-next