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+This directory contains a Gallium3D pipe driver which traces all incoming calls.
+To build, invoke scons on the top dir as
+ scons statetrackers=mesa drivers=softpipe,i915simple,trace winsys=xlib
+To use do
+ ln -s build/linux-x86-debug/gallium/winsys/xlib/
+ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/build/linux-x86-debug/gallium/winsys/xlib
+ export GALLIUM_TRACE=y
+ensure the right is being picked by doing
+ ldd `which glxingo`
+and then try running
+ glxinfo
+which should create a gallium.*.trace file, which is an XML file. You can view
+copying trace.xsl and trace.css to the same directory, and opening with a
+XSLT capable browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. It often happens that
+the trace file was not properly terminated, and a
+ </trace>
+closing tag is missing from the file end. Add it before try to open or
+further transform it by doing
+ echo '</trace>' >> gallium.??.trace
+This is still work in progress.
+Jose Fonseca <>