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+Mesa 22.1.0 Release Notes / 2022-05-18
+Mesa 22.1.0 is a new development release. People who are concerned
+with stability and reliability should stick with a previous release or
+wait for Mesa 22.1.1.
+Mesa 22.1.0 implements the OpenGL 4.6 API, but the version reported by
+glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) /
+glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used.
+Some drivers don't support all the features required in OpenGL 4.6. OpenGL
+4.6 is **only** available if requested at context creation.
+Compatibility contexts may report a lower version depending on each driver.
+Mesa 22.1.0 implements the Vulkan 1.2 API, but the version reported by
+the apiVersion property of the VkPhysicalDeviceProperties struct
+depends on the particular driver being used.
+SHA256 checksum
+ TBD.
+New features
+- d3d12 GL4.2
+- GL_NV_pack_subimage
+- VK_EXT_depth_clip_control on lavapipe and RADV
+- Vulkan 1.3 support on lavapipe
+- VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library on lavapipe
+- VK_EXT_primitives_generated_query on lavapipe
+- VK_EXT_image_2d_view_of_3d on ANV and lavapipe
+- VK_KHR_swapchain_mutable_format on lavapipe
+- None
+Bug fixes
+- [radv] DCC causes artifacts in Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
+- Radeon RX 5700XT crash when using prusa-slicer
+- turnip: gfxbench mh3.1 offscreen crash with ANGLE
+- Radv leaks a descriptor set layout
+- clover: Assertion \`NumContainedTys && "Attempting to get element type of opaque pointer"' failed
+- wsi/x11: Avoid using xcb_wait_for_special_event in FIFO modes causes memory leak in Apex Legends
+- freedreno: fragile location packing can break cull/clip distance
+- turnip: dEQP-VK.spirv_assembly.instruction.compute.float_controls.fp16.generated_args.* failures
+- Panfrost: wrong textures and lighting in "Thief" games in wine (not happening when using Software render)
+- [Bisected] r600: Big performance regression on some games
+- piglit ext_image_dma_buf_import.ext_image_dma_buf_import* regression
+- Huge amount of anon_inode:sync_file file descriptor created
+- Grid Autosport via proton/vulkan: glitches on the grass on amdgpu, fine on amdgpu-pro
+- NIR validation failed after nir_opt_if
+- intel: integer_mad_hi / integer_mad_sat / integer_mul_hi produce invalid results
+- Aperture Desk Job rendering artifacts Intel TGL
+- intel: integer_sub_sat produces stack corruption / OpISubBorrow compilation issue
+- r300/rv530: "Black rendering" of Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance in Xbox emulator CXBX-R under wine with Gallium Nine and RADEON_DEBUG=use_tgsi
+- radv/aco: xfb bug
+- '../src/amd/common/ac_surface.c:1575: void ac_copy_dcc_equation(const struct radeon_info \*, ADDR2_COMPUTE_DCCINFO_OUTPUT \*, struct gfx9_meta_equation \*): assertion "dcc->equation.gfx9.num_bits <= ARRAY_SIZE(equation->u.gfx9.bit)" failed'
+- Occasional flicker corruption in Rage 2, e.g. after loading, with ACO on RX 5700 XT
+- Vulkan::Calling vkWaitForFences Timeout
+- Intel (CHT) - Uplink text rendering bugged out in Mesa 22.0
+- gen9atom gpu hang on
+- bad memory managment on panfrost RK3399 - cannot alocate more ram - fury unleashed
+- radv,aco: Regression with global atomics with negative offsets
+- RADV: Quake 2 RTX v1.6.0 Corrupted Graphics
+- radv: nir validation error with invalid array access
+- [Intel, Iris] Broken rendering in Ryujinx on Tigerlake
+- intel: integer_mad_hi / integer_mad_sat / integer_mul_hi produce invalid results
+- llvmpipe: wrong color on big endian, with 16bits framebuffer.
+- llvmpipe: wrong color on big endian, with 16bits framebuffer.
+- radv: Poor performance in Ghostwire: Tokyo
+- Intel Iris Xe Geometry Flickering/Assets Disappearing
+- Rendering artifacts when playing Outer Wilds [Reproducible with latest ANV driver built from main]
+- ANV: EXT_depth_clip_control broken
+- VA-API accelerated videos are displayed all red w/ Encoder format conversion (EFC) support for AMD VCN2.0 devices patch
+- panfrost: BO importing crash on Android
+- [Intel,ANV] Feature request: a few formats
+- Vulkan wsi leaks vk_sync object on every wsi_AcquireNextImageKHR call
+- radv: Fog effects in Elden Ring broken
+- r300: Set PVS_LAST_VTX_SRC_INST and PVS_XYZW_VALID_INST correctly
+- [bisected] commit "vbo/dlist: use a single buffer object" results in heavy regression with virgl for glxgears
+- llvmpipe: [bisected] ec8104c6b2274 breaks virglrenderer's vtest_server
+- Textures colors distortion in "Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness" with radeonsi
+- r300: Anmesia the dark descent corruption
+- ShaderStorageBlocksWriteAccess not set for spir-v shaders?
+- anv: EXT_color_write_enable severely broken
+- ICL gpu hang: dEQP-GLES31.functional.shaders.multisample_interpolation.interpolate_at_sample.centroid_qualified.multisample_rbo_16
+- null pointer deref crash in wsi_common_x11.c
+- Error compiling with LLVM-git/15
+- [bisected] panfrost(RK3399/T860): Emulationstation: broken, black or missing menus with v22.0.0
+- Plasma/KDE settings menus disappear on daily build
+- turnip: Unrecoverable hang in Age of Empires IV on A650/A660
+- anv regressions from commit 57445adc891 "anv: Re-enable CCS_E on TGL+"
+- anv: uninit compile warnings
+- VK_IMAGE_CREATE_EXTENDED_USAGE_BIT not accounted for in vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties
+- freedreno: crash in PUBG
+- [regression][bisected] MSVC: Build failure in libmesa_util when targeting x86 32-bit
+- vulkan: cmd queue codegen still needs work
+- Using VAAPI-AMDGPU, RGBA-surface converted to NV12-surface, and UV data is lost, only Y data
+- A crash in radeonsi driver
+- freedreno: deqp cts fails
+- turnip: autotune disabled under zink sometimes
+- radeonsi* flake crashes
+- [BDW-TGL] Piglit's ext_image_dma_buf_import-export-tex fails in the Intel CI
+- android: don't sync_wait() on in fence
+- va: incorrect frame_num logic causes corrupt h.264 encoding
+- Performance slowdown by ~20% in Unigine sanctuary with nir_to_tgsi
+- !15098 broke 4 piglit spec@ext_external_objects tests
+- anv: Unable to import I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED surfaces produced by iHD vaapi driver
+- anv doesn't always resolve aux buffers with private bindings on transition to external queue
+- Square Artifacts Dragons Dogma
+- iris: Shared resources are allocated for scanout, but not configured for it
+- [Feature Request] turnip: Support of Gamescope
+- r300: shaders/closed/steam/massive-chalice/1707.shader_test reports absurd results
+- Redraw freeze after upgrade to Xwayland 21.1.3
+- [ANV] Rendering corruption in DOOM Eternal
+- radv: When using VS+PS only, primitive ID is mixed up after NGG culling
+- radv: Fails to build on Unix except Linux
+- [22.0.0_rc{1,2}] radeonsi: broken support for HD7850 (radeon 0000:0b:00.0: ring 0 stalled for more than...)
+- turnip: external memory import does not work
+- lavapipe: dEQP-VK.spirv_assembly.instruction.compute.float16.arithmetic_3.step fails
+- RADV: Texture seams in The Evil Within 2 (regression)
+- r300: some optimization oportunities when transforming SIN and COS inputs
+- microsoft/compiler: System variables that aren't VS input or PS output should have interpolation specified
+- ANV: Bad output from TransformFeedback . Regression from Mesa 21. Something to do with VB+XFB -> VB+XFB dependency?
+- undefined reference to \`intel_ds_end_dyn_render_pass'
+- radv: CullDistance fail
+- Changing the buffer modifer via Wayland dmabuf-feedback apparently does not reliably reset the buffer age to 0
+- r300: "deadcode" pass for removing unused values ignores "break"
+- turnip: dEQP-VK.pipeline.render_to_image.core.* failures on a618
+Adam Jackson (20):
+- dri: Epoch how no-error context creation works
+- egl: Use the new no-error driver interface
+- glx: Use the new no-error driver interface
+- mesa: Enable GL_NV_pack_subimage
+- wsi/x11: xcb_wait_for_special_event failure is an error
+- dri: Fold away some unused indirection in __DriverAPIRec
+- dri: Implement __DRI_DRIVER_VTABLE
+- dri: Fill in the driver extensions for the legacy createNewScreen paths
+- dri: Remove the globalDriverAPI hacks
+- dri: Remove the megadriver compat stub
+- meson: Define a HAVE_XXXX macro for every gallium driver we build
+- kopper: Define the driver interface
+- egl: Learn about kopper
+- glx: Learn about kopper
+- gallium: Learn about kopper
+- glx/kopper: Wire up a way for SwapBuffers to fail
+- wsi/x11: Avoid using xcb_wait_for_special_event in FIFO modes
+- kopper: Grow a swap interval API
+- glx/kopper: Enable GLX_EXT_swap_control etc.
+- egl/kopper: Hook up eglSwapInterval
+Adrián Larumbe (1):
+- panfrost: fix segfault in pandecode
+Akihiko Odaki (2):
+- virgl/ci: Uprev virglrenderer
+- virgl: Check texture multisample compatibility
+Alejandro Piñeiro (4):
+- v3d/drm-shim: remove drm-shim driver
+- v3dv/pipeline: use new helper vk_shader_module_to_nir
+- docs: document v3d/v3dv envvars
+- broadcom: update language on V3D_DEBUG options
+Alex Xu (Hello71) (1):
+- r300/compiler/tests: print regoff_t as size_t
+Alexey Bozhenko (1):
+- spirv: fix OpBranchConditional when both branches are the same
+Alyssa Rosenzweig (345):
+- panfrost: Remove blend shader return value on v9
+- panfrost: Fix alignments on Valhall
+- panfrost: Add Valhall Plane Descriptor XML
+- panfrost: Add remaining ZS/CRC XML
+- panfrost: Fix texel interleave flag on Valhall
+- nir,zink: Make lower_discard_if a common pass
+- agx: Call nir_lower_discard_if
+- asahi: Identify IOGPU_ATTACHMENT::size
+- asahi: Correctly set IOGPU_ATTACHMENT::size
+- agx: Add AUTO_LOD_BIAS mode
+- agx: Translate LOD modes more generically
+- agx: Implement nir_op_txb
+- agx: Handle texture array indices
+- agx: Don't kill helper threads in ld_var
+- asahi: Fix memory unsafety in delete_sampler_state
+- panfrost: Flesh out Buffer descriptor
+- panfrost: Strip % in GenXML names
+- panfrost: Flesh out tiler heap descriptor
+- panfrost: Update supported job types
+- panfrost: Remove some indexed formats on Valhall
+- panfrost: Remove unused layout enums
+- panfrost: Fix Depth Source enum
+- panfrost: Update primitive descriptor for Valhall
+- panfrost: Add more fields to Attribute Descriptor
+- panfrost: Clarify unknowns in z/stencil descriptor
+- panfrost: Simplify Valhall preload descriptor
+- panfrost: Flesh out the Shader Program Descriptor
+- panfrost: Add Valhall additions to the framebuffer
+- panfrost: Shuffle render target AFBC for Valhall
+- panfrost: Add Valhall fields to tiler descriptor
+- panfrost: Update Shader Environment descriptor
+- panfrost: Flesh out compute jobs
+- panfrost: Fix Malloc Vertex definition
+- nir: Set internal=true in nir_builder_init_simple_shader
+- panfrost,asahi,radv: Don't set internal=true manually
+- pan/mdg: Pull out skip_internal boolean
+- pan/mdg: Print optimized and scheduled shader
+- pan/mdg: Model zero/sign extension for 8/16-bit loads
+- pan/mdg: Handle 8/16-bit UBO loads
+- pan/mdg: Clarify some ISA unknowns
+- pan/mdg: Delete stray comment
+- pan/mdg: Delete dedicated fdot2 lowering
+- pan/mdg: Assert that we don't see unknown jumps
+- pan/mdg: Remove todo we'll probably never get to
+- panvk: Don't use UBOs for meta_clear
+- pan/va: Parse units from the XML
+- pan/va: Fix some units
+- pan/va: Make subgroup 4-bits
+- pan/va: Fix conservative branch handling
+- pan/va: Identify LEA_TEX_IMM table
+- pan/bi: Avoid \*FADD.v2f16 hazard in optimizer
+- pan/bi: Avoid \*FADD.v2f16 hazard in scheduler
+- pan/bi: Test avoiding \*FADD.v2f16 hazard in optimizer
+- pan/bi: Test avoiding FADD.v2f16 hazards in scheduler
+- nir: Check all sizes in nir_alu_instr_is_comparison
+- asahi: Streamline modifier selection
+- asahi: Don't redefine MIN2/MAX2
+- asahi: Identify Level field of render target descriptor
+- asahi: Respect mip level when rendering
+- asahi: Add 2D Array and 3D texture dimensions
+- asahi: Handle tiling of 2D arrays and 3D
+- asahi: Add some notes to XML about mipmapping
+- asahi: Dynamically configure tile size
+- asahi: Allow tiling of all bpps
+- asahi: Rename bpp to blocksize
+- asahi: Align allocations to effective tile size
+- asahi: Align linear texture's strides to 64 bytes
+- asahi: Handle page alignment of miptrees
+- asahi: Pass correct tile shift to tiling routines
+- asahi: Track mipmap state explicitly
+- asahi: Support 2D array and 3D textures
+- asahi: Add agx_map_texture_{cpu,gpu} helpers
+- asahi: Handle reloads of specific cube/mipfaces
+- asahi: Implement texturing with non-zero start level
+- agx: Add typed move helper
+- agx: Add agx_size_align_16 helper
+- agx: Naturally align uniform pushes
+- agx: Round and clamp array indices
+- asahi: Allow GenXML to be used in C++
+- asahi: Add LOD type
+- asahi: Add LOD clamp packing unit tests
+- asahi: Identify minimum/maximum LOD fields
+- asahi: Support LOD clamps
+- asahi: Wire in pure integer texture formats
+- pan/bi: Disambiguate IDVS variants in shader-db
+- pan/bi: Lower swizzles on CSEL.i32/MUX.i32
+- pan/bi: Lower swizzles on MUX.v2i16
+- pan/bi: Constant fold swizzles on constants
+- pan/bi: Optimize replication
+- pan/bi: Handle trivial i2i32
+- pan/bi: Handle vectorized u2f16/i2f16
+- pan/bi: Switch to lower_bool_to_bitsize
+- pan/bi: Revert "Fix load_const of 1-bit booleans"
+- pan/bi: Promote MUX to CSEL in the scheduler
+- asahi: Fix use-after-free in shader key
+- panvk: Use more reliable assert for UBO pushing
+- pan/bi: Specialize IDVS in NIR
+- pan/bi: Enable nir_opt_shrink_vectors
+- pan/bi: Clarify requirement for barriers
+- pan/bi: Cull DTSEL_IMM dests in post-RA DCE
+- pan/bi: Do not cull post-RA staging writes
+- pan/bi: Add bi_{start, exit}_block helpers
+- pan/bi: Use bi_exit_block
+- pan/bi: Clean up nits in liveness analysis
+- pan/bi: Add scoreboard state to IR
+- pan/bi: Print scoreboarding state
+- pan/bi: Implement basic scoreboarding pass
+- pan/bi: Add BIFROST_MESA_DEBUG=nosb option
+- pan/mdg: Fix partial execution mode names
+- panfrost: Use pan_shader_prepare_rsd in blitter
+- panfrost: Set defaults for deprecated DCD fields
+- panfrost: Annotate slow clears as such
+- panfrost: Decouple tiler job and DCD emit
+- panfrost: Inline pan_blit_emit_dcd
+- panfrost: Use txl instead of tex in the blitter
+- panfrost: Remove unrelated comment
+- panfrost: Remove pan_emit_fbd thunking
+- panfrost: Inline pan_emit_sfbd_tiler
+- ci: Disable windows-vs2019
+- panfrost: Fix FD resource_get_handle
+- panfrost: Simplify panfrost_resource_get_handle
+- iris,crocus,i915g: Don't stub flush_frontbuffer
+- pan/mdg: Fix overflow in intra-bundle interference
+- pan/bi: Reorder pushed uniforms to avoid moves
+- panfrost/ci: Move T720 flakes to skips
+- panfrost/ci: Move T860 flake to skip
+- panfrost: Remove Message Preload Descriptor from v6.xml
+- panfrost: Add an unpacked message preload struct
+- panfrost: Pack message preloads from compiler
+- pan/bi: Add bi_before_nonempty_block helper
+- pan/bi: Account for message preloading in shaderdb
+- pan/bi: Support message preloading
+- pan/bi: Unit test message preloading optimization
+- panfrost/ci: Update xfails list
+- panfrost: Fix set_sampler_views for big GL
+- panfrost: Handle NULL sampler views
+- panfrost: Handle NULL samplers
+- panfrost: Flush resources when shadowing
+- pan/va: Remove incorrect TEX test cases
+- pan/va: Add MUX.v2i16 and MUX.v4i8 opcodes
+- pan/va: Allow forcing enums for 1-bit modifiers
+- pan/va: Handle extended staging counts in assembler
+- pan/va: Don't use staging index as a sideband
+- pan/va: Fix definitions of TEX_SINGLE and TEX_FETCH
+- pan/va: Handle sr_write_count in the disassembler
+- pan/va: Add TEX_FETCH assembler case
+- panfrost: Extend SPD size
+- panfrost: Add Tile Render Order enum to fragment jobs
+- panfrost: Remove Invalidate Cache from Valhall job header
+- panfrost: Clarify contains descriptor? bit
+- panfrost: Make Divisor E an integer on v9
+- panfrost: Add an enum for Valhall resource tables
+- panfrost: Rename prepare_rsd->prepare_shader
+- panfrost: Add PAN_MESA_DEBUG=dump option
+- panfrost: Generalize some is_bifrost users
+- panfrost: Don't pack blend constants with blend shaders
+- panfrost: Allow uploading fragment SPDs
+- panfrost: Don't emit compression tags on Valhall
+- panfrost: Adapt estimate_texture_payload_size to Valhall
+- panfrost: Set texel_interleave on Valhall
+- panfrost: Unify barrier+helper handling
+- pan/bi: Mark NOP as having no destinations
+- pan/bi: Use a progress loop for constant folding
+- pan/bi: Allow CSE of preloaded registers
+- pan/bi: Support standalone Valhall disassembly
+- pan/bi: Wire Valhall disassembler into compiler
+- pan/bi: Add BI_SUBGROUP_SUBGROUP16 option
+- pan/bi: Trade off registers/threads on Valhall
+- pan/bi: Adapt bi_lower_branch for Valhall
+- pan/bi: Extract INSTRUCTION_CASE macro
+- pan/va: Add missing copyright notice
+- pan/va: Handle force_enum differing from name
+- pan/va: Add modifiers required for gathers
+- pan/va: Add TEX_DUAL instruction
+- pan/va: Add TEX_GATHER instruction
+- pan/va: Fix definitions of LD_VAR_BUF_IMM
+- pan/va: Fix LEA_BUF_IMM definition
+- pan/va: Remap "store segment" to "memory access"
+- pan/va: Add memory access modifier to LOADs
+- pan/bi: Model Valhall texture instructions
+- pan/bi: Extend BLEND to take a register format
+- pan/bi: Generalize I->table for Valhall
+- pan/bi: Add LD_VAR_BUF_IMM.f16/f32 instructions
+- pan/bi: Model LEA_BUF_IMM in the IR
+- pan/bi: Model pos/vary segments in STORE instructions
+- pan/bi: Model offset for LOAD/STORE
+- pan/bi: Model LD_BUFFER instructions
+- pan/bi: Add BRANCHZI instruction
+- pan/bi: Extend LD_TILE with a register format
+- pan/bi: Add arithmetic flag to RSHIFT ops
+- pan/bi: Run CSE after lowering FAU
+- panfrost: Push twice as many uniforms
+- mesa: Remove unused framebuffer validation
+- panfrost: Emulate GL_CLAMP on Bifrost
+- pan/bi: Handle non-2D arrays
+- panfrost: Handle txs of cube arrays
+- pan/va: Fix typo in BLEND text
+- pan/va: Add start property to source
+- pan/va: Handle 64-bit sources in message instrs
+- pan/va: Fix BLEND instruction
+- pan/va: Rewrite FAU handling in dis/assembler
+- pan/va: Handle uniforms from page 1
+- pan/va: Rename imm_mode -> fau_page
+- pan/va: Use 64-bit special FAU for pages 1 and 3
+- pan/va: Remove immediate modes from XML/asm
+- pan/va: Use boring names for FAU special pages 1/3
+- pan/va: Use XML for special FAU page 0
+- pan/decode: Handle blend arrays on Valhall
+- pan/decode: Unify tiler job handling
+- panfrost: Correct ASTC decode mode XML
+- panfrost: Fix primitive restart with 32-bit indices
+- panfrost: Fix definition of DCD on v9
+- panfrost: Refactor XML to permit non-IDVS jobs
+- panfrost: Add Tiler Job to v9 XML
+- pan/va: Correct definition of ZS_EMIT
+- pan/va: Model LEA_TEX_IMM more accurately
+- pan/va: Add LEA_ATTR_IMM instruction
+- pan/va: Add missing .auto32 register format
+- pan/va: Align error messages in disassembler tests
+- pan/va: Fix ST_CVT definitions
+- pan/bi: Add helpers to get vertex/instance ID
+- pan/bi: Use vertex/instance ID helpers
+- pan/bi: Print Valhall-specific FAU indices
+- pan/bi: Don't analyze helper reqs in !frag shaders
+- pan/bi: Add Valhall-specific zero builder
+- pan/bi: Model Valhall action on bi_instr
+- pan/bi: Emit arch-specific code for bi_dontcare
+- pan/bi: Use bi_dontcare for ZS_EMIT
+- asahi: Identify IOGPU Clear Z/S structure
+- asahi: Identify aux framebuffer data structure
+- asahi: Identify IOGPU Internal Pipelines structure
+- asahi: Add stencil buffer attachment type
+- asahi: Identify IOGPU_MISC data structure
+- asahi: Add size field to slices
+- asahi: Add separate_stencil, internal_format fields
+- asahi: Generate IOGPU attachments dynamically
+- asahi: Wire in u_transfer_helper
+- asahi: Handle flushes of depth-only rendering
+- asahi: Don't clobber clear colours
+- asahi: Port driver to macOS 12.x ABI
+- panfrost: Process scissor state earlier
+- pan/va: Allow forcing staging flags to read-write
+- pan/va: Allow omitting staging registers
+- pan/va: Add atomic instructions
+- pan/bi: Use consistent modifier lists in packing
+- pan/bi: Gate late DCE/CSE on "optimize"
+- pan/bi: Rename PATOM_C to ATOM
+- pan/bi: Add ATOM_RETURN pseudo-instruction
+- pan/bi: Model Valhall-style A(CMP)XCHG
+- pan/bi: Allow branch_offset on BLEND
+- pan/bi: Check return addresses in blend shaders
+- pan/bi: Augment ST_TILE with register format
+- pan/bi: Model LD_VAR_BUF instructions
+- pan/bi: Rename I->action to I->flow
+- pan/va: Add ST_TILE instruction
+- pan/va: Add LD_VAR_BUF instructions
+- pan/va: Add Bifrost-style LD_VAR instructions
+- pan/va: Unify flow control
+- pan/va: Permit encoding more flags
+- pan/va: Build opcode info structures
+- pan/va: Generate header containing enums
+- pan/va: Add helpers for swapping bitwise sources
+- pan/va: Add packing routines
+- pan/va: Optimize add with imm to ADD_IMM
+- pan/va: Add unit tests for ADD_IMM optimizations
+- pan/va: Add FAU validation
+- pan/va: Validate FAU before packing
+- pan/va: Add constant lowering pass
+- pan/va: Add instruction selection lowering pass
+- pan/va: Lower branch offsets
+- pan/va: Test instruction selection lowerings
+- pan/va: Implement the cycle model
+- pan/va: Add shader-db support
+- pan/va: Add packing unit tests
+- pan/va: Lower BLEND to call blend shaders
+- pan/bi: Add .shadow modifier to TEX_GATHER
+- pan/bi: Fix write_mask size
+- pan/bi: Call Valhall backend passes on v9
+- pan/bi: Use nir_tex_instr_has_implicit_derivative
+- pan/bi: Split out load/store to thread storage
+- pan/bi: Use ID accessors for LEA_ATTR
+- pan/bi: Preload r60/r61 for MSAA + blend shader
+- panfrost: Disable AFBC on Valhall
+- panfrost: Handle Valhall IDVS in job_uses_tiling
+- panfrost: Restrict Z/S formats for Valhall
+- panfrost: Add Valhall compressed formats
+- pan/bi: Model Valhall image loads
+- pan/va: Add indirect LEA_{ATTR, TEX}
+- pan/va: Pack LEA_TEX_IMM
+- pan/va: Model image load instructions
+- pan/va: Don't truncate slots
+- pan/va: Add flow control lowering pass
+- pan/va: Allow small constants in register pairs
+- panfrost: Add a table for images
+- pan/bi: Mark LD_TILE as w=format
+- pan/bi: Fix spilling on Valhall
+- pan/bi: Waits before tilebuffer access on Valhall
+- pan/bi: Specialize BLEND emit for Valhall
+- pan/bi: Emit Valhall texture instructions
+- pan/bi: Handle Valhall texturing in helper analysis
+- pan/bi: Track whether the malloc IDVS flow is used
+- pan/bi: Emit Valhall-style varying loads
+- pan/bi: Emit Valhall-style varying stores
+- pan/bi: Set table for Valhall LD_ATTR
+- pan/bi: Force psiz to mediump
+- pan/bi: Lower gl_PointSize to FP16 on Valhall
+- pan/bi: Make psiz variants
+- pan/bi: Generate LD_BUFFER on Valhall
+- pan/bi: Avoid masked writes for now
+- pan/bi: Report whether workgroups can be merged
+- pan/bi: Don't lower vertex_id for malloc IDVS
+- pan/bi: Consider flow control in DCE
+- pan/va: Add LD_TILE.v3.f16 packing test
+- panfrost: Handle Valhall texturing
+- panfrost: Handle stencil texturing on Valhall
+- panfrost: Control tiler memory usage
+- panfrost: Hide parts of pan_encoder.h for Valhall
+- panfrost: Add panfrost_make_resource_table helper
+- panfrost: Add shader_stage helper
+- panfrost: Adapt pan_shader.h for Valhall
+- panfrost: Hide AFBC on Valhall
+- panfrost: Move assign_vertex_buffer to pan_helpers
+- panfrost: Make alpha=0 NOP / 1 store Bifrost only
+- panfrost: Disable PIPE_CAP_PRIMITIVE_RESTART on v9
+- panfrost: Add helpers to set batch masks
+- panfrost: Split out image access tracking
+- panfrost: Don't check alpha test in fs_required on Bifrost+
+- panfrost: Don't set a default for blend count
+- panfrost: Adapt panfrost_rasterizer for v9
+- panfrost: Add a pool to sampler_view
+- panfrost: Specialize vertex state for Valhall
+- panfrost: Split out panfrost_get_blend_shaders
+- panfrost: Split out allow_fpk helper
+- panfrost: Add Valhall fields to panfrost_batch
+- panfrost: Add valhall_has_blend_shader field
+- panfrost: Hide some Bifrost-specific functions
+- panfrost: Adapt viewport/scissor to Valhall
+- panfrost: Add helpers to emit Valhall data structures
+- panfrost: Use track_image_access on Bifrost
+- pan/bi: Don't use funny round modes in tests
+- pan/bi: Mark some opcodes as default round-to-zero
+- pan/bi: Use should_skip in bi_builder generation
+- pan/bi: Imply round mode most of the time
+- nir: Don't set writes_memory for reading XFB
+Andrey Konovalov (1):
+- ir3: set local_size for shaders of MESA_SHADER_KERNEL type
+Andrii Pauk (1):
+- venus: Allow usage of virtio-mmio based device
+Andrii Simiklit (1):
+- glsl: add member's location layout qualifier rules for \`arrayed` in/out blocks
+Anuj Phogat (3):
+- anv, iris: Add Wa_16011411144 for DG2
+- include/uapi: Update drm_fourcc.h from kernel
+- isl,iris: Add I915_FORMAT_MOD_4_TILED support for XeHP
+Autumn on Tape (4):
+- gallivm: add subgroup shuffle support
+- lavapipe: enable subgroup shuffle operations
+- gallivm: use shufflevector for shuffles when index is constant data
+- gallivm: use VPERMPS (x86/AVX2) for 32-bit 8-element shuffles
+Bas Nieuwenhuizen (9):
+- radv: Add submit locking with trace bo.
+- radv: Use larger arena sizes.
+- radv: Fix preamble argument order.
+- radv: Only wait on CS/PS to finish if we wait on a semaphore.
+- vk: Update xml and headers to 1.3.207.
+- radv: Expose VK_VALVE_descriptor_set_host_mapping for vkd3d only.
+- radv: Fix vk_queue_to_radv for radv_image_queue_family_mask.
+- radv: Add more BVH vertex formats.
+- vulkan/wsi/x11: Ensure we have the required number of images for acquire.
+Benjamin Cheng (3):
+- vulkan/queue: Destroy wait temps if they are skipped
+- anv: drop from_wsi bit from anv_image
+- radv: fix memory leak of descriptor set layout
+Boris Brezillon (81):
+- pan/midg: Add intra-bundle interferences
+- pan/midg: Remove spurious printf() in print_vector_constants()
+- pan/midg: Prefix scalar immediates with '#' instead of '<'
+- pan/midg: Fix swizzling on 8-bit sources
+- pan/midg: Fix 64-bit swizzle printer
+- pan/midg: Fix the upper/lower limit on 8bit vectors
+- pan/midg: Fix swizzle packing on 64bit instructions with src-expansion + dst-shrinking
+- pan/midg: Add a pass to lower non-logbase2 global/shared loads
+- pan/midg: Support 8/16 bit load/store
+- vulkan/wsi: Use ALIGN_POT() instead of open-coding it
+- vulkan/wsi: Don't open-code vk_format_get_blocksize()
+- panvk: Add support for push constants
+- panvk: Add support for storage buffers
+- panvk: Support creation of compute pipelines
+- panvk: Add support for storage/uniform buffers with dynamic offsets
+- panvk: Move dummy attribute buffer emission out of emit_{attribute,varying}_bufs
+- panvk: Add support for storage image
+- panvk: Implement vkCmdDispatch()
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Constify vk_cmd_queue.alloc
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Remove duplicate entries in MANUAL_COMMANDS
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Properly deconstify array of pointers
+- lavapipe: Re-use auto-generated vk_cmd_enqueue entrypoints
+- panvk: Add a dummy sampler for NIR tex operations that don't take one
+- panvk: Add support for texel buffers
+- panvk: No-op zero-vertex draws
+- panvk: Fix per-instance attribute handling
+- panvk: Implement indexed rendering
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Track allocation errors in vk_cmd_queue
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Fix the allocation scope
+- panvk: Refcount the descriptor set and pipeline layouts
+- aco: Fix an MSVC warning
+- amd: Fix ac_gpu_info.c compilation on windows
+- radv: Don't use VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()/vk_outarray_append()
+- lavapipe: Don't use VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()/vk_outarray_append()
+- Revert "ci: Disable windows-vs2019"
+- vulkan/runtime: Add vk_cmd_queue.h to idep_vulkan_runtime_headers
+- v3dv: Stop using VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()
+- turnip: Stop using VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()
+- pvr: Stop using VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()
+- anv: Stop using VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()
+- panvk: Stop using VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()
+- venus: Stop using VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()
+- vulkan/device_select: Stop using VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()
+- vulkan/wsi: Stop using VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()
+- vulkan/util: Get rid of VK_OUTARRAY_MAKE()
+- vulkan/image: Make MSVC C++ compiler happy
+- vulkan/util: Make STACK_ARRAY() work for arrays of pointers
+- dzn: Compile-test the driver
+- dzn: Add Missing return type to dzn_translate_sampler_filter()
+- dzn: Remove the dzn_cmd_exec_functions file
+- dzn: Make a bunch of functions private
+- dzn: Fix alpha blend factor translation
+- dzn: Properly support static blend constants
+- dzn: Pass a NULL ralloc context to dxil_create_validator()
+- dzn: Fix pipeline creation when rasterization is disabled
+- dzn: Fix dzn_translate_viewport() when height < 0
+- dzn: Don't crash when EndCommandBuffer() returns an error
+- dzn: Align the default case in dzn_image_view_prepare_dsv_desc()
+- dzn: Replace C++ references by pointers
+- dzn: Fix dzn_image_get_rtv_desc() for 3D views
+- dzn: Support 2Darray views on 3D images for color attachments
+- dzn: Fix 3D <-> 2D image copies
+- dzn: Return a valid imageFormatProperties.maxMipLevels
+- dzn: Make sure the properties are all zero when the format is not supported
+- dzn: Set bufferFeatures to zero on depth/stencil formats
+- dzn: 3D array images don't exist
+- dzn: Get rid of dzn_GetPhysicalDeviceFeatures()
+- dzn: Get rid of dzn_GetPhysicalDeviceProperties()
+- dzn: Force sampleCounts to 1 for bgra4 images
+- dzn: Check image view usage instead of image usage when creating an image view
+- dzn: Drop extra blank line in dzn_CmdCopyImage2()
+- vulkan/util: Make STACK_ARRAY() C++-friendly
+- dzn: Lower partial copy of multisample resources to blits
+- dzn: Fix 2D <-> 3D blits
+- dzn: Support independent depth/stencil access
+- dzn: Fix loop condition in dzn_descriptor_set_copy()
+- dzn: Pass the right type to CreateCommandList() in the reset path
+- dzn: Add missing VKAPI_{ATTR,CALL} specifiers to BeginCommandBuffer()
+- dzn: Pass the dzn_event pointer to _mesa_hash_table_insert()
+- dzn: Fix the STATIC_ASSERT() in dzn_meta_blits_get_context()
+- ci/windows: Add a variable to globally disable jobs using windows runners
+Brian Paul (1):
+- vulkan/wsi/x11: add null pointer check for the has_dri3_v1_2 test
+Caio Oliveira (7):
+- anv: Enable requiredSubgroupSize for Task/Mesh
+- intel/compiler: Lower Task/Mesh I/O before SIMD specific lowering
+- intel/compiler: Use pass helper in brw_nir_adjust_offset_for_arrayed_indices
+- intel/fs: Initialize the sample mask in flags register when using demote
+- intel/fs: Fix IsHelperInvocation for the case no discard/demote are used
+- intel/compiler: Use nir_var_mem_task_payload
+- intel/compiler: Inline TUE map computation into TUE Input lowering
+Chad Versace (1):
+- intel/tools: Fix build without drivers
+Charles Baker (2):
+- zink: Fix MSVC RTC in zink_get_framebuffer_imageless()
+- mesa: align constant/uniform uploads to driver expected alignment
+Charlie Turner (8):
+- ci, valve: Add support scripts for the Valve bare-metal farm.
+- amd, ci: Remove unused runners.
+- amd, ci: Drop log level in SPIRV -> NIR code generator.
+- amd, ci: Categorize the sections of the CI file.
+- ci, valve: Add the dEQP runners for Valve CI
+- ci, valve: Show real kernel addresses in KFENCE reports.
+- ci, valve: Bump the trigger container
+- ci, radv: Update flake expectations
+Charmaine Lee (1):
+- mesa: fix misaligned pointer returned by dlist_alloc
+Chia-I Wu (20):
+- zink: set dma-buf bit for shared resources
+- zink: always chain wsi_image_create_info for scanout images
+- zink: set needs_mesa_flush_wsi for venus
+- venus: fix two VN_TRACE_SCOPE's in the same scope
+- venus: use 64KB alignment for suballocations
+- venus: cache VkFormatProperties
+- venus: trace vn_ring_wait_space
+- venus: abort when stuck
+- venus: fix properties of unsupported external fences/semaphores
+- venus: update venus-protocol headers
+- venus: add VK_EXT_shader_demote_to_helper_invocation
+- venus: add VK_EXT_conservative_rasterization
+- venus: add VK_EXT_depth_clip_enable
+- venus: add VK_EXT_robustness2
+- venus: add VK_EXT_shader_stencil_export
+- venus: add VK_EXT_vertex_attribute_divisor
+- venus: add vn_extension_get_spec_version
+- venus: update venus-protocol headers
+- util: Keep quiet NaNs quiet when converting to half float.
+- anv: advertise rectangularLines only for Gen10+
+Christian Gmeiner (3):
+- etnaviv: drop TGSI based backend compiler
+- Revert "nir: make tgsi_varying_semantic_to_slot(..) public"
+- nir: Use const for nir_shader_get_entrypoint(..)
+Connor Abbott (57):
+- ir3/spill: Fix simplify_phi_nodes with multiple loop nesting
+- nir/serialize: Don't access blob->data directly
+- util/blob: Clarify rules on blob::data
+- spirv: Rewrite determinant calculation
+- ir3: Use CAN_REORDER instead of NON_WRITEABLE
+- freedreno: Replace A6XX_IBO with A6XX_TEX_CONST
+- freedreno/fdl: Set swizzle on storage descriptor
+- ir3: Don't always set bindless_tex with readonly images
+- ir3/nir: Fix 1d array readonly images
+- tu: Call nir_opt_access
+- ir3: Use isam for bindless images
+- ir3/cp_postsched: Support multiple destinations
+- ir3/dce: Support multiple destinations
+- ir3/sched: Support multiple destinations
+- ir3/ra: Fix tied destination handling with multiple destinations
+- ir3/ra: Fix ra_foreach_dst_n
+- ir3/ra: Sanitize parallel copy flags better
+- ir3/ra: Add proper support for multiple destinations
+- ir3/ra: Add IR3_REG_EARLY_CLOBBER
+- ir3/spill: Mark reload destination as early-clobber
+- util/bitset: Fix off-by-one in __bitset_set_range
+- ir3: Track physical edges when inserting (ss) for shared regs
+- ir3: Add support for subgroup arithmetic
+- tu: Expose subgroup arithmetic
+- tu: Rewrite dynamic descriptor handling
+- tu: Handle UBO/SSBO descriptors with different sizes
+- tu: Add an extra storage descriptor for isam
+- ir3/parser: Don't use right recursion
+- ir3/lower_spill: Fix corner case with oob offsets
+- ir3: Actually use wrmask in emit_sam
+- ir3: Use isam for bindless readonly ssbo loads
+- nir: Add preamble functions
+- nir: Add a "deep" instruction clone
+- nir: Add a preamble optimization pass
+- ir3: Fix scan.macro valid flags
+- ir3: Don't count reserved user consts in ubo_state::size
+- ir3: Implement basic shader preamble intrinsics
+- ir3: Better assemble/disassemble stc
+- ir3: Plumb through store_uniform_ir3 intrinsic
+- ir3/legalize: Handle inserting (ei) with preamble
+- ir3: Support prefetching with preambles
+- ir3: Insert frag coord code after preamble
+- ir3: Don't include preamble instructions in stats
+- ir3: Add preamble optimization pass
+- ir3: Implement and document ldc.k
+- ir3: Refactor ir3_compiler_create() to take an options struct
+- ir3, turnip: Use ldc.k to push UBOs
+- tu: Enable UniformBufferUpdateAfterBind
+- tu: Trivially implement VK_EXT_texel_buffer_alignment
+- tu: Actually expose VK_EXT_texel_buffer_alignment
+- freedreno/ci: Fix skip comment
+- tu: Implement GetDevice*MemoryRequirements()
+- tu: Fill out maxBufferSize
+- tu: Remove tu_pipeline::layout
+- tu: Expose VK_KHR_maintenance4
+- freedreno/a6xx: Fix SP_DS_CTRL_REG0 definition
+Corentin Noël (6):
+- ci: Uprev virglrenderer and crosvm
+- virgl: Update virgl_protocol and use the provided constants
+- nir_to_tgsi: Require the block index to always be populated
+- nir_to_tgsi: Handle blocks defined as arrays of arrays
+- ci: Only apply patches with the build-skqp prefix
+- virgl/ci: Uprev virglrenderer and crosvm
+Cristian Ciocaltea (29):
+- ci: Ensure Mesa Shader Cache resides on tmpfs
+- ci: Add socat utility
+- ci: Enable kernel virtio transport for Virtual Sockets
+- virgl/ci: Setup virtio-vsock based IPC
+- ci: Increase limit of concurrent crosvm instances per runner
+- ci: Improve interrupt signal handling in
+- ci/zink: Report flake test
+- radeonsi/ci: Mark a bunch of flaky tests on stoney
+- ci: Avoid altering EXTRA_CARGO_ARGS environment variable
+- ci: Convert to a POSIX compliant script
+- ci: Set CI_JOB_JWT_FILE to a fixed path outside /tmp
+- ci: Build crosvm for LAVA runners
+- ci: Add crosvm runtime dependencies for LAVA
+- ci: Enable KVM_AMD and KVM_INTEL kernel modules
+- ci: Load KVM kernel module for LAVA runners
+- ci: Make kernel image available in LAVA for KVM use cases
+- ci: Use script relative paths in crosvm-runner
+- ci: Remove obsolete CROSVM_TEST_SCRIPT env var
+- ci: Provide consistent results location in LAVA
+- ci: Allow specifying any shell command via HWCI_TEST_SCRIPT
+- ci: Dynamically adjust LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE for crosvm
+- virgl/ci: Add jobs for running trace tests on LAVA
+- ci: Make bash available in LAVA rootfs
+- Revert "ci: Convert to a POSIX compliant script"
+- virgl/ci: Add support for dEQP GL vtest-ing
+- ci: Add Intel GPU frequency utility
+- ci: Provide in LAVA and bare-metal rootfs
+- ci: Lock Intel GPU frequency for performance tests
+Daniel Schürmann (39):
+- aco: emit nir_intrinsic_discard() as p_discard_if()
+- aco: remove block_kind_discard
+- aco: make Preserve_WQM independent from block_kind_uses_discard_if
+- aco: merge block_kind_uses_[demote|discard_if]
+- aco: optimize discard_if when WQM is not needed afterwards
+- radv: remove exports without color attachment or writemask
+- nir: split nir_opt_shrink_stores from nir_opt_shrink_vectors
+- nir/opt_shrink_vectors: Remove shrinking of store intrinsics data source
+- radv: move nir_opt_shrink_stores from radv_optimize_nir()
+- aco/insert_exec_mask: stay in WQM while helper lanes are still needed
+- aco: don't propagate WQM for p_as_uniform
+- aco: don't emit WQM for bool_to_scalar_condition
+- aco/insert_exec_mask: remove Preserve_WQM flag
+- aco/insert_exec_mask: remove some unnecessary WQM loop handling code
+- aco/insert_exec_mask: remove ever_again_needs and Exact_Branch
+- aco/insert_exec_mask: refactor and simplify get_block_needs()
+- aco/insert_exec_mask: refactor and remove some unnecessary WQM handling code
+- aco: relax condition to remove branches in case of few instructions
+- aco/ra: don't immediately assign a register for p_branch
+- nir/opt_shrink_vectors: shrink load_const properly
+- nir/opt_shrink_vectors: remove duplicate components from vecN
+- nir/opt_shrink_vectors: update docstring
+- aco/ra: count constant moves in get_reg_create_vector()
+- aco/ra: special-case get_reg_for_create_vector_copy()
+- aco/ra: refactor find_vars() to return a vector
+- aco/ra: refactor collect_vars() to return a sorted vector
+- nir: rename nir_src_is_dynamically_uniform to nir_src_is_always_uniform
+- aco/optimizer: fix call to can_use_opsel() in apply_insert()
+- aco: remove 'high' parameter from can_use_opsel()
+- aco: use branch definition as scratch register for SSA lowering
+- aco/ra: fix stride check on subdword parallelcopies for create_vector
+- aco/optimizer: check recursively if we can eliminate s_and exec
+- aco/ra: only use VCC if program->needs_vcc == true
+- aco/ra: create VCC-affinities during RA
+- aco/ra: omit VCC affinity on VOPC_SDWA for GFX9+
+- aco: make program->needs_vcc independent of VCC hints
+- aco: remove occurences of VCC hint
+- aco: remove register hints entirely
+- aco/ra: fix live-range splits of phi definitions
+Daniel Stone (11):
+- egl/wayland: Reset buffer age when destroying buffers
+- egl/wayland: Don't replace existing backbuffer in get_buffers
+- ci: Disable Windows for now
+- Revert "ci: Disable Windows for now"
+- CI: Disable panfrost-t760
+- CI: Disable Panfrost T720 jobs
+- Revert "CI: Disable panfrost-t760"
+- Revert "CI: Disable Panfrost T720 jobs"
+- ci: Add new Panfrost G52 skip
+- CI: Disable Windows jobs
+- ci: Also disable Windows container builds when down
+Danylo Piliaiev (37):
+- turnip: Add TU_GMEM envvar to test different gmem sizes
+- turnip: Do not use hw binning if tiles per pipe are over the limit
+- turnip/doc: Update turnip extension list
+- turnip: Use the shared helpers to expose 1.3 core extensions/limits
+- turnip: Expose VK_EXT_image_robustness
+- turnip: Implement VK_KHR_zero_initialize_workgroup_memory
+- turnip: Expose VK_KHR_shader_non_semantic_info
+- turnip: Unconditionaly remove descriptor set from pool's list on free
+- tu: Implement VK_AMD_buffer_marker to support Graphics Flight Recorder
+- turnip: Depth/stencil formats should not expose any bufferFeatures
+- freedreno/pps: Expose same counters as blob
+- ir3: Limit the maximum imm offset in nir_opt_offset for shared vars
+- turnip: Add a refcount mechanism to BOs
+- turnip: Use LATE_Z when there might be depth/stencil feedback loop
+- turnip: Merge LRZ and DEPTH_PLANE draw states
+- turnip: Implement VK_ARM_rasterization_order_attachment_access
+- turnip: Always use GMEM for feedback loops in autotuner
+- turnip: Set drmFormatModifierTilingFeatures
+- turnip: Implement VK_EXT_physical_device_drm
+- turnip: Add "rast_order" debug option to force rast order access
+- tu: Refactor VS DECODE/DEST to be emitted in two pkt4
+- turnip: Make autotuner work with reusable command buffers
+- tu: Implement VK_EXT_depth_clip_control
+- turnip: Force linear mode for non-ubwc R8G8 formats
+- turnip: Disallow non-linear tiling when casting R8G8 to other fmts
+- turnip: Fix the lack of WFM before indirect draws
+- turnip: enable has_ccu_flush_bug workaround for a660
+- turnip: Use correct type for OUTARRAY in FormatProperties2
+- turnip: Correctly store separate stencil in gmem store
+- turnip: Ignore aspectMask for D32S8 framebuffer attachment
+- turnip: Add "unaligned_store" debug option to better test gmem stores
+- turnip: Fix subpassLoad from CUBE input attachments
+- ci/freedreno: Add fractional test of forced unaligned gmem store
+- turnip: Implement VK_EXT_primitives_generated_query
+- tu: Do not flush ccu in clear/blits during renderpass
+- pps: Open writable renderer node in DrmDevice::create
+- tu: Fix indices of drm_msm_gem_submit_cmd when filling them
+Dave Airlie (85):
+- llvmpipe: optimise triangle setup a bit.
+- llvmpipe: inline retry_triangle_ccw
+- llvmpipe/setup: remove opaque from setup triangle
+- llvmpipe: refactor lp_rast_shader_inputs.
+- llvmpipe: just move opaque alpha lookup closer to use.
+- llvmpipe/triangle: don't store area in fixed_position.
+- crocus: find correct relocation target for the bo.
+- lavapipe: fix sampler + sampler view leaks.
+- ci/lavapipe: update lvp asan results after leak fixes.
+- gallivm: add coroutine attribute that llvm requires.
+- gallivm/st/lvp: add flags arg to get_query_result_resource api.
+- gallivm: fix missing cast in 4-bit blending paths.
+- llvmpipe: fix linear rast samples check.
+- lavapipe: reference gallium fences correctly.
+- crocus: fix leak on gen4/5 stencil fallback blit path.
+- drisw: fence drawing to the swap/copy buffers.
+- lavapipe: fix pipeline statistic query results with availability.
+- lavapipe: handle endless fence timeout properly.
+- lavapipe: execute a finish in pipeline barrier and event waiting.
+- lavapipe: don't flush on transfer operations.
+- lavapipe: handle non-timeline semaphores wait/signal.
+- llvmpipe: convert texture barrier to a finish.
+- llvmpipe/flush: always finish whether for cpu/gpu access.
+- llvmpipe/scene: move to slab allocated objects for scenes.
+- llvmpipe: base the scene queue size of the max number of scenes.
+- llvmpipe: handle dynamically creating scenes when needed
+- llvmpipe: size initial allocation and free scenes
+- llvmpipe: add writeable resource tracking to the scene.
+- llvmpipe: pass ssbo write mask down into setup.
+- llvmpipe: add ssbo to resources reference by scenes.
+- llvmpipe: add images to the scene resource tracker.
+- llvmpipe: check framebuffer resources for all scenes for references.
+- gallium: add partial bit to the query flags.
+- llvmpipe/query: add support for partial query waits.
+- lavapipe: pass partial results flags through.
+- llvmpipe: add support for fence_server_sync.
+- llvmpipe: allow vertex processing and fragment processing in parallel
+- ci/lavapipe: fixup results after proper reference counting.
+- draw/so: don't use pre clip pos if we have a tes either.
+- vulkan/wsi: handle queue families properly for non-concurrent sharing mode.
+- lavapipe: always set read/write on ssbo/images.
+- llvmpipe/linear: fix disk caching.
+- gallivm/nir: split load_const out into backend helper.
+- gallivm/llvmpipe: add support for NIR to the linear/aos paths.
+- crocus: change the line width workaround for gfx4/5
+- gallivm/nir: extract a valid texture index according to exec_mask.
+- zink: workaround depth texture mode alpha.
+- lavapipe: remove broken workaround for zink depth texturing.
+- crocus: don't map scanout buffers as write-back
+- radv: abstract queue family away from queue family index.
+- intel: add some missing debug recompile info.
+- crocus: force ignore_sample_mask_out on gen4/5 for precompile
+- radv: try and fix internal transfer queue mapping
+- radv/winsys: complete ring/ip translations.
+- radv/winsys: add nop packets for uvd and vcn dec.
+- radv/winsys: add a ring level detection for ib bo usage.
+- radv/winsys: add support for queues without user fences.
+- llvmpipe/fs: add missing depth_clamp key printing
+- vulkan: update vk video headers for new vulkan headers.
+- clover/nir: respect lower to scalar options.
+- lavapipe: add EXT_texel_buffer_alignment support.
+- gallivm/sample: detect if rho is inf or nan and flush to zero.
+- zink: update resource layout in copy_scanout
+- util/format: add new z24/s8 packing helper to pack z32/s8.
+- u_transfer: refactor out code to check interleave/deinterleave path.
+- u_transfer_helper: add a new option for handling z24 stored in z32
+- lavapipe: add loop unrolling.
+- Reinstate: llvmpipe: allow vertex processing and fragment processing in parallel
+- zink/query: consolidate xfb_buffers into one array.
+- zink/query: collapse the xfb_query_pool array into the normal one.
+- zink: refactor out number of vk queries per gallium query helper
+- zink/query: use a single query pool for XFB queries.
+- zink/query: refactor get_query_result to map upfront.
+- zink/query: only reset the range of queries in use.
+- zink/query: rewrite the query handling code to pass validation.
+- llvmpipe: fix nr_sampler_view in key creation.
+- radv: use flush vgt streamout like PAL does.
+- zink: fix tessellation shader key matching.
+- zink/query: refactor out vk queries and allow sharing them
+- draw: handle tess eval shader when getting num outputs
+- u_blitter/stencil: take dstbox x/y into accounts for dst fb width
+- util/stencil: fix stencil fallback blit shader texture types.
+- vulkan/wsi: keep allocate queue families in image, just don't fill them
+- llvmpipe: add user memory resources to the debug global list.
+- meson: add build-id to pipe libraries
+Dmitry Baryshkov (2):
+- freedreno/registers: add new register for 7nm DSI PHY v4.3 (sm8450)
+- freedreno/regs: remove 5nm DSI PHY regs
+Dylan Baker (56):
+- VERSION: bump version for 22.0 release
+- docs: reset new_features.txt
+- docs: update calendar for 22.0.0-rc1
+- meson: add support for \`meson devenv` with vulkan
+- meson: add LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH to the devenv
+- meson: add radv to meson devenv
+- docs: update calendar for 22.0.0-rc2
+- docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 22.0.0
+- docs: Add calendar entries for 22.0 release.
+- docs: add release notes for 22.0.0
+- util/list.h: Add docstrings for list_add and list_addtail
+- mesa/main: replace use of simple_list with util/list
+- gallium/opencl: set OCL_ICD_FILENAMES with devenv
+- docs: Add calendar entries for 22.1 release candidates.
+- docs: add release notes for 22.0.1
+- docs: add sah256 sum for mesa 22.0.1
+- docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 22.0.1
+- VESRION: bump for 22.1.0-rc1 release
+- .pick_status.json: Update to e509598470c000498c3e1328e012142d9047e292
+- VERSION: bump for 22.1.0-rc2
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 9f44a264623461c98368185b023d99446676e039
+- .pick_status.json: Update to fbece25a451bb7915891851ee5c72724974ae5e2
+- .pick_status.json: Update to a6a4bf0f1eae36cb68d5c67653ac013fe0fbde8a
+- .pick_status.json: Update to f329f67243d671965d73bd2243cffc4e1e68c4a3
+- VERSION: bump for 22.1.0-rc3
+- .pick_status.json: Update to f17d3a125126dd7e0f1c2072545976cec1eeb1c8
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 1dc697942af7254798f83583f5788e1abf136d27
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 2505afc430c6b151e7e4243503953ba0b0a2c842
+- .pick_status.json: Mark c025cb9ee9d79ebfb66a577556e04deecfe012ed as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 575068a1656ab4303647ade1491da7d711d36db7
+- VERSION: bump for 22.1.0-rc4 release
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 7f91e8fad94dd34f83c6a124dbbe5d210be7715f
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 17c98393f9f3cb0801b73b2d4c62442859417368
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 14b1ed1ce105d42652f70e2fd13c90fc4f2e7ffc
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 6317f88b044501354a052064478d5b43dfe41809 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 5ff3fa5912778adb8117fa26bfe4786b583e741b as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 9a412c10b7a96adf71c9a2ca44a0abca75de1c49 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 0e49ef5c9f2ec34567613226ad498edca28bce88 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark ae369e9f6d4f2c826f1f2a748c32a14f9d5f1f54 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 8b28d1751c76b0ba72dae1f6b916cb7f2bbc1c0c as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 8daf8ff730b777bb512a237a36783d781cbf9de9 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 8c1d9c7b744b2e5b40fd42cfd51256b16deea6a8 as denominated
+- VERSION: bump for 22.1.0-rc5
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 57293dee2b11ba7e52052edc4d0437f08db19144
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 5a3aee78cbb70918b413cdd40dffcae7c9e97d8c as denominated
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 5c90eb1c53f46e86717c6bf4d5253dd23c4dac1f
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 07eba9a15a06ceda3469892822e8b539effc6788
+- .pick_status.json: Update to 29a8f1f03bed317370e07288fd9d4b85a24562e6
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 07efe6f129956d0cce0fb167d08b5f8af25d0c95 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 1c17502ab38a238efe5d9aa4bc0ff07c967adb80 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark b6eec12327b65038dd56742dbe272c21c63a3844 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 7057a363591279c3f65a3c4af41687e6f8142649 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 9924fecee6412f1cad65d7d7347681856e3a525c as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 7aee9f12b9c1f17ae2662c8043c8679ce698b731 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark 5e4009fe6c91c34a7cdf8c16aa5aa53c3ff41222 as backported
+- .pick_status.json: Mark b18448e7acfc765ee95505c7cd5e2ce6e6fc36cc as backported
+Emma Anholt (145):
+- r300: Fix missing \\n in an error message.
+- r300: Set up shadow sampler lowering in precompiles.
+- r300: Simplify DCE by assuming all output writes are used.
+- ci/freereno: Reduce run-by-default a630-vk coverage.
+- ci/turnip: Extend the full-vk-run job timeouts.
+- ci/freedreno: Reduce concurrency for a618 vk_full.
+- ci/i915: Update rendering hash for plot3d trace.
+- llvmpipe: Disable an assertion that may not be quite right.
+- ci: Uprev vulkan-cts to
+- ci/softpipe,llvmpipe: Disable Xvfb server reset on piglit runs.
+- ci/crocus: Add recent flakes from #intel-ci
+- ci/iris: Add skips and flakes notes for recent #intel-ci logs.
+- ci/freedreno: Add another unsizedArrayLength flake.
+- ci/panfrost: Add a flake a few of us have run into in the last couple days.
+- ci/broadcom: Remove unused v3dv xfails file.
+- ci: Bump VK-GL-CTS to
+- r300: Request that nir-to-tgsi avoid generating TGSI_OPCODE_CMP.
+- r300: Demote a compiler assert(0) to a compile failure.
+- r300: Throw a compile error instead of an assert in r300 swizzle rewrites.
+- nir: Split the flag for lowering of fabs and fneg to source modifiers.
+- nir_to_tgsi: Add a flag for lowering fabs, and use it in r300/i915.
+- i915g: Report the temps usage
+- tgsi: Refactor out a tgsi_util_get_src_usage_mask().
+- nir_to_tgsi: Track our TGSI insns in blocks before emitting tokens.
+- nir_to_tgsi: Replace the NIR SSA liveness with TGSI reg-level liveness.
+- nir: Delete the per-instr SSA liveness impl.
+- ci/r300: Drop xfails that were fixed with the VK-GL-CTS uprev.
+- ci/lvp: Add a flake that's shown up a couple of times since VKCTS 1.3.1.
+- ci/freedreno: Try to detect a wedged MMU that's happened recently.
+- tgsi_translate: Make the procType public when translating.
+- virgl: Work around old virglrenderer's BARRIER counting bug.
+- virgl: Add a workaround for virglrenderer output writemask bugs.
+- virgl: Apply TGSI transforms to compute shaders, too.
+- virgl: Add workarounds for virglrenderer input/sv signedness bugs.
+- virgl: Move tex immediate operands to a temp to avoid virglrenderer bug.
+- virgl: Move double operands to a temp to avoid double-swizzling bugs.
+- nir_to_tgsi: Don't vectorize 64-bit instructions, to keep virgl happy.
+- nir_to_tgsi: Add support for FBFETCH.
+- r300: Delete the loop unrolling.
+- i915g: Initialize the rest of the "from_nir" temporary VS struct.
+- draw: Don't look at .nir if !IR_NIR.
+- nv30/40: Switch to using NIR-to-TGSI by default.
+- nir: Add some notes about const/uniform array access rules in GL.
+- ci/freedreno: Move a 60s timeout test to skips instead of flakes.
+- ci/freedreno: Cut down pre-merge a630 VK coverage.
+- ci/freedreno: Add a known spilling hangcheck flake.
+- turnip: Request no implicit sync when we have no implicit-sync WSI BOs.
+- ci: Stash the ldd and ccache stats output under collapsed sections.
+- ci/llvmpipe: Move most of testing to shared 64-core runners at Google.
+- ci/lavapipe: Test 1/3 of lavapipe on the shared 64-core google runners.
+- ci/softpipe: Move most of testing to shared 64-core runners at Google.
+- ci/virgl: Drop the bvec4_from_mat4x2_vs xfail.
+- ci/lvp: Update the asan fails list.
+- ci/zink: Move testing to shared 64-core runners at Google.
+- ci/zink: Add testing of dEQP GLES3.1/3.2.
+- nir: Allow the _replicates opcodes to have num_components != 4.
+- freedreno: Use the resource size rather than BO size for VFD_FETCH[].SIZE.
+- freedreno: Fix start_slot handling in set_vertex_buffers.
+- freedreno: Improve robustness behavior for VBs with offset > size.
+- ir3: Don't assert on not finding the VS output for an FS input.
+- ci/freedreno: Consolidate some information about an a630 flake.
+- nir: Introduce a nir_vec_scalars() helper using nir_ssa_scalar.
+- nir: Add a helper for setting up a nir_ssa_scalar struct.
+- nir: Switch to using nir_vec_scalars() for things that used nir_channel().
+- intel/perf: Move some static blocks of C code out of the python script.
+- ci/bare-metal: Drop the BM_POE_USERNAME/PASSWORD env var checks.
+- ci/bare-metal: Increase maximum retry count for POE boots.
+- ci: Stop xz-compressing firmware for ramdisks.
+- ci/nouveau: Add nouveau support to the rootfs.
+- ci/nouveau: Add a manual run for the Jetson Nano (GM20B).
+- docs/ci: Update some bare-metal CI docs.
+- docs/ci: Add docs for using a POE switch to control boards, like nouveau.
+- turnip: Enable VK_EXT_display_control using the common code.
+- turnip: use vk_shader_module_to_nir().
+- ci: Drop skips of spv-stable-pillars-volatile-nontemporal-store
+- ci/lvp: Stop skipping spv-stable-maze-flatten-copy-composite
+- ci/freedreno: Drop the skips of spirv_ids_abuse in pre-merge.
+- ci/freedreno: Remove some xfails for tests that now skip.
+- turnip: Use the DRM or KGSL GPU reset status ioctls to report device loss.
+- ci/turnip: Drop alpha_to-coverage flake note on a618.
+- vulkan: Make sure we've loaded our connectors when querying plane props.
+- ci/turnip: Increase the hangcheck timer to 2 seconds.
+- ci/traces: Make sure we have no pre-existing traces-db before starting.
+- nouveau/nir: Enable nir_opt_move/sink.
+- r600: Drop nr_ps_max_color_exports
+- r600: Update the PS state before checking for cb_misc update.
+- r600: Update the PS state when MSAA-ness changes, too.
+- r600: Add shader precompile and shader-db support.
+- ci/r600: Check in some expectation files for rv770 and Turks.
+- r600: Add shader-compiler debug knobs to the shader cache key.
+- r600: Drop unused sbcl debug option.
+- r600: Drop unused debug options from the fork off of radeonsi.
+- r600: Fix ordering of SSBO loads versus texturing.
+- r600: Add a workaround and explanation for shadowcubearray TG4.
+- r600: Disable SB in the presence of indirection on temp arrays.
+- r600: Disable SB when INTERP_SAMPLE is used.
+- r600: Implement memoryBarrier() in the non-SFN path.
+- glsl: Delete unused EmitNoPow path.
+- glsl: Delete dont_lower_swz path of lower_quadop_vector.
+- nir_to_tgsi: Add support for nir_intrinsic_image_samples.
+- turnip: Add support for VK_KHR_format_feature_flags2.
+- freedreno/a6xx: Set the color_swap field for storage descriptors.
+- turnip: Disable tiling on 1D images.
+- turnip: Allow image access on swapped formats.
+- util/log: Don't print an extra \\n if the format string had one.
+- spirv: Silence "Decoration not allowed on struct members: SpvDecorationRestrict"
+- ci/deqp: Add gitlab-ci sections to
+- ci/deqp: Move the set +e just before the deqp-runner invocation.
+- ci/lava: Simplify passthrough of the request to upload results/ to minio.
+- util/log: Add support for logging once.
+- gallivm/nir: Don't do uniform-and-broadcast access on inactive invocations.
+- gallivm/nir: Pull some repeated exec_mask computation out of loops.
+- gallivm/nir: Refactor out some repeated logic for SSBO/shared access.
+- gallivm/nir: Refactor out some repeated code to generate 0 values.
+- gallivm/nir: Add a short circuit uniform-offset mode for load_global.
+- gallivm/nir: Add a short circuit uniform-offset mode for load_ssbo/load_shared.
+- ci/turnip: Drop xfails for create_list_modifiers.
+- ci: Uprev deqp-runner and piglit.
+- freedreno: Fix the cpu-prep wait to be "infinite".
+- Revert "ci/freedreno: Reduce concurrency when replaying traces on a630"
+- virgl: Disable nir_op_ffloor to avoid sending DFLR to virglrenderer.
+- nir_to_tgsi: Fix emitting the sample number for non-array MSAA image access.
+- r600: Stop using ArrayID to look up atomic counters.
+- r600: Add a helper function for rat_index_mode, with documentation and assert.
+- nir_to_tgsi: Extract const components of atomic counter offsets into Index.
+- nir_to_tgsi: Fix the address reg mapping for images and SSBOs to match G-T-T.
+- tgsi/transform: Make tgsi_transform_shader() manage token allocation.
+- tgsi/transform: Drop a stale comment.
+- ci/iris: Disable pixmark-piano trace testing.
+- ci/crocus: Disable pixmark-piano trace testing.
+- st/glsl-to-tgsi: Fix handling of csel(bool, vec, vec).
+- ci/softpipe: Mark some flakes that have appeared across a few MRs.
+- ci/zink: Mark a new GLX flake that hit an innocent MR.
+- turnip: Track refcounts on BOs in kgsl as well.
+- turnip: Stop allocating unused pvtmem space in the pipeline CS.
+- turnip: Sub-allocate pipelines out of a device-global BO pool.
+- turnip: Skip telling the kernel the BO list when we don't need any.
+- turnip: Reduce the pipeline's CS allocation a bit.
+- turnip: Get autotune off of ralloc destructors.
+- turnip: Move autotune buffers to suballoc.
+- nir_to_tgsi: Do the required cleanup for nir_opt_find_array_copies().
+- Revert "ci: Disable Google's lab"
+- nir: Add lowering for fround_even on r300.
+- nouveau/nir: Fix the inverted sense of usesSampleMaskIn.
+- nouveau/nir: Move FS output stores to the end of the last block.
+Enrico Galli (1):
+- microsoft/spirv_to_dxil: Add missing ralloc_free
+Eric Engestrom (7):
+- docs: add release notes for 21.3.6
+- docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 21.3.6
+- docs: add release notes for 21.3.7
+- docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 21.3.7
+- Revert "glx: Fix build errors with --enable-mangling (v2)"
+- docs: add release notes for 21.3.8
+- docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 21.3.8
+Erico Nunes (14):
+- lima/gpir: clean up override-init warnings
+- lima/ppir: clean up override-init warnings
+- lima/ppir: avoid ppir_codegen_outmod implicit conversion
+- lima/ppir: initialize spill_costs array in regalloc
+- lima: fix warning of garbage value access
+- lima: add some checks for potential null pointer dereference
+- lima: remove an unneeded lima_job_get assignment
+- lima/gpir: avoid invalid write in regalloc
+- lima/ppir: initialize slots array for dummy/undef
+- lima/ppir: refactor bitcopy to use unsigned char
+- lima/ci: update deqp results
+- lima/ci: enable CI again
+- lima/ci: enable piglit in lima CI
+- lima: fix vector const src referenced multiple times
+Erik Faye-Lund (81):
+- vulkan/util: Add extern "C" to allow inclusion from c++
+- vulkan/util: Add explicit casts to make c++ happy
+- vulkan/util: simplify multialloc init
+- zink: do not copy colors through floats
+- nir/spirv: guard macros in case of redefinition
+- vulkan/wsi: pass win32-swapchain directly
+- vulkan/wsi: untangle buffer-images from prime
+- vulkan/wsi: add transition to/from transfer-src state
+- vulkan/wsi: use buffer-image code-path on Windows
+- docs: add license to the redirects script
+- docs: remove incorrect drivers from extension
+- docs: import virgl docs
+- docs: remove a few repeated words
+- docs: add missing get
+- docs: qemu -> QEMU
+- docs: Virgl -> VirGL
+- docs: master -> main
+- docs: link to gitlab instead of cgit
+- docs: update virgl description
+- docs: mark virgl gles2 renderer as done
+- docs: update irc channel
+- docs: fix a broken link
+- docs: match build-flags markup with meson docs
+- docs: fixup zink gl 4.3 requirements
+- docs: improve language in zink article
+- Revert "ci: downgrade sphinx to v3.x"
+- gallium: rename pack half-float cap
+- gallium: rename vs instance id cap
+- gallium: rename layer-viewport caps
+- gallium: rename pixel-coord caps
+- gallium: rename fine derivative cap
+- gallium: rename sysval caps
+- gallium: rename array-components cap
+- gallium: rename read-outputs cap
+- gallium: rename texture query samples cap
+- gallium: rename group-vote cap
+- gallium: rename clock cap
+- gallium: rename ballot cap
+- gallium: rename window-space position cap
+- gallium: rename image atomic float-add cap
+- gallium: rename image atomic inc-wrap cap
+- pvr: use zloadformat instead of zstoreformat
+- pvr: fixup typos when allocating object
+- microsoft/compiler: ralloc incoming phi-values
+- microsoft/compiler: remove phi-value limit
+- pvr: use a helper to translate compare-ops
+- pvr: use a helper to translate stencil-ops
+- pvr: zero-initialize variable
+- docs: fixup breakage in release-calendar
+- docs: add a minimal docs page for radv
+- pvr: do not use fallthrough for unreachable code
+- pvr: do not use fallthrough for unreachable code
+- microsoft: Initial vulkan-on-12 driver
+- vbo/dlist: do not try to pad an empty draw
+- aco: do not use designated initializers
+- nir/tests: do not use designated initializers in c++ code
+- dozen: require c++20 for designated initializers
+- ci: do not specify c_std and cpp_std for windows-build
+- d3d12: fix return-code without dxcompiler.dll
+- microsoft/compiler: add common dxil-validator API
+- d3d12: use dxil_validator
+- microsoft/spirv_to_dxil: use dxil_validator
+- dzn: use dxil_validator
+- clc/tests: use dxil_validator
+- dzn: remove needless using
+- dzn: remove unused struct
+- dzn: drop needless includes
+- dzn: add D3D12_IGNORE_SDK_LAYERS define
+- dzn: fixup indent
+- dzn: remove unused variable
+- dzn: drop unused header
+- dzn: drop incorrect return statement
+- dzn: drop unused include
+- dzn: add missing space
+- wgl: rename force-msaa env-var
+- util: limit error-dialogs to win32
+- wgl: do not disable error-dialogs by default
+- vulkan: explicitly cast object-type enum
+- meson: remove unused defines
+- gallium/xlib: fix stale comment
+- mesa: add missing error-path
+Ernst Sjöstrand (1):
+- intel/compiler: Fix non-trivial designated initializer
+Felix DeGrood (4):
+- anv/measure: Fix INTEL_MEASURE for ANV
+- anv: add indirect draw to INTEL_MEASURE
+- intel: increase INTEL_MEASURE batch/buffer sizes
+- intel: change INTEL_MEASURE output to microseconds
+Filip Gawin (2):
+- r300: fix swizzle handling in transformation of abs
+- r300: Print warning when stubbing derivatives
+Francisco Jerez (5):
+- iris: Demote all callers of iris_flush_and_dirty_for_history() to iris_dirty_for_history().
+- iris: Remove remaining history flushes.
+- iris: Replace unconditional QBO flush with iris_dirty_for_history().
+- intel/perf: Fix OA report accumulation on Gfx12+.
+- intel/dev: Compute pixel pipe information based on geometry topology DRM query.
+Frank Binns (2):
+- pvr: Add a Vulkan driver for Imagination Technologies PowerVR Rogue GPUs
+- pvr: fix clang unused function warning
+Ganesh Belgur Ramachandra (1):
+- radeonsi: NIR equivalent of si_create_clear_buffer_rmw_cs()
+Georg Lehmann (20):
+- nir/lower_mediump: Treat u2u16 like i2i16.
+- radv, aco: Add u_foreach_bit to .clang-format.
+- nir: Fix source type for fragment_fetch_amd.
+- radv: Don't hash ycbcr sampler base object.
+- nir/fold_16bit_sampler_conversions: Don't fold dest upcasts.
+- nir/fold_16bit_sampler_conversions: Fix dest type mismatches.
+- nir/fold_16bit_sampler_conversions: Fix src type mismatches.
+- nir/legalize_16bit_sampler_srcs: Don't guess source type.
+- radv: Add a vkCmdBuildAccelerationStructuresIndirectKHR stub.
+- radv: Add more RT pipeline stubs.
+- aco: Remove 0 data components from image stores.
+- nir: Move lower_usub_sat64 to nir_lower_int64_options.
+- nir: Add an option to lower 64bit iadd_sat.
+- aco: Implement 64bit uadd_sat.
+- aco: Implement scalar iadd_sat.
+- radv: Lower 64bit iadd_sat.
+- radv, aco: Packed iadd_sat/uadd_sat.
+- radv: Enable global bo list if 1.2 features are used.
+- wsi/x11: Don't leak xcb_get_geometry_reply_t.
+- nir/opt_algebraic: Fix mask in shift by constant combining.
+Gert Wollny (24):
+- virgl: Enable PIPE_CAP_TGSI_TEXCOORD when the host supports it
+- virgl: Fix texture transfers by using a staging resource
+- virgl: Add a few more formats to the format table
+- Revert "llvmpipe: allow vertex processing and fragment processing in parallel"
+- Revert "virgl: Enable PIPE_CAP_TGSI_TEXCOORD when the host supports it"
+- virgl: re-enable PIPE_CAP_TGSI_TEXCOORD with new host versions
+- virgl: Don't support QUADS natively
+- r600: Only emit the NOP group triggered by dest.rel after a full group
+- virgl: Propagate precice flag through moves
+- virgl: Always make some extra temps available for transformations
+- virgl: Add an extra mov for int outputs from constant and immediate inputs
+- r600: Don't limit scheduling of PARAM_SRC values
+- r600: ignore dest sel for non-write targets when counting registers
+- r600: don't reschedule INTERP_LOAD_P0
+- r600: Force last instruction of group when starting a new CF
+- r600: Set the last bit if an alu group is split by kcache allocation
+- r600: make r600_load_ar available to driver code
+- ntt: translate nir_intrinsic_shader_clock
+- r600: Assign shader type when creating a new CS state
+- virgl: Apply integer op fix only for ALU ops and clear modifiers
+- virgl: Fix relocating the re-writing the transformation code
+- r600/sfn: Fix store_shared_r600 write masks
+- virgl: don't move input gl_SampleMaskIn to a temp
+- r600: Allow eight bit, three channel formats for vertex buffers
+Guilherme Gallo (5):
+- ci: Make LAVA jobs fail CI job when retry is exhausted
+- ci: Install pytest and freezegun plugin
+- ci: Add unit tests for lava_job_submitter
+- ci: skqp: Build skqp from android-cts-10.0_r11 tag with Clang
+- ci: skqp: Add Vulkan support for a630_skqp job
+Gurchetan Singh (1):
+- zink: emulate some more memory
+Hans-Kristian Arntzen (1):
+- radv: Implement VK_VALVE_descriptor_set_host_mapping.
+Henry Goffin (1):
+- frontends/va: ignore incoming frame_num from VA picture parameters
+Iago Toral Quiroga (50):
+- broadcom/compiler: fix offset alignment for ldunifa when skipping
+- broadcom/compiler: allow ldunifa with read-only SSBOs
+- broadcom/compiler: choose compile strategy with lowest spilling
+- broadcom/compiler: define max number of tmu spills for compile strategies
+- broadcom/compiler: fix end of TMU sequence check
+- broadcom/compiler: reset spill/fill counts after lowering thread count.
+- broadcom/compiler: do not rebuild the interference graph after each spill
+- broadcom/compiler: drop spill_count and add spilling boolean
+- broadcom/compiler: document that spill_base is used for spills and scratch
+- broadcom/compiler: only patch temps that existed before the current spill
+- broadcom/compiler: fix register class patching for postponed spills
+- nir/nir_opt_move: allow to move uniform loads
+- nir: add a nir_instr_def_is_register helper
+- nir/nir_opt_move: handle non-SSA defs
+- broadcom/compiler: move uniforms right before their first use after scheduling
+- broadcom/compiler: increase cost of TMU spills to 10
+- broadcom/compiler: disallow TMU spills if max tmu spills is 0
+- broadcom/compiler: move constants before their first user
+- broadcom/compiler: sink uniform loads
+- broadcom/compiler: don't sort nodes for register allocation
+- broadcom/compiler: simplify node/temp translation during register allocation
+- broadcom/compiler: stop moving UBO loads before NIR scheduling
+- nir/schedule: fix handling of generic memory barrier
+- nir/schedule: handle nir_intrinsic_group_memory_barrier
+- nir/schedule: use larger delay for non-filtered memory reads
+- nir/schedule: allow drivers to decide about instruction latency
+- broadcom/compiler: define v3d-specific delays for NIR instructions
+- broadcom/compiler: add a strategy to disable scheduling of general TMU reads
+- broadcom/compiler: adjust register threshold for 2-thread compiles
+- broadcom/compiler: add comment on why we don't use r5 with ldunifa
+- broadcom/compiler: don't always assign r5 if available
+- broadcom/compiler: remove unused functions
+- v3dv: expose VK_EXT_image_drm_format_modifier
+- v3dv: TFU destination must be UIF
+- v3dv: return early on image to buffer blit copies if image is linear
+- v3dv: don't expose image load/store features for linear images
+- v3dv: fix temporary imports of semaphores and fences with multisync
+- v3dv: don't signal semaphores/fences from a wait thread
+- v3dv: fix semaphore wait from CPU job
+- v3dv: lock around noop job submits
+- v3dv: support importing external semaphores
+- v3dv: implement VK_EXT_inline_uniform_block
+- broadcom/compiler: allow ldunifa with indirect uniform loads
+- v3dv: fix sampler array addressing in v3dv_descriptor_set_layout
+- v3dv: drop unnecessary memset
+- v3dv: add reference counting for descriptor set layouts
+- broadcom/compiler: always enable per-quad on spill operations
+- v3dv: fix limits for inline uniform blocks
+- broadcom/compiler: prefer reconstruction over TMU spills when possible
+- v3dv: fix bogus VkDrmFormatModifierProperties2EXT usage
+Ian Romanick (40):
+- gallivm/nir: Call nir_lower_bool_to_int32 after nir_opt_algebraic_late
+- nir: Constify def parameter to nir_ssa_def_bits_used
+- nir/search: Constify instr parameter to nir_search_expression::cond
+- nir: All set-on-comparison opcodes can take all float types
+- intel/fs: Don't optimize out 1.0*x and -1.0*x
+- spriv: Produce correct result for GLSLstd450Step with NaN
+- spirv: Produce correct result for GLSLstd450Modf with Inf
+- spirv: Produce correct result for GLSLstd450Tanh with NaN
+- nir: Properly handle various exceptional values in frexp
+- nir: Produce correct results for atan with NaN
+- glsl/lower_vector_derefs: Don't emit conditional assignments
+- glsl: Use csel in do_vec_index_to_cond_assign
+- glsl: Don't try to emit the "linear sequence" in lower_variable_index_to_cond_assign
+- glsl/ir_builder: Eliminate unused conditional assignment builders
+- glsl: Lower if to conditional select instead of conditional assignment
+- glsl: Add ir_assignment constructor that takes just a write mask
+- glsl: Remove the ability to read text IR with conditional assignments
+- glsl: Eliminate unused conditional assignment constructor
+- glsl: Don't clone assignment conditions
+- glsl: Don't constant-fold the condition of an assignment
+- glsl: Remove unused condition parameter from ir_assignment constructor
+- glsl: Don't dead-built-in varying eliminate in the condition of an assignment
+- glsl: Don't tree graft in the condition of an assignment
+- glsl: Don't split arrays in the condition of an assignment
+- glsl: Don't split structures in the condition of an assignment
+- glsl: Don't lower vector indexing in the condition of an assignment
+- glsl: Don't visit rvalues in the condition of an assignment
+- glsl: Make ir_assignment::condition private
+- glsl: Eliminate ir_assignment::condition
+- Re-indentation after the previous commit
+- nir: Add missing dependency on
+- i915g/ci: update piglit fails
+- nir/algebraic: Optimize some cases of (sXX(a, b) != 0.0)
+- i915g: Handle constants composed exclusively of 0 or ±1 specially
+- i915g: Emit better code for SEQ(x, 0) and SNE(x, 0)
+- iris/ci: Mark amd_performance_monitor tests as flakes.
+- intel/fs: Force destination types on DP4A instructions
+- nir: intel/compiler: Lower TXD on array surfaces on DG2+
+- intel/compiler: Fix sample_d messages on DG2
+- intel/fs: Better handle constant sources of FS_OPCODE_PACK_HALF_2x16_SPLIT
+Icecream95 (31):
+- pan/mdg: Use util_logbase2 instead of C99 log2
+- panfrost: Update point size limits to match hardware behaviour
+- panfrost: Disable point size upper limit clamping
+- pan/bi: Add interference between destinations
+- pan/bi: Check dependencies of both destinations of instructions
+- panfrost: Set dirty state in set_shader_buffers
+- panfrost: Re-emit descriptors after resource shadowing
+- pan/bi: Make disassembler build reproducibly
+- pan/bi: Add documentation for bifrost_nir_lower_store_component
+- panfrost: Improve comment for emit_fragment_job
+- panfrost: Fix ubo_mask calculation
+- pan/bi: Skip psuedo sources in ISA.xml
+- pan/bi: Don't assign slots for the blend second source
+- panfrost: Don't initialise the trampolines array
+- panfrost: Optimise recalculation of max sampler view
+- panfrost: Remove BO mapping from import
+- util/hash_table: Remove Unicode byte order mark
+- drm-shim: Add a function for mmap64 rather than using an alias
+- drm-shim: Return fake render nodes in /dev/dri first
+- drm-shim: Explicitly use off64_t for the offset to drm_shim_mmap
+- drm-shim: Implement a shim function for close
+- panfrost: Stop overallocating compressed textures
+- panfrost: Fix pack_32_2x16 implementation
+- pan/bi: Use texture index instead of sampler for message preloading
+- nir/lower_tex: Copy more fields in lower_tex_to_txd and friends
+- pan/mdg: Keep min_bound at 16 when alignment requires it
+- pan/mdg: Use MAX2 to set min_alignment
+- pan/mdg: Fix mask usage when filling before a spill
+- pan/mdg: Return the instruction from mir_insert_instruction_*_scheduled
+- pan/mdg: Fix multiple spilt writes in the same bundle
+Igor Torrente (13):
+- venus: Exposes VK_EXT_4444_formats extension
+- venus: venus-protocol groundwork to VK_EXT_custom_border_color
+- venus: add VK_EXT_custom_border_color extension
+- venus: add macros to help with future extensions
+- Venus: Add \`vn_physical_device_{features, properties}` for better organization
+- Venus: Add VN_CMD_ENQUEUE macro with vkCmd* common code
+- Venus: add VN_CMD_ENQUEUE to vn_cmd_encode_memory_barriers
+- venus: move vkGetCalibratedTimestamps to vn_protocol_driver_device.h
+- venus: add VK_EXT_calibrated_timestamps extension
+- venus: add VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state2 extension
+- venus: Update venus-protocol to add two new extensions
+- venus: add VK_EXT_{conditional_rendering,index_type_uint8} extensions
+Ilia Mirkin (30):
+- glsl: simplify conditions for setting various allowed flags
+- glsl: only validate xfb_buffer values when we have enhanced layouts
+- st/mesa: only enable ARB_enhanced_layouts if there are xfb buffers
+- rtasm: fix printf specifier for ptrdiff_t
+- rtasm: add pcmpgtd operation
+- translate: improve sse2 32-bit unsigned -> float conversion
+- isaspec: fix gen_max to be 2^32-1
+- isaspec: add gen-based leaf bitset separation
+- freedreno/ir3: split up load/store/atomic by generation
+- freedreno/a4xx: use correct macro for color
+- freedreno/a4xx: make luminance formats renderable, add missing L8A8_SNORM
+- freedreno/ir3: document GETINFO's x/y results
+- nouveau: add dEQP/GLCTS run failure info for GF108/GT215
+- mesa: enable GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_RG8 on desktop
+- nvc0: disable EXT_texture_sRGB_RG8
+- freedreno/ir3: remove bogus tg4 -> tex lowering pass
+- nir: remove bogus logic to allow cube + offset to work
+- freedreno/a4xx: move tex_type to header
+- freedreno/a4xx: add swizzles to shader keys for tg4 workaround
+- freedreno/a4xx: fix integer tg4
+- freedreno/ir3: support a4xx in load/store buffer/image emission
+- freedreno/ir3: support a4xx compute differences
+- a4xx: add logic to emit image/ssbo state
+- a4xx: add emission of compute state, and compute dispatch
+- freedreno/a4xx: extend astc and tg4 workarounds to compute shaders
+- freedreno/a4xx: improve condition for disabling early z
+- freedreno/ir3: no need to count bits 16b at a time for a4xx
+- freedreno/ir3: disable conversion folding on a4xx
+- freedreno/a4xx: expose shaders and images, as well as ES 3.1
+- freedreno: add a420 deqp-runner files
+Indrajit Das (1):
+- ac/gpu_info: disallow displayable DCC for Navi12 and Navi14
+Iván Briano (7):
+- anv: make the pointer valid before we assign stuff into it
+- intel/compiler: remove what looks like a bad rebase
+- anv: only advertise 64b atomic floats if 64b floats are supported
+- intel/compiler: make CLUSTER_BROADCAST always deal with integers
+- intel/fs: handle interpolation modes for at_sample and at_offset too
+- vulkan/wsi/wayland: Fix double free on error condition
+- anv: re-alloc push constants after secondary command buffers
+Jakob Bornecrantz (1):
+- vulkan-device-select: Don't leak xcb_query_extension_reply_t
+Jason Ekstrand (179):
+- vulkan,lavapipe: Simplify command recording code-gen
+- zink: Re-interpret formats when using vkCmdClearColorImage()
+- anv: Call vk_command_buffer_finish if create fails
+- vulkan: Add a common vk_command_pool base struct
+- anv: Use vk_command_pool
+- radv: Use vk_command_pool
+- panvk: Use vk_command_pool
+- lavapipe: Use vk_command_pool
+- v3dv: Use vk_command_pool
+- turnip: Use vk_command_pool
+- vulkan: Take a vk_command_pool in vk_command_buffer_init()
+- vulkan/queue: Assert command buffers have the right queue family
+- vulkan: Implement of a bunch of VkCommandPool functions
+- anv: Don't use vk_alloc/free2 for command buffers
+- anv: Drop anv_cmd_buffer::pool
+- anv: Don't call DestroyCommandBuffers in AllocateCommandBuffers
+- anv: Use the common vk_command_pool
+- v3dv: Don't use vk_alloc/free2 for command buffers
+- v3dv: Use the common command pool implementation
+- vulkan: Rename vk_image_view::format to view_format
+- vulkan: Add back vk_image_view::format
+- anv: use vk_image_view::format for creating dynamic renderpasses
+- anv: Don't assume depth/stencil attachments have depth
+- panvk: Advertise VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2
+- panvk: Advertise zero sparse format properties
+- panvk: Non-destructively stub GetRenderAreaGranularity
+- blorp: Add a binding_table_offset_to_pointer helper
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Re-flow MANUAL_COMMANDS
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Stop generating enqueue helpers for INTEL perf queries
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Generate enqueue entrypoints
+- lavapipe: Reset the free_cmd_buffers list in TrimCommandPool
+- vulkan,lavapipe: Move some enqueue helpers to common code
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Add a driver_free_cb hook
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Add a common vk_cmd_enqueue_CmdBindDescriptorSets
+- lavapipe: Allocate descriptor set layouts with DEVICE scope
+- lavapipe: Reference count pipeline layouts
+- lavapipe: Use the common vk_enqueue_CmdBindDescriptorSets
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Properly support non-array pointer members
+- lavapipe: Use the auto-generated vk_enqueue_BeginRendering
+- anv: Allow MSAA resolve with different numbers of planes
+- bifrost: Lower usub_borrow
+- bifrost: Simplify derivatives a bit
+- bifrost: Implement fine and coarse derivatives
+- bifrost: Handle nir_op_frexp* and nir_op_ldexp
+- bifrost: Constant fold after lower_explicit_io
+- panvk: Stop advertising Vulkan 1.1
+- panvk: Make panvk_image derive from vk_image
+- panvk: Make panvk_image_view derive from vk_image_view
+- panvk: Skip ZS setup if there is no depth/stencil attachment
+- panvk: Rework texture, sampler, and image binding index calculation
+- panvk: Use the correct integer border colors
+- vulkan: Add a vk_shader_module_to_nir() helper
+- anv: Use vk_shader_module_to_nir()
+- panvk: Use vk_shader_module
+- panvk: Use vk_shader_module_to_nir()
+- panvk: Require 16B alignment for UBOs
+- panvk: Fix SSBO buffer offsets
+- panvk: Implement VK_EXT_vertex_attribute_divisor
+- vulkan: Add a common vk_framebuffer struct
+- anv: Convert to vk_framebuffer
+- vulkan: Add a common vk_render_pass struct
+- vulkan: Add a common CmdBegin/EndRederPass implementation
+- vulkan: Add helpers for getting rendering info from a renderpass
+- vulkan/render_pass: Provide self-dependeny information
+- vulkan/render_pass: Support fragment shading rate
+- vulkan/render_pass: Add an optimization for UNDEFINED+LOAD_OP_CLEAR
+- vulkan/framebuffer: Add a flags field
+- anv: Fix handling of null depth/stencil attachments with dynamic rendering
+- anv: Better null surface state size for dynamic rendering
+- anv/pass: Make unused color attachments VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED
+- anv: Stop treating color input attachments specially
+- anv/pipeline: Stop pretending we're the validator
+- anv: Drop pipeline pass/subpass in favor of rendering_info
+- anv: Convert to 100% dynamic rendering
+- docs: Add the start of Vulkan runtime docs
+- docs: Add high-level documentation for Vulkan render passes
+- intel/guardband: Take min/max instead of total size
+- anv: Calculate the real guardband based on render area
+- anv: Move viewport/scissor emit to genX_cmd_buffer.c
+- anv: Include scissors in viewport calculations
+- panvk: Convert to the common sync/submit framework
+- panvk: Re-arrange GetPhysicalDeviceFeatures2
+- panvk: Add a 1.3 features struct
+- panvk: Re-arrange GetPhysicalDeviceProperties2
+- panvk: Move core properties into their respective core structs
+- panvk: Implement VK_KHR_synchronization2
+- panvk: Implement VK_KHR_copy_commands2
+- panvk: Drop BindImage/BufferMemory
+- panvk: Drop QueueBindSparse
+- panvk: Only implement Get*MemoryRequirements2
+- anv: Use layerCount for clears and transitions in BeginRendering
+- vulkan: Add a 2 wrapper for vkGetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties
+- anv: Drop GetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties
+- radv: Drop GetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties
+- turnip: Drop tu_legacy.c
+- v3dv: Drop GetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties
+- panvk: Drop GetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties
+- lavapipe: Use VK_OUTARRAY for GetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties[2]
+- lavapipe: Drop GetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Add a vk_cmd_queue_execute() helper
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Generate enqueue_if_not_primary entrypoints
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Auto-generate more vk_cmd_enqueue_unless_primary_Cmd*
+- vulkan/runtime: Add emulated secondary command buffer support
+- panvk: Hook up emulated secondary command buffers
+- spirv: Properly mangle generic pointers
+- nir/print: Add support for generic pointers
+- intel/nir: Add optimizations to help OpenCL-style kernels
+- intel/debug: Dump KERNEL source when INTEL_DEBUG=cs
+- intel/compiler: Add code for compiling CL-style SPIR-V kernels
+- intel/kernel: Implement some Intel built-in functions
+- intel: Add a little OpenCL C compiler binary
+- nir: Allow nir_var_mem_global variables
+- spirv: Implement the function portion of the Linkage capability
+- i915: Use the sin/cos lowering in
+- vulkan: Add a vk_image_view_subresource_range helper
+- lavapipe: Use vk_image_view
+- lavapipe: Use vk_image_subresource_layer/level_count
+- lavapipe: Delete render passes
+- v3dv/queue: Rework multisync_free
+- spirv/libclc: Add generic versions of arithmetic functions
+- vulkan: Add more VU comments to justify framebuffer asserts
+- vulkan/queue: Add a submit mode enum
+- vulkan/queue: Rework submit thread enabling
+- vulkan/queue: Rework vk_queue_submit()
+- vulkan: Replace various uses of device->timeline_mode
+- vulkan: Allow the driver to manually enable threaded submit
+- intel/isl: Add a helper for swizzling color values
+- anv: Disallow blending on swizzled formats
+- anv: Generalize border color swizzles
+- anv: Advertise two more formats
+- util/timespec: Return overflow from timespec_add_[mn]sec()
+- vulkan: Use timespec_add_nsec in vk_sync_timeline
+- lavapipe: Switch to the common sync framework
+- v3dv: Enable VK_EXT_debug_utils
+- turnip: Enable VK_EXT_debug_utils
+- lavapipe: Enable VK_EXT_debug_utils
+- anv: Enable VK_EXT_debug_utils
+- panvk: Enable VK_EXT_debug_report and VK_EXT_debug_utils
+- lavapipe: Go back to manually signaling in lvp_AcquireNextImage2()
+- iris: Account for BO offsets in iris_set_global_binding()
+- iris: Handle range tracking for global bindings
+- iris: Take offsets into account when mapping resources
+- iris: Allow non-page-aligned userptr
+- iris: Allow userptr on 1D and 2D images
+- anv/formats: Relax usage checks if EXTENDED_USAGE_BIT is set
+- vulkan: vk_object_base_init/finish have no unused parameters
+- vulkan,docs: Document vk_object_base
+- vulkan,docs: Document vk_instance
+- vulkan,docs: Document vk_physical_device
+- vulkan,docs: Document vk_device
+- vulkan,docs: Add documentation for Vulkan dispatch
+- nir: Dont set coord_components on txs
+- nir/lower_int64: Fix [iu]mul_high handling
+- intel/fs: Implement 16-bit [ui]mul_high
+- intel/nir: Lower 8 and 16-bit bitwise unops
+- iris: Don't leak scratch BOs
+- vulkan/drm_syncobj: Implement WAIT_PENDING with a sync_file lookup
+- v3dv: Stop directly setting vk_device::alloc
+- v3dv: Put indirect compute CSD jobs in the job list
+- v3dv: Don't use pthread functions on c11 mutexes
+- v3dv: Destroy the device mutex on the teardown path
+- v3dv: Switch to the common device lost tracking
+- v3dv: Use util/os_time helpers
+- v3dv: Add a condition variable for queries
+- v3dv: Always wait on last_job_syncs if job->serialize
+- v3dv: Switch to the common submit framework
+- v3dv: Use the core version feature helpers
+- v3dv: Use the core version property helpers
+- v3dv: Add emulated timeline semaphore support
+- iris: More gracefully fail in resource_from_user_memory
+- nir/opcodes: fisfinite32 should return bool32
+- util/set: Respect found in search_or_add_pre_hashed
+- nir: Lower all bit sizes of usub_borrow
+- vulkan: Set signals[i].stageMask = ALL_COMMANDS for QueueSubmit2 wrapping
+- spirv: Handle Op*MulExtended for non-32-bit types
+- vulkan/wsi: Set the right stage flags for semaphore waits
+- nir/cf: Return a cursor from nir_cf_extract as well
+- gallium/u_threaded_context: Use PIPE_MAX_SHADER_SAMPLER_VIEWS for sampler_buffers
+- nir: Preserve metadata if remove_dead_derefs makes no progress
+Jesse Natalie (68):
+- microsoft/compiler: Lower mul_2x32_64
+- microsoft/compiler: Only prep phis for the current function
+- microsoft/compiler: Only treat tess level location as special if it's a patch constant
+- microsoft/compiler: Add never-supported double ops to lower_doubles bitmask
+- microsoft/compiler: It's possible to have doubles without int64
+- microsoft/compiler: Fix splitdouble struct name
+- microsoft/compiler: Fix make_double and split_double to respect swizzles
+- microsoft/compiler: Fix dxil_nir_lower_double_math_instr pass for vectors
+- microsoft/compiler: Set dx11_1_double_extensions flag for dfma/ddiv
+- microsoft/compiler: Handle b2f64
+- microsoft/compiler: Lower 64bit I/O to 32 and then run lower_pack
+- microsoft/compiler: Handle I/O vars larger than a vec4
+- microsoft/compiler: Process signatures before the shader code
+- microsoft/compiler: Map I/O base locations to input IDs
+- microsoft/compiler: Handle structs in I/O signatures
+- d3d12: Update max input, output, and varying caps
+- d3d12: Use a constant define for max anisotropy
+- d3d12: Use the right constant for GS varying limits
+- d3d12: Cache a modifyable copy of the nir options in d3d12_screen
+- d3d12: Add a driver version to the screen to be used for workarounds
+- d3d12: Get OPTIONS1
+- d3d12: Add int64 support
+- d3d12: Lower [de]construction of doubles via math ops into pack/unpack ops
+- d3d12: Set lower full fp64 compiler options flag when needed
+- d3d12: Handle structs in GS variants
+- d3d12: Handle structs in TCS variants
+- d3d12: ARB_gpu_shader_fp64
+- docs: Update d3d12 features
+- microsoft/compiler: Handle SV_ViewportArrayIndex
+- microsoft/compiler: Set flag for VP/RT array index from VS/DS
+- d3d12: Enable BPTC (BC6/BC7)
+- d3d12: Bind 16 scissor rects when scissor disabled
+- d3d12: Fix linkage for viewport index
+- d3d12: Update depth invert to deal with multi-viewport
+- d3d12: Fix location compares in MSAA disable
+- d3d12: Update nir varying bitmasks when linking stages
+- d3d12: Don't force a GS to be added for 'flat' sysvals
+- d3d12: Don't add arrayed VS outputs when next stage uses per-vertex inputs
+- d3d12: When adding new output varyings, write 0s
+- d3d12: Allow RGB VS inputs without an alpha channel
+- d3d12: GL4.2
+- docs: Update d3d12 features
+- tc: CPU storage needs to be freed with align_free
+- d3d12: Fix set constant buffers
+- d3d12: Fix range calculation for suballocated buffers in d3d12_bo_unmap
+- d3d12: Always respect offsets when mapping a bo, not just when there's a range
+- d3d12: Delete make_resource_writeable
+- d3d12: Fix TBOs from suballocated buffers
+- d3d12: Don't suballocate TBO buffers
+- d3d12: Fix offset for buf/image copies with suballocated buffers
+- d3d12: Actually suballocate and cache buffers
+- d3d12: Add a buffer busy callback to the bufmgr
+- d3d12: Use CPU storage in TC for buffers
+- d3d12: Allow 8bit index buffer conversions by vbuf
+- d3d12: Fix take_ownership semantic for constant buffers
+- d3d12: When mapping a resource used in the current batch without blocking, at least flush
+- d3d12: Forward wait condition from query -> result buffer
+- d3d12: Move ID3D12Fence from context to screen
+- d3d12: Add sampler's textures to batch bo tracking
+- d3d12: Add residency info to d3d12_bo
+- d3d12: Add a budget/usage callback to the screen
+- d3d12: Implement residency management algorithm
+- d3d12: Default newly-created resources to not-resident
+- d3d12: Don't add a second dual-source output for Heaven
+- driconf: Add Heaven entries for Windows .exe
+- d3d12: Only force point sampling for emulated shadow samplers
+- microsoft/compiler: Fill interpolation for sysval inputs to non-vertex shader
+- microsoft/compiler: Unload DXIL validator library \*after* calling Release()
+Jiadong Zhu (1):
+- st/mesa: set GL_DYNAMIC_STORAGE_BIT for GL-VK interop buffers
+Jocelyn Falempe (2):
+- llvmpipe: fix color rendering on big endian.
+- llvmpipe: remove unused array
+Jonathan Gray (10):
+- util: unbreak non-linux mips64 build
+- util: fix u_print.cpp build on OpenBSD
+- util: fix util_cpu_detect_once() build on OpenBSD
+- radv: use MAJOR_IN_SYSMACROS for sysmacros.h include
+- util/u_atomic: fix build on clang archs without 64-bit atomics
+- util: fix build with clang 10 on mips64
+- util: use correct type in sysctl argument
+- util: fix msvc build
+- intel/dev: sync ADL-S pci ids with linux
+- intel/dev: add RPL-S pci ids from drm-intel-next
+Jordan Justen (13):
+- intel/fs: Assert that old pull-const code is not used if devinfo->has_lsc
+- anv: Align state pools to 2MiB on XeHP
+- intel/dev: Add ATS-M pci-ids
+- intel/dev: Add device info for RPL-P
+- vulkan/wsi/x11: Use atomic_int with sent_image_count
+- drm-uapi/i915_drm.h: Update from drm-next (2022-04-28)
+- iris: Fix assertion meant to only target the clear-color stride
+- intel/dev: Read hwconfig from i915
+- intel_dev_info: Add --hwconfig command line parameter
+- intel/dev: Add INTEL_PLATFORM_DG2_G12
+- intel/dev: Add DG2 G12 PCI IDs
+- intel/dev: Enable first set of DG2 PCI IDs
+Jose Maria Casanova Crespo (1):
+- v3dv/v3d: Fix copyright holder to Raspberry Pi Ltd
+José Expósito (2):
+- egl/wayland: fix crash in dri2_initialize_wayland_drm
+- egl/wayland: fix crash in dri2_initialize_wayland_swrast
+Juan A. Suarez Romero (23):
+- v3dv/ci: Update failure list
+- vc4/ci: update failing piglit tests
+- vc4/ci: make piglit test mandatory
+- vc4: remove redundant initialization
+- v3d: enable texture filtering anisotropic
+- v3d: rebind sampler view if resource changed the BO
+- v3dv/ci: add test to skip list
+- util/disk_cache: rename MESA_GLSL_CACHE envvar
+- ci: use MESA_SHADER_CACHE envvar
+- radv: change MESA_GLSL_CACHE envvar reference
+- v3dv: change MESA_GLSL_CACHE envvar reference
+- broadcom/ci: Update flake list
+- v3d: add support for on-disk shader cache
+- broadcom: add on-disk cache debug option
+- broadcom: add line rasterization mode to packet definition
+- v3dv: add subpixel precision definition
+- v3dv: implement VK_EXT_line_rasterization
+- v3d: fix some leaks in cache
+- v3d: do not leak BO on query begin
+- ci: enable v3dv arm64 jobs
+- CODEOWNERS: add Broadcom maintainers
+- ci: add Broadcom CI maintainer
+- mesa: unref syncobj after wait_sync
+Kai Wasserbäch (2):
+- fix(FTBFS): clover: work around removal of PointerType::getElementType()
+- fix(clover): FTBFS: Added missing include for ConstantInt for LLVM 15
+Karmjit Mahil (5):
+- pvr: Fix seg fault in vkAllocateDescriptorSets().
+- pvr: Add stricter type checking in pvr_csb_pack().
+- pvr: Add core count info and pvr_device_runtime_info.
+- pvr: Add pvrsrvkm visibility test heap.
+- pvr: Implement vkCreateQueryPool() and vkDestroyQueryPool().
+Karol Herbst (1):
+- nir: fix nir_sweep for printf
+Kenneth Graunke (51):
+- iris: Make an iris_foreach_batch macro that skips unsupported batches
+- anv: Increase maxUniformBufferRange to 2^30 when not using the sampler
+- intel/genxml: Add missing MI_FLUSH_DW::Flush CCS field
+- blorp: Assert that blorp_copy() on the blitter can handle it
+- iris: Add support for flushing the blitter (hackily)
+- ci/iris: Mark qbo tests as flakes
+- iris: Allow IRIS_BATCH_BLITTER in iris_copy_region()
+- iris: Use the hardware blitter for DRI PRIME blits
+- anv: Increase maxBoundDescriptorSets to 32
+- anv: Lower bufferImageGranularity to 1 from 64
+- anv: Raise vertex input bindings and attributes limits slightly
+- iris: Set MI_FLUSH_DW::PostSyncOperation correctly
+- blorp: Add blorp_measure hooks to the blitter codepaths
+- iris: Use more efficient binding table pointer formats on Icelake+.
+- iris: Rename surface_base_address to binder_address in a few places
+- intel: Limit Wa_1607854226 to Gfx12.0 only
+- intel: Use 3DSTATE_BINDING_TABLE_POOL_ALLOC exclusively on Gfx11+
+- iris: Restore flagging of dirty bindings in binder_realloc
+- iris: Fix MOCS for copy regions
+- nir: Print divergence status of SSA values if analysis was ever run.
+- intel: Add INTEL_DEBUG=noccs alias for INTEL_DEBUG=norbc
+- nir: Teach nir_divergence_analysis about Intel-specific intrinsics
+- intel/compiler: Implement nir_intrinsic_last_invocation
+- intel/compiler: Set divergence analysis options
+- intel/compiler: Convert to LCSSA and use divergence analysis.
+- intel/compiler: Use nir_opt_uniform_atomics()
+- intel/decoder: Fix decoder handling of binding table pool alloc on XeHP
+- iris: Properly tell the decoder about inherited binder addresses
+- intel/compiler: Call inst->resize_sources before setting the sources
+- anv: Stop updating STATE_BASE_ADDRESS on XeHP
+- intel/genxml: Add SAMPLER_STATE::Allow Low Quality LOD Calculation field
+- intel/genxml: Add new "Low Quality Filter" field on Gfx12+.
+- intel/genxml: Delete SAMPLER_MODE register definition on Gfx12+
+- intel/genxml: Add SAMPLER_MODE bits for enabling Small PL on Icelake
+- st/mesa: Make transcode_astc also check for non-SRGB format support
+- st/mesa: Transcode ASTC to BC7 (BPTC) where possible
+- iris: Use IRIS_DOMAIN_DEPTH_WRITE for read only depth/stencil.
+- iris: Split out an IRIS_DOMAIN_SAMPLER_READ domain from OTHER_READ
+- iris: Fix UBO cache tracking for the !indirect_ubos_use_sampler case
+- iris: Add an iris_is_domain_l3_coherent helper.
+- iris: Extend the cache tracker to handle L3 flushes and invalidates
+- iris: Add pre-draw flushing for stream output targets
+- iris: Use cache-tracker for draw count flushing
+- iris: Emit flushes for push constant source buffers
+- iris: Demote DC flush to HDC flush in cache tracker
+- anv: Fix INTEL_DEBUG=bat on XeHP
+- Revert "st/mesa: Transcode ASTC to BC7 (BPTC) where possible"
+Konstantin Seurer (16):
+- radv: Move common code to seperate file
+- nir,spirv: Preserve ray_query_value
+- radv: Lower ray queries
+- radv: Enable KHR_ray_query
+- radv: Use common GetPhysicalDeviceMemoryProperties
+- venus: Use trivial common entrypoints
+- radv: Fully implement ray primitive culling
+- radv: Advertise ray primitive culling
+- radv: Replace magic constants with enum values
+- radv: Remove radv_util.c
+- radv: Refactor radv_tex_aniso_filter
+- radv: Refactor ray tracing support checks
+- radv: Fix barriers with cp dma
+- radv: Enable rt primitive culling for spirv2nir
+- radv: Fix lowering ignore_ray_intersection
+- ac/nir: Do not set cursor in try_extract_additions
+Krunal Patel (1):
+- frontend/va: Create decoder once the max_references is updated
+Lionel Landwerlin (104):
+- anv: flush utrace before at device destroy
+- anv: add dynamic rendering traces
+- intel/ds: fix compilation with perfetto
+- nir: change intel dss_id intrinsic to topology_id
+- intel/fs: rework dss_id opcode into generic opcode
+- intel/fs: add support for Eu/Thread/Lane id
+- intel/nir/rt: add a new number of SIMD lanes per DSS helper
+- intel/fs: name sources for A64 opcodes
+- intel/fs: add support for ACCESS_ENABLE_HELPER
+- intel/fs: don't set allow_sample_mask for CS intrinsics
+- intel/fs: load more fields from BVH instance leafs
+- intel/compiler: tracker number of ray queries in prog_data
+- intel/fs: limit FS dispatch to SIMD16 when using ray queries
+- intel/nir: fix shader call lowering
+- intel/nir: use a single intel intrinsic to deal with ray traversal
+- nir/builder: add nir_ior_imm() helper
+- intel: add a new intrinsic to get the shader stage from bindless shaders
+- intel/nir/rt: load bvh_level value off mem_hit structure
+- intel/fs: make trivial shader complete tracing operations with missing shaders
+- intel/nir: document committed argument
+- intel/nir/rt: make RT manipulation helpers helper invocations ready
+- intel/nir/rt: add more helpers for ray queries
+- nir/lower_shader_calls: consider relocated constants as rematerializable
+- intel/nir: document RT builder
+- intel/fs: lower ray query intrinsics
+- anv: enable ray queries
+- anv: fix conditional render for vkCmdDrawIndirectByteCountEXT
+- anv: update limit for maxVertexInputBindingStride
+- intel/dev: provide some default values for no_hw
+- nir: fix lower_memcpy
+- anv: add a custom AcquireNextImage2KHR func
+- anv/genxml/intel/fs: fix binding shader record entry
+- anv: fix fast clear type value with external images
+- intel/fs: fix total_scratch computation
+- anv: fix acceleration structure descriptor copies
+- anv: don't lazy allocate surface states in descriptor sets
+- anv: rename host only descriptor internal flag
+- anv: make a couple of descriptor function private
+- anv: silence compiler warning
+- anv: silence compiler warnings
+- anv: fix variable shadowing
+- anv: zero-out anv_batch_bo
+- anv: emit timestamp & availability using the same part of CS
+- anv: flush tile cache with query copy command
+- intel/nir/fs: replace COMPUTE || KERNEL by gl_shader_stage_is_compute()
+- intel/fs: handle inline data on OpenCL style kernels
+- meson: try to find clang-cpp before going through each module
+- intel/clc: allow multiple CL files to be compiled together
+- intel/clc: allow producing SPIRV files
+- intel/clc: specify supported extensions
+- intel/clc: disable tool prior to Gfx12.5 platforms
+- ci: add clang/spirv-tools/llvm-spirv packages to fedora container
+- ci: enable llvm on debian-release build
+- ci: enable intel-clc on some platforms
+- vulkan: move EXT_tooling_info implementation to runtime
+- anv: implement EXT_tooling_info
+- intel/dev: default to B stepping on DG2 for offline compiler
+- intel/kernel: enable groups caps
+- intel/kernel: enable linkage cap
+- intel/clc: add option to printout kernel prog_data
+- intel/clc: compile fix
+- intel/clc: fixup shared memory offsets
+- intel/clc: deal with SPIRV-Tools linker new behavior
+- iris: don't synchronize BO for batch decoding
+- anv: allow baking of 3DSTATE_DEPTH_BOUNDS in pipeline batch
+- anv: fix dynamic state emission
+- anv: fix color write enable interaction with color mask
+- anv: use local dynamic pointer more
+- anv: fix dynamic sample locations on Gen7/7.5
+- anv: don't store sample location sample count
+- intel/clc: fix missing pointer write
+- anv: disable preemption on 3DPRIMITIVE on gfx12
+- anv: remove unused 3DSTATE_DEPTH_BOUNDS fields
+- blorp: disable depth bounds
+- intel/nir: don't report progress on rayqueries if no queries
+- nir/lower_shader_calls: name resume shaders
+- intel/fs: fix metadata preserve on trace_ray intrinsic
+- intel/fs: add a note on possible optimization of root node address
+- anv: stop using old entrypoint/struct/enum names for 1.3
+- intel: fix URB programming for GT1s
+- anv: allow getting the address of the beginning of the batch
+- nir/divergence: handle load_global_block_intel
+- intel: fixup number of threads per EU on XeHP
+- anv: fix acceleration structure descriptor template writes
+- anv: skip acceleration structure in binding table emission
+- anv: fix clflush usage on utrace copy batch
+- iris: use new kernel uAPI to compute video memory
+- anv: fix invalid utrace memcpy l3 config on gfx < 11
+- anv: reset all dynamic state after secondary execution
+- anv: add missing logic op set in pipeline dyn state
+- Revert "anv: fix dynamic state emission"
+- anv: rework sample location
+- anv: never emit 3DSTATE_CPS in the pipeline batch
+- anv: don't emit 3DSTATE_STREAMOUT in pipeline batch
+- anv: don't emit 3DSTATE_WM in pipeline batch
+- anv: don't emit 3DSTATE_BLEND_STATE_POINTERS in pipeline batch
+- anv: don't emit 3DSTATE_DEPTH_BOUNDS in pipeline batch
+- anv: don't emit 3DSTATE_VF_TOPOLOGY in pipeline batch
+- anv: remove static_state_mask
+- nir/cf: return cursor after insertion of cf_list
+- nir/lower_shader_calls: don't use nop instructions as cursors
+- nir/lower_shader_calls: don't insert code after break/continue
+- nir/lower_shader_calls: put inserted instructions into a dummy block
+Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne (5):
+- vulkan/runtime: Add a level field to vk_command_buffer
+- vulkan/cmd_queue: Add an initializer for the vk_cmd_queue object
+- vulkan/runtime: Add a vk_cmd_queue object to vk_command_buffer
+- dzn: Add a debug flag to enable D3D12 debug layer
+- dzn: Add CI target for vulkan driver
+M Henning (2):
+- nouveau: Handle unaligned tlsBase during spills
+- nouveau: Fix out-of-bounds access in AlgebraicOpt
+Marcin Ślusarz (20):
+- intel/compiler: fix array & struct IO lowering in mesh shaders
+- anv: don't set color state when input state was requested
+- intel/compiler: remove redundant code from fs_visitor::run_*
+- anv: cleanup begin_subpass & end_subpass
+- intel/compiler: ignore per-primitive attrs when calculating flat input mask
+- intel/compiler: optimize flat inputs mask calculation
+- intel/compiler: shift mesh urb read/write window when offset is too large
+- intel/compiler: inject MUE initialization
+- intel/compiler: handle ViewportIndex, PrimitiveID and Layer in MUE setup
+- intel/compiler: mark some variables as per-primitive in FS if they come from MS
+- anv: set number of viewports in clip state (mesh)
+- anv: include Primitive Header in mesh shader per-primitive output
+- anv: fix push constant lowering for task/mesh
+- anv: initialize 3DMESH_1D.ExtendedParameter0 when ExtendedParameter0Present
+- nir: remove gl_PrimitiveID output from MS when it's not used in FS
+- anv: invalidate all metadata in anv_nir_lower_ubo_loads
+- intel/compiler: invalidate all metadata in brw_nir_lower_intersection_shader
+- intel/compiler: invalidate metadata in brw_nir_initialize_mue
+- anv: update task/mesh distribution with the recommended values
+- anv: disable streamout before emitting mesh shading state
+Marek Olšák (61):
+- gallium: add PIPE_RESOURCE_FLAG_UNMAPPABLE for shared unmappable buffers
+- ci: bump piglit version
+- gallivm: fix build with LLVM 15
+- winsys/radeon: fix a hang due to introducing spi_cu_en
+- amd: remove the _UMD suffix from register definitions
+- amd: add a workaround for an SQ perf counter bug
+- ac: add a gfx9 workaround for high priority compute
+- ac/gpu_info: print units for some radeon_info fields
+- ac/surface: don't set the display flag for 1D textures
+- ac/llvm: remove unused function dpp_row_sl
+- winsys/amdgpu: fix a warning of defining radeon_screen_create_t twice
+- radeonsi: add assertions to check if buffer_map/texture_map calls are valid
+- radeonsi: always set FLUSH_ON_BINNING_TRANSITION
+- radeonsi: program SQ_THREAD_TRACE_CTRL.AUTO_FLUSH_MODE on gfx10.3
+- radeonsi: change ACCUM_ISOLINE to 12
+- radeonsi: document an unexpected behavior of PS_DONE
+- radeonsi: reduce the max TBO/SSBO binding size to 512 MB to help 32-bit builds
+- radeonsi: more fixes for si_buffer_from_winsys_buffer for GL-VK interop
+- radeonsi: don't map buffers that VK made unmappable
+- radeonsi: remove bit gaps in SI_RESOURCE_FLAG_*
+- radeonsi: increase the tesselation factor ring size
+- radeonsi: fix the unaligned clear_buffer fallback with TC
+- ac,radeonsi: rework and optimize how TMPRING_SIZE is set
+- radeonsi: apply the LLVM discard bug workaround to LLVM 13 only
+- ac/surface/tests: fix missing NUM_PKRS extraction in test_modifier
+- ac/surface: add more elements to meta equations because HTILE can use them
+- radeonsi: use SET_SH_REG_INDEX with index=3 for registers containing CU_EN
+- ac/llvm: replace structured by vindex != NULL in ac_build_tbuffer_store
+- ac/llvm: replace structured by vindex != NULL in ac_build_buffer_store_common
+- radeonsi: move Arcturus code outside the gfx9 branch
+- ac: update shadowed registers
+- ac: set correct cache size per TCC for Yellow Carp
+- amd: add support for gfx1036 and gfx1037 chips
+- amd: update addrlib
+- radeonsi: fix broken VK-GL buffer interop
+- nir: validate write_mask for all intrinsics that have it
+- nir: fix nir_io_semantics::gs_streams in nir_lower_io_to_scalar
+- nir: add transform feedback info into nir_intrinsic_store_output
+- nir: add shader_info::xfb_strides
+- nir: scalarize transform feedback info in nir_lower_io_to_scalar
+- nir: add nir_io_semantics::no_varying, no_sysval_output, and helpers
+- nir: add nir_lower_io_passes() with new transform feedback
+- nir: add nir_gather_xfb_info_from_intrinsics for lowered IO
+- nir: add nir_print_xfb_info
+- nir: pass nir_shader into nir_recompute_io_bases instead of func_impl
+- gallium/util: add util_dump_stream_output_info
+- gallium/aux: add helper nir_gather_stream_output_info
+- st/mesa: do nir_lower_io() for inputs & outputs with transform feedback info
+- ci: add point coord failures to d3d12
+- ac/llvm: update LLVM processor names for gfx10.3
+- ac: parse SET_SH_REG_INDEX packet
+- ac: define PKT3_ATOMIC_MEM
+- ac: add an environment variable that parses IBs in files
+- radeonsi: fix register shadowing after the pm4 state size was decreased
+- radeonsi: fix an assertion failure with register shadowing
+- nir: fix an uninitialized variable valgrind warning in nir_group_loads
+- ac/surface: fix an addrlib race condition on gfx9
+- winsys/amdgpu: fix a mutex deadlock when we fail to create pipe_screen
+- ac/llvm: set the correct cache policy for sparse buffer loads
+- radeonsi: fix a crash when failing to create a context
+Mark Janes (1):
+- Revert "intel/fs: handle interpolation modes for at_sample and at_offset too"
+Martin Roukala (né Peres) (1):
+- ci/b2c: fix the generation of the IMAGE_UNDER_TEST variable
+Matt Coster (2):
+- pvr: Gate offline compiler build behind -Dtools=imagination
+- pvr: ci: Initial freedesktop CI integration
+Matt Turner (8):
+- intel/perf: Don't print leading space from desc_units()
+- intel/perf: Deduplicate perf counters
+- intel/perf: Use a function to initialize perf counters
+- intel/perf: Use slimmer intel_perf_query_counter_data struct
+- intel/perf: Store indices to strings rather than pointers
+- intel/perf: Mark intel_perf_counter_* enums as PACKED
+- intel/perf: Fix mistake in description string
+- intel/perf: Destination array calculation into function
+Matti Hamalainen (1):
+- aux/trace: fix dumping of pipe_texture_target
+Melissa Wen (1):
+- broadcom/simulator: enable multisync in the simulator
+Michael Olbrich (1):
+- crocus: export GEM handle with RDWR access rights
+Michel Dänzer (3):
+- ci: Remove unused is-for-marge YAML anchor
+Michel Zou (4):
+- vulkan/wsi: drop unused wsi_create_win32_image
+- lavapipe: set non-zero device/driver uuid
+- lavapipe: fix i686 mingw build
+- gallium: fix unused symbols warnings
+Mihai Preda (12):
+- radeonsi/tests: print PCI-id of GPU device under test
+- radeonsi/tests: update piglit baseline on vega20
+- radeonsi/tests: update glcts baseline on vega20
+- radeonsi/tests: update piglit baseline on vega20
+- amd/ac_gpu_info: fix warning on fread unused result
+- radeonsi/tests: fix file left open in
+- radeonsi/tests: add flakes option to
+- radeonsi/tests: update baseline and flakes on vega20
+- radeonsi: convert copy_image shader to NIR
+- radeonsi: convert copy_image_1d_array shader to NIR
+- radeonsi: merge the copy_image shader generators
+- amd/llvm: Transition to LLVM "opaque pointers"
+Mike Blumenkrantz (538):
+- llvmpipe: disable PIPE_SHADER_CAP_FP16_CONST_BUFFERS
+- llvmpipe: ci updates
+- zink: add synchronization for conditional render buffer
+- zink: use scanout obj when returning resource param info
+- zink: fix PIPE_CAP_TGSI_BALLOT export conditional
+- zink: reject invalid draws
+- zink: min/max blit region in coverage functions
+- vk/sync: add asserts for timeline semaphore count matching
+- lavapipe: use util_pack_color_union() for generating clear colors
+- zink: ci updates
+- lavapipe: ci updates
+- zink: ci updates
+- zink: add Sample decorations to fragment shader inputs with sample shading
+- zink: ci updates
+- aux/draw: fix llvm tcs lane vec generation
+- zink: anv (icl) ci updates
+- zink: always set VkPipelineMultisampleStateCreateInfo::pSampleMask
+- zink: ci updates
+- zink: break out spirv shader dumping into separate function
+- zink: make spirv_buffer_emit_word() return the word that was written
+- zink: make spirv_builder_emit_exec_mode_literal() return the word for the param
+- zink: store the tcs_vertices_out spirv word
+- zink: store the tcs_vertices_out spirv word to the spirv_shader struct
+- zink: split off CreateShaderModule into util function
+- zink: store the spirv_shader to the zink_shader struct for generated tcs
+- zink: add a tcs shader key
+- zink: move pipeline tcs patch_vertices value to tcs shader key
+- zink: implement generated tcs variants using spirv shortcut
+- zink: ci updates
+- zink: track internal conditional render state
+- zink: always terminate conditional render when flushing a batch
+- zink: restart conditional render when crossing batch boundary
+- zink: activate conditional render for compute dispatch when necessary
+- zink: ci updates
+- zink: map R8G8B8X8_SRGB -> R8G8B8A8_SRGB
+- zink: always invalidate streamout counter buffer if not resuming
+- zink: ci updates
+- zink: radv ci updates
+- zink: radv ci updates
+- zink: prune ci lists
+- zink: allow null descriptor set layouts
+- zink: remove zink_descriptor_util_init_null_set()
+- zink: ci updates
+- zink: add a flake channel
+- lavapipe: EXT_depth_clip_control
+- features: VK_EXT_depth_clip_control for lavapipe
+- zink: update descriptor refs after starting renderpass
+- zink: fix typo for image descriptor rebinds
+- zink: add layout to sampler descriptor hash
+- zink: skip extra descriptor lookups for images during barrier updates
+- zink: set shader key size to 0 for non-generated tcs
+- zink: fix cached descriptor set invalidation for array bindings
+- zink: free push descriptor pools on deinit
+- zink: don't free non-fbfetch dsl structs when switching to fbfetch
+- nir/lower_psiz: create the store instruction more accurately
+- nir/lower_psiz_mov: stop clobbering existing exports
+- zink: update psiz handling to fix xfb output
+- zink: use VK_EXT_depth_clip_control when available
+- zink: restrict clear flushing on sampler/image bind to compute binds
+- zink: directly create surfaces for shader images
+- zink: clamp 3d/array shader images to lower dimensionality using layer counts
+- zink: more accurately clamp 3d fb surfaces to corresponding 2d target
+- zink: add layer asserts for 3d imageview creation
+- zink: remove a bunch of flakes
+- zink: emit Aliased decorations for any image that isn't explicitly marked restrict
+- zink: switch to u_foreach_bit for ntv image access decorations
+- zink: remove loop from generated tcs
+- zink: update query states before starting renderpass during draw
+- zink: split out query suspending into util function
+- zink: split primitives generated queries if xfb/gs states change
+- zink: ci updates
+- gallivm: fix debug prints for halfs
+- gallivm: avoid division by zero when computing cube face
+- lavapipe: heap-allocate rendering_state struct
+- lavapipe: scan shaders for image/ssbo access and generate per-stage masks
+- lavapipe: accurately set image/ssbo access based on shader usage
+- zink: always update shader variants when rebinding a gfx program
+- zink: add function for refcounting zink_program structs
+- zink: use a fence for pipeline cache update jobs
+- zink: wait on program cache fences before destroying programs
+- zink: fix descriptor cache pointer array allocation
+- zink: mark fbfetch push sets as non-cached
+- zink: stop leaking descriptor sets
+- zink: invalidate non-punted recycled descriptor sets that are not valid
+- zink: hide descriptor debug behind #ifdef
+- Revert "lavapipe: accurately set image/ssbo access based on shader usage"
+- zink: run nir_lower_phis_to_scalar in optimization loop
+- zink: fix 64bit float shader ops
+- zink: ci updates
+- llvmpipe: fix debug print iterating in set_framebuffer_state
+- lavapipe: clamp clear attachments rects
+- llvmpipe: clamp surface clear geometry
+- lavapipe: update multisample state after blend state
+- lavapipe: fix pipeline creation for blend and zs states
+- aux/trace: more screen methods
+- aux/trace: rzalloc the context struct
+- aux/trace: dump clear colors as uints
+- aux/trace: dump clear_texture colors
+- aux/trace: dump more rasterizer state members
+- aux/cso: stop tracing during cso_unbind()
+- ci: add another stoney flake
+- ci: more stoney flakes
+- zink: use 64bit mask for xfb analysis
+- zink: store the correct number of components for xfb packing outputs
+- zink: correctly set xfb packed output offsets
+- zink: fix xfb analysis variable finding for arrays
+- zink: handle remaining xfb corner cases during analysis
+- zink: store shader to ntv_context
+- zink: handle spirv xfb insanity
+- glsl: store OES/EXT point_size extension enablement to shader struct
+- mesa/st: add a gl_program struct flag to skip psiz exports for xfb
+- mesa/st: conditionally add pointsize outputs to ES tess/geom shaders
+- nir/gather_info: check copy_deref instrs for writing outputs
+- mesa/st: only add pointsize output if it doesn't exceed max component limit
+- mesa: always set PointSizeEnabled for API_OPENGLES2
+- mesa/st: simplify pointsize shader update conditional
+- mesa/st: simplify pointsize precompile conditional
+- mesa/st: precompile with API pointsize only if the shader doesn't have pointsize
+- mesa/st: count FF shaders as needing psiz export for precompile
+- mesa/st: check max output components for adding pointsize during precompile
+- mesa/st: make export_point_size shader key clobber existing psiz
+- zink: update radv fails
+- zink: add another radv fail
+- zink: lower dmod on AMD hardware
+- lavapipe: add the full list of cts fails
+- lavapipe: use the correct value for dynamic render resolve attachment indexing
+- lavapipe: skip format checks for EXTENDED_USAGE
+- lavapipe: ci updates
+- lavapipe: run nir_opt_copy_prop_vars during optimization loop
+- lavapipe: ci updates
+- llvmpipe: fix occlusion queries with early depth test
+- anv: fix xfb usage with rasterizer discard
+- anv: fix CmdSetColorWriteEnableEXT for maximum rts
+- anv: fix some dynamic rasterization discard cases in pipeline construction
+- lavapipe: make device limits a physical device struct
+- lavapipe: validate per-stage descriptor limits when creating pipeline layouts
+- lavapipe: more descriptor validation
+- zink: remove flake
+- zink: anv ci updates
+- zink: assert that the dynamic state array size is big enough
+- zink: move dynamic state2 pipeline state to substruct in pipeline state
+- zink: use dynamic rasterizer_discard state when possible
+- lavapipe: always clone shader nir for shader states
+- lavapipe: ref/unref pipeline layouts for pipeline creation
+- lavapipe: implement vkGetDevice*MemoryRequirements
+- lavapipe: set maxBufferSize for maintenance4
+- lavapipe: maintenance4
+- gallivm: implement nir_op_pack_32_4x8_split
+- lavapipe: KHR_shader_integer_dot_product
+- zink: add nir_var_function_temp support to ntv
+- zink: add DOUBLE glsl type for streamout export
+- zink: fix unreachable() location in ntv streamout info
+- zink: export indirect io pipe caps
+- lavapipe: strip unneeded scoped barriers
+- llvmpipe: set nir_shader_compiler_options::use_scoped_barrier
+- lavapipe: enable KHR_memory_model support
+- gallium: add flag to draw info to indicate converted draws
+- lavapipe: use VkFormatFeatureFlags2 in format detection
+- lavapipe: KHR_format_feature_flags2
+- llvmpipe: add handling for zeroing cs shared memory
+- lavapipe: KHR_zero_initialize_workgroup_memory
+- lavapipe: EXT_pipeline_creation_feedback
+- lavapipe: EXT_pipeline_creation_cache_control
+- gallivm: fix oob image detection for cube/1dArray/2dArray/cubeArray
+- lavapipe: EXT_image_robustness
+- zink: flag sample locations for re-set on batch flush
+- zink: force-add usage when adding last-ref tracking
+- zink: only update usage on buffer rebind if rebinds occurred
+- zink: set vbo resource usage on bind
+- zink: add some nice docs for batch usage and tracking
+- features: fix some vk extension listings
+- Revert "features: fix some vk extension listings"
+- lavapipe: store number of immutable samplers to pipeline layout
+- lavapipe: break out resolves into separate functions
+- lavapipe: zalloc lvp_image_view structs
+- zink: store vertices statistics query to context
+- zink: handle conversion for vertices statistics query with LINE_LOOP draws
+- nir/lower_is_helper_invocation: create load_helper_invocation instr with bitsize=1
+- lavapipe: run some shader passes for demote handling
+- lavapipe: EXT_shader_demote_to_helper_invocation
+- lavapipe: extend demote->discard pass to handle terminate
+- lavapipe: KHR_shader_terminate_invocation
+- lavapipe: don't emit compute states during draw
+- lavapipe: zalloc pipeline layout structs
+- lavapipe: add a stream uploader to rendering_state and queue objects
+- lavapipe: save pipeline stages that push constants are active on
+- lavapipe: use stream uploader for push constant upload
+- lavapipe: remove unused struct member
+- lavapipe: implement EXT_inline_uniform_block
+- lavapipe: EXT_inline_uniform_block
+- llvmpipe: fix gl_NumSubgroups
+- llvmpipe: fix subgroup id construction
+- llvmpipe: fix variable naming insanity in cs generator
+- lavapipe: EXT_subgroup_size_control
+- lavapipe: add a GetPhysicalDeviceToolPropertiesEXT stub
+- lavapipe 1.3
+- docs: update lavapipe features and relnotes
+- lavapipe: fix typo in set_event execution
+- lavapipe: add sync2 cmdbuf method implementations
+- lavapipe: add QueueSubmit2 implementation
+- lavapipe: KHR_synchronization2
+- zink: hook up EXT_color_write_enable
+- zink: force disable rasterization discard if primgen query is active
+- zink: start a unified driver workarounds struct
+- zink: disable color_write_enable on ANV
+- zink: use EXT_color_write_enable when possible
+- zink: add an alternate path for EXT_color_write_enable usage
+- zink: use EXT_color_write_enable to mask out primgen+rasterizer_discard output
+- zink: use the right query type for primitives generated
+- zink: ci updates
+- zink: ci updates
+- zink: create compute pipeline after updating shader variants
+- zink: use the current compute shader, not the base one
+- zink: add RADV to list of broken drivers for EXT_color_write_enable
+- draw: fix gs vertex stream counting
+- draw: fix nonzero stream primitives generated queries
+- nir/lower_tex: add txp lowering option for arrays
+- zink: lower txp for cube and ms textures
+- zink: lower txp for array textures
+- zink: update radv ci
+- zink: fix up color_write_enable workaround
+- zink: flush clears before toggling color write
+- zink: update anv icl ci list
+- mesa/st: add special casing for pointsize constant updating during validate
+- zink: update radv fails
+- zink: add anv cts skips from waiver
+- zink: add another radv flake
+- zink: use z24_in_z32f support and radv ci updates
+- radv: fix CmdSetColorWriteEnableEXT(attachmentCount==MAX_RTS)
+- zink: add a couple flakes
+- lavapipe: run optimize loop before krangling pipeline layout
+- zink: run piglit's gpu profile
+- vulkan: update spec to 1.3.210
+- lavapipe: EXT_primitives_generated_query
+- lavapipe: support KHR_pipeline_library
+- lavapipe: implement EXT_graphics_pipeline_library
+- lavapipe: display EXT_graphics_pipeline_library
+- doc: update extensions for lavapipe
+- zink: fix error logging for 2d z/s checking
+- zink: break out CmdSetColorWriteEnableEXT to util function
+- zink: remove anv workaround for broken color writes
+- zink: update radv baseline
+- zink: more radv fails
+- zink: add in radv passes to baseline
+- intel/isl: fix 2d view of 3d textures
+- crocus: assert that 3d samplerview base_array_layer is zero
+- iris: assert that samplerview base_array_layer is zero for hw < skl
+- vulkan: update more headers to 1.3.210
+- lavapipe: fix shader indexing of sampler arrays with const array index
+- lavapipe: fix xfb availability query copying
+- lavapipe: allow timeline progress in GetSemaphoreCounterValue
+- lavapipe: enforce monotonic timeline incrementing
+- zink: force push descriptors cache update if hashing detects changes
+- llvmpipe: handle sampling from 2d views of 3d images
+- zink: add driver workaround for broken EXT_depth_clip_control
+- mesa/st: rework atom flagging when pointsize changes
+- mesa/st: always flag last vertex stage constants for upload on pointsize change
+- mesa/st: rework pointsize constant uploads
+- mesa/st: don't add pointsize to ES programs if it already exists
+- zink: update radv ci baseline
+- zink: remove radv cwrite driver workaround
+- lavapipe: add an env var to enable poisoning memory allocations
+- zink: set LVP_POISON_MEMORY for ci
+- lavapipe: set LVP_POISON_MEMORY for ci
+- aux/trace: dump format in set_shader_images
+- vulkan: spec update to 1.3.211
+- vulkan: check 3D image type for VK_IMAGE_CREATE_2D_VIEW_COMPATIBLE_BIT_EXT
+- lavapipe: expose VK_EXT_image_2d_view_of_3d
+- anv: expose VK_EXT_image_2d_view_of_3d
+- docs: update features for VK_EXT_image_2d_view_of_3d
+- zink: fix barrier generation for ssbo descriptors
+- zink: only uncommit sparse pages that have been committed
+- zink: merge stencil test case for draw-time dynamic state
+- zink: always set stencil dynamic states before draw
+- zink: set Geometry capability for fs if geometry inputs are read
+- zink: handle 1bit xor as OpLogicalNotEqual
+- zink: clamp min viewport width to 1
+- zink: apply fb attachment layout to dummy attachments
+- zink: convert all 64bit vertex attribs to 32bit
+- zink: fix max geometry input component advertising
+- zink: prune shader i/o
+- zink: unset resource layout+access when doing storage setup
+- zink: use EXT_image_2d_view_of_3d
+- zink: refactor zink_descriptor_util_image_layout_eval
+- zink: remove commented code
+- zink: further simplify zs case for zink_descriptor_util_image_layout_eval
+- zink: add a renderpass flag for mixed zs layout
+- zink: add a ctx param to zink_descriptor_util_image_layout_eval
+- zink: delete some code in get_layout_for_binding()
+- zink: use store op NONE when necessary for depth usage
+- zink: update samplerview layouts for zs attachments during renderpass prep
+- zink: use GENERAL layout for mixed zs fb attachments
+- zink: switch warn_missing_feature to mesa_logw
+- zink: add a param to warn_missing_feature() macro
+- zink: fix warning text in missing feature macro
+- zink: rework missing feature warnings
+- zink: run shader optimize loop during initial create
+- zink: prune shader i/o more aggressively
+- zink: use local variable more consistently in producer shader i/o assign
+- zink: use local variable in consumer shader i/o assign to match producer usage
+- zink: simplify shader i/o assignment
+- st/manager: update framebuffer size if texture has been resized
+- zink: move flush queue init down a little further
+- zink: put screen param into flush queue global data
+- zink: move update_framebuffer_state() higher up in file
+- zink: move blit src/dst decls up in function
+- zink: change early returns in zink_blit to gotos
+- zink: use two submits for every queue submit
+- zink: add VK_KHR_swapchain_mutable_format
+- zink: add fail logging for drmPrimeFDToHandle
+- zink: split surface creation more to allow disabling caching
+- zink: move drirc handling up
+- zink: pass index to unbind_fb_surface
+- zink: move variable decl up in unbind_fb_surface
+- zink: check whether clear is enabled before applying in unbind
+- zink: add kopper api
+- zink: it's kopperin' time
+- driconf: add override for Xwayland
+- zink: handle zombie swapchains
+- zink: ci fixup
+- zink: update ci list
+- radv: improve failure logging for amdgpu on init
+- zink: rename a variable
+- zink: add a gently mangled version of the d3d12 cubemap -> array compiler pass
+- zink: support nir_op_imod
+- zink: specify struct member name when copying inline uniforms for gfx variants
+- zink: handle shader key variants that have nonseamless cubemaps
+- zink: set nonseamless hint for sampler states
+- zink: create an array view for all cube samplerviews
+- zink: handle nonseamless cube sampler binding
+- zink: run the cubemap -> array compiler pass if the shader key is set
+- zink: ci updates
+- egl: implement more hooks for swrast
+- zink: handle deferred swapchain resource flushing
+- zink: only apply swapchain behavior in flush_resource for swapchain images
+- zink: handle swapchain readbacks when a present is pending
+- kopper: add a dmabuf-free image interface for use with sw drivers
+- zink: set nir_shader_compiler_options::has_txs
+- nir/lower_tex: avoid adding invalid LOD to RECT textures
+- zink: allow lod for RECT sampler types
+- zink: adds refs to user index buffers when tc is not active
+- lavapipe: KHR_swapchain_mutable_format
+- zink: add error logging for SRGB framebuffer without KHR_swapchain_mutable_format
+- zink: ci updates
+- docs: update features for lavapipe
+- mesa: add a bool indicating when pointsize == 1.0
+- nir/lower_point_size_mov: fix check for overwriting existing pointsize
+- mesa/st: declare added pointsize var as hidden
+- mesa/st: always inject a 1.0 pointsize for vertex stages
+- mesa/st: also add pointsize to fixedfunction vertex shaders as needed
+- mesa/st: only use constant upload pointsize variants if pointsize != 1.0
+- mesa/st: only flag pointsize constant uploads if they're needed
+- mesa/st: don't precompile the pointsize upload variant anymore
+- mesa/st: simplify st_can_add_pointsize_to_program iterator
+- zink: handle SUBPASS_MS in ntv
+- zink: handle multisampled fbfetch
+- zink: don't emit SpvCapabilityStorageImageMultisample for fbfetch
+- zink: only trigger deferred present barrier if swapchain has acquired
+- zink: unset deferred present barrier on flush
+- zink: only get swapchain present semaphore on batch flush after acquire
+- zink: only get swapchain present semaphore on batch flush if not presented
+- zink: clamp out partial texels when creating bufferviews
+- zink: bitcast InterpolateAtOffset offset to fvec
+- zink: hook up sync2 extension
+- zink: add handling for !sync2 in renderpass dependencies
+- zink: don't rely on implicit access for generated barriers
+- zink: don't generate VK_ACCESS_SHADER_READ_BIT barrier for vertex inputs
+- zink/kopper: don't use generated include in kopper interface
+- ci: disable v3dv arm64 jobs
+- mesa: set PointSizeIsOne on context creation
+- mesa/st: fix pointsize adding check
+- mesa/st: handle copy_deref cases for adding pointsize
+- nir/lower_point_size_mov: handle case where gl_Position isn't written
+- mesa/st: handle adding pointsize when gl_Position is never written
+- zink: ci updates
+- zink: clamp cube size queries to 2 return components
+- zink only use zs-specific layout for zs attachments
+- zink: remove compiled conditional for lavapipe usage
+- zink: add a self-dependency for fbfetch renderpasses
+- zink: rework texture_barrier hook
+- zink: force texture barriers when performing in-renderpass clears
+- zink: only do swapchain update during fb setup if swapchain is active
+- zink: update radv ci baseline
+- zink: reorganize radv ci baseline
+- zink: update radv piglit baseline
+- zink: add issue notes for remaining radv fails
+- zink: refactor copy_region path in zink_blit to util function
+- zink: try copy region first for non-resolve blits
+- zink: prune unused st-injected pointsize exports
+- zink: handle 0 ubos and 0 ssbos in pipeline layout
+- zink: create pipeline layout if only bindless descriptor set is used
+- radv: set read/write without format flags for supported texel buffers
+- zink: finish up radv piglit baseline updates
+- features: mark off ARB_seamless_cubemap_per_texture for zink
+- kopper: print better error message if loader not detected
+- egl: don't make LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE and MESA_LOADER_DRIVER_OVERRIDE=zink exclusive
+- aux/trace: clean up some zink+lavapipe tracing awfulness
+- zink: rework choose_pdev to (finally) be competent
+- zink: use the calculated last struct member idx for ssbo size in ntv
+- zink: avoid creating ssbo variable types with multiple runtime arrays
+- zink: set optimal tiling on swapchain images
+- nir/lower_tex: fix rect queries with lower_rect set
+- mesa/st: set normalized coords for RECT samplers if rects are unsupported
+- zink: remove tcs patch slot map
+- zink: reject resource creation if format features don't match attachment
+- zink: use mixed zs renderpass for depth read/write
+- zink: unconditionally set line width on rasterizer state change
+- zink: support restart with PIPE_PRIM_LINES_ADJACENCY if ext is available
+- zink: fix extended restart prim types without dynamic state2
+- zink: make a kopper debug print into an error
+- zink: rework zink_kopper_update() assert
+- zink: set VK_QUERY_RESULT_WAIT_BIT when copying to qbo
+- zink: fix synchronization when drawing from streamout
+- zink: fix xfb counter buffer barriers
+- zink: remove xfb_barrier flag
+- zink: handle device-local unsynchronized maps
+- util/draw: fix map size of indirect buffer in util_draw_indirect_read
+- util/draw: handle draw_count=0 when reading indirect parameters
+- util/draw: fix indirect draw count readback
+- zink: move the kopper present fence to the displaytarget object
+- wgl: support GL 4.6
+- zink: fix tcs control barriers for use without vk memory model
+- zink: fix semantics mask for compute control barriers
+- zink: add synchronization for buffer clears
+- mesa/st: clamp GL_RENDERBUFFER to GL_TEXTURE_2D for sparse queries
+- glsl/nir: set new_style_shadow for sparse tex ops as necessary
+- zink: fix group memory barrier emission
+- vulkan: bump layer api versions to current vk header version
+- kopper: always fetch and store drawable info
+- kopper: move drawable geometry updating up in function
+- kopper: store whether screen has dmabuf support
+- kopper: copy a bunch of code for texture_from_pixmap
+- kopper: add DISPLAY_TARGET bind for depth buffer
+- zink: fix/improve swapchain surface info updating
+- zink: fix up swapchain depth buffer geometry during fb update
+- zink: ci update
+- drisw: remove dead code
+- zink: add a util function for finding swapchain resource
+- zink: flag swapchains when updating fails
+- zink: handle dead swapchains in acquire
+- zink: unset image layout when killing swapchain
+- zink: rework swapchain object check for acquires
+- zink: fix return for zink_kopper_acquire
+- zink: handle swapchain acquire failures more directly
+- zink: flag swapchain resources as swapchains
+- zink/kopper: add a mechanism for checking swapchain status
+- kopper: add some error logging for pixmap->texture failure
+- kopper: check for modifiers to use modifier functionality
+- zink/kopper: add a function for determining if running on software
+- kopper: check whether zink is using sw
+- kopper: rename a confusing variable
+- kopper: implement texture-from-pixmap for software (non-dmabuf)
+- zink: fix dmabuf plane returns
+- zink: export fd info for all 2d images
+- zink: ignore KMS handle types
+- zink: remove drm_fd
+- llvmpipe: disable statistic queries during draw if queries are disabled
+- llvmpipe: disable compute statistics queries if queries are disabled
+- wgl: always set alpha on kopper windows
+- wgl: don't auto-load zink before software drivers
+- zink: add supported present modes to kopper displaytarget
+- lavapipe: lower quad_broadcast intrinsics
+- kopper: invalidate drawables when resizing textures in place
+- kopper: pass the current context to dri_flush
+- nir/gather_info: flag fbfetch on subpass image loads
+- llvmpipe: never infer early zs tests when fbfetch is active
+- lavapipe: enqueue pipeline destruction
+- zink: fix null buffer/surface formats
+- zink: add more image usage for null surfaces
+- zink: use descriptor surfaces for notemplates ref updating
+- kopper: remove unused zink include
+- zink: remove unused headers/struct members/linkage
+- zink: outdent some code
+- zink: add a flag to indicate whether a resource is exportable
+- zink: break out resource bind-adding into separate function for reuse
+- zink: introduce copy contexts
+- zink: create a copy context for the screen on init
+- Revert "zink: export fd info for all 2d images"
+- zink: always check for fb rebinds when starting renderpass
+- zink: unset pipe_resource::next pointers when creating resource copies
+- zink: add a bind flag to indicate a resource is exported as a dmabuf
+- zink: fix conditional for modifier usage
+- zink: force memory exports if dmabuf bind is specified
+- zink: add a LINEAR drm modifier if rebinding to add dmabuf export
+- zink: rebind resources for export as needed
+- zink: create images with modifiers any time there is an import handle
+- zink: pass sparse backing page offset to binding function
+- zink: pass sparse bind bo offset through for texture binds
+- zink: set all usage flags when querying sparse features
+- zink: fix multisample conditional in sparse image query
+- zink: bump number of image binds that can be batched to 50
+- zink: semi-handle 1D sparse texture rewrites for drivers that don't support them
+- zink: ci regressions
+- util/blitter: fix sampler restore with 0 saved samplers
+- gallivm: fix ssbo oob reads
+- lavapipe: fix CmdPushDescriptorSetWithTemplateKHR with refcounting
+- st/draw_feedback: set constant buffer stride
+- gallivm/draw: fix oob ubo reads
+- llvmpipe: always set ssbo data pointers for draw
+- gallivm: fix oob txf swizzling
+- zink: fix up sparse texture sampling for shadow samplers
+- zink: clamp out min_lod operands for explicit lod ops
+- zink: fix sparse binding for arrayed textures
+- zink: set sparse flag in cubemap lowering
+- zink: fix sparse texture depth calcs for arrayed textures
+- zink: remove implicit query resets
+- zink: remove refs from shader images
+- zink: reuse local res pointer in set_shader_images
+- zink: simplify dumb update flagging in set_shader_images
+- zink: read shader image r/w usage from incoming data struct
+- zink: copy incoming shader image struct after doing updates
+- zink: stop leaking shader image surfaces
+- zink: fix 3d shader image miplevel calc for depth
+- zink: directly reuse surface ivci when rebinding
+- lavapipe: ignore depth/stencil states if attachment is not present
+- lavapipe: fix pipeline handling for dynamic render zs state with pipeline library
+- spirv: fix barrier scope assert
+- zink: never create a sw context unless sw is requested
+- zink: only reject non-blittable resource creation if it has no other binds
+- zink: add separate error message for push descriptor set alloc fail
+- zink: add extra validation for resource creation
+- zink: remove input attachment usage when pruning surface usage
+- zink: add extended usage and retry if resource creation fails
+- zink: fix surface/bufferview cache comparisons
+- zink: force render target usage for sampler-only resources
+- zink: clamp 1D_ARRAY sparse textures to 2D as needed
+- zink: handle PIPE_BUFFER sparse texture queries
+- zink: fix non-dynamic vertex stride update flagging
+Mykhailo Skorokhodov (1):
+- intel/fs: Enable b2f(inot(a)) and b2i(inot(a)) optimization for Gfx12+
+Nanley Chery (24):
+- iris: Don't fast clear with the view format
+- iris: Drop format param from fast_clear_color
+- iris: Drop res param from surf_state_offset_for_aux
+- iris: Add and use iris_surface_state::aux_usages
+- iris: Add and use use_surface_state
+- iris: Add and use fill_surface_states
+- iris: Inline some surface_state.cpu references
+- iris: Avoid making some invalid CCS surface states
+- intel/isl: Add format assertions for surfaces using CCS
+- iris: Use iris_sample_with_depth_aux more often
+- iris: Compute aux.possible_usages from aux.usage
+- iris: Drop the iris_resource aux usage bit fields
+- anv: Don't disable HiZ/MCS in anv_BindImageMemory2
+- anv: Fall back to HiZ when disabling CCS on HiZ+CCS
+- anv: Add a perf warning in anv_BindImageMemory2
+- Revert "anv: Require the local heap for CCS on XeHP"
+- anv: Change a parameter of the implicit layout fn
+- anv: Refactor anv_image_init_from_create_info
+- anv: Disable aux if the explicit modifier lacks it
+- Revert "anv: Disable CCS_E for some 8/16bpp copies on TGL+"
+- ci/anv: Changes from enabling 8/16bpp CCS more
+- iris: Return a 64B stride for clear color plane
+- intel/isl: Add a score for I915_FORMAT_MOD_4_TILED
+- isl,iris: Add DG2 CCS modifier support for XeHP
+Neha Bhende (1):
+- svga: store shared_mem_size in svga_compute_shader instead of svga_context
+Oleksandr Gabrylchuk (1):
+- venus: Implement guest vram blob type.
+Omar Akkila (7):
+- venus: Implement VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state commands
+- venus: Advertise VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state support
+- lavapipe: Lift fence check into dedicated function
+- ci: uprev Fossilize
+- ci: uprev vkd3d-proton to v2.6
+- ci: cherry-pick deqp fix for zlib dependency
+- ci: bump VK-GL-CTS to
+Otavio Pontes (1):
+- nir: Use proper macro to set bits of variable correctly
+Paulo Zanoni (5):
+- iris: handle IRIS_MEMZONE_BINDER with a real vma_heap like the others
+- iris: have a single border color pool per bufmgr
+- iris: use the same VM for every context
+- iris: fix register spilling on compute shaders on XeHP
+- iris: fix race condition during busy tracking
+Pavel Ondračka (23):
+- r300: fix deadcode elimination in loops with breaks
+- r300: fix transformation of abs modifiers with negate
+- r300: use nir lowering for sin and cos on R300 and R400
+- r300: transform vs sin and cos input to [-PI,PI] range in NIR
+- r300: transform fs sin and cos input to [0,1) range in NIR
+- r300: only print shader statistics when compilation succeeds
+- r300: use %u specifiers when printing unsigned stats values
+- r300: report number of loops in shader statistics
+- r300: add predicate instructions to statistics of vertex shaders
+- r300: remove some dead logic in tex pair scheduling
+- r300: schedule TEX instructions before OUT instructions
+- r300: set PVS_LAST_VTX_SRC_INST properly to last input read
+- r300: respect output_semantic_index when writing colors
+- r300: don't move position output to the end when duplicating it for WPOS
+- r300: optimize single write scenarios in rc_copy_output
+- r300: restructure r300_vertex_shader
+- r300: move r300_init_vs_outputs to r300_translate_vertex_shader
+- r300: only output wpos in vertex shaders when needed
+- r300: set PVS_XYZW_VALID_INST properly to last position write
+- r300: don't assume position is always OUT[0] in rc_copy_output
+- r300: move pointer dereference after a NULL check
+- nine: check hardware support before using vertex texture
+- r300: set PIPE_BIND_CONSTANT_BUFFER for const_uploader
+Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (39):
+- radeonsi: limit loop unrolling for LLVM < 13
+- gallium/dri: add missing PIPE_BIND_DRI_PRIME handling
+- gallium: rename PIPE_BIND_DRI_PRIME
+- radeonsi: create prime buffers as uncached
+- radeonsi/blit: relax conditions to use sdma copy for prime buffers
+- radeonsi: use SI_PROFILE_CLAMP_DIV_BY_ZERO for viewperf
+- radeonsi/drirc: use force_gl_vendor for Maya
+- radeonsi: change rounding mode to round to even
+- radeonsi/tests: always add the --gpu argument
+- radeonsi: use 1 shader compilation thread if NIR_PRINT is used
+- gallium/u_threaded: late alloc cpu_storage
+- radeonsi: enable tc cpu_storage by default
+- gallium/tc: warn if an app is incompatible with cpu_storage
+- util/slab: add slab_zalloc
+- gallium/tc: zero alloc transfers
+- radeonsi: don't clear framebuffer.state before dcc decomp
+- radeonsi: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- r600: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- zink: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- virgl: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- vc4: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- v3d: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- iris: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- lima: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- freedreno: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- etnaviv: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- d3d12: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- crocus: replace opencoded slab_zalloc
+- glsl/nir/linker: update shader_storage_blocks_write_access for SPIR-V
+- glsl/nir/linker: fix shader_storage_blocks_write_access
+- drirc: enable radeonsi_zerovram for Black Geyser
+- docs: document useful radeonsi env variables
+- radeonsi: drop LLVM global instruction selector
+- ac: remove LLVM 4.0 workaround
+- ac/surface: adjust gfx9.pitch[*] based on surf->blk_w
+- radeonsi: don't use wave32 for GE on gfx10 if culling is used
+- amd: fix ac_build_mbcnt_add in wave32 mode
+- glx: set max values for pbuffer width / height
+Qiang Yu (10):
+- radeonsi: workaround Specviewperf13 Catia hang on GFX9
+- radeonsi: fix depth stencil multi sample texture blit
+- glx: fix pbuffer refcount init
+- glx: merge drawable release to the same function
+- glx: keep native window glx drawable by driconf option
+- driconf: add Abaqus configs
+- util/util_vertex_state_cache: remove error check when deinit
+- nir/linker: disable varying from uniform lowering by default
+- lima: enable nir lower_varying_from_uniform
+- nir/linker: set varying from uniform as flat
+Rajnesh Kanwal (6):
+- pvr: Implement vkCreateSampler and vkDestroySampler APIs.
+- pvr: Use vk_common_GetDeviceQueue API.
+- pvr: Check if the buffer/image was bound before unbinding.
+- amd: Use common u_format.h implementation for vk_format_get_component_bits.
+- vulkan: Move common format function to vulkan/util/vk_format.h
+- pvr: Remove logic to set vk_device::alloc.
+Renato Pereyra (2):
+- venus: Increase the base sleep of vn_relax
+- Revert "venus: Increase the base sleep of vn_relax"
+Rhys Perry (74):
+- aco/tests: add a bunch more building helpers
+- aco/tests: implement sub-dword program inputs
+- aco: don't combine fneg/fabs of different bit-size
+- aco: don't apply omod/clamp of different bit-size
+- aco: don't combine add/mul of different bit-size
+- aco: fix neg(mul)/abs(mul) optimization with different bit-size
+- aco: add test for optimizations with casts
+- aco: don't encode src2 for v_writelane_b32_e64
+- radv: fix R_02881C_PA_CL_VS_OUT_CNTL with mixed cull/clip distances
+- nir/validate: don't validate the GC list by default
+- nir/validate: don't add instrs not present in shader to shader_gc_list
+- anv: Enable nir_opt_access
+- ac/nir: remove TCS nir_var_shader_out memory barrier
+- radv: include disable_aniso_single_level and adjust_frag_coord_z in key
+- aco: remove vcc hint from branch definitions
+- aco/ra: add get_reg_phi() helper
+- aco/ra: fix register allocation of branch definitions
+- aco: add validate_instr_defs()
+- aco: fix branch definition validation
+- aco/tests: add test for branch definition RA
+- aco: rework removal of jumps over branches
+- aco/insert_exec_mask: fix top-level to-exact with non-global exact mask
+- aco/insert_exec_mask: use get_exec_op
+- aco/insert_exec_mask: optimize top-level transition to exact before demote
+- aco: split and recombine unaligned sgpr inputs
+- radv,aco,ac/llvm: fix indirect dispatches on the compute queue on GFX7-10
+- aco: fix fp16 opcode definitions
+- aco: improve support for v_fma_mix
+- aco: refactor selection of mad/fma
+- aco: use v_fma_mix to combine mul/add/fma input conversions
+- aco: combine add/mul as v_fma_mix into fma
+- aco: apply clamp to v_fma_mix
+- aco: use v_fma_mix to combine mul/add/fma output conversions
+- aco/tests: add v_fma_mix tests
+- nir: add load_{scalar,vector}_arg_amd and load_smem_amd intrinsics
+- aco: implement load_{scalar,vector}_arg_amd and load_smem_amd
+- ac/llvm: implement implement load_{scalar,vector}_arg_amd and load_smem_amd
+- radv: move radv_declare_shader_args() out of shader_variant_compile()
+- nir: allow bindless image/texture/sampler handles to be vectors
+- ac/llvm: remove deref requirement for image fmask loads
+- ac/llvm: implement nir_intrinsic_bindless_image_sparse_load
+- ac/llvm: remove deref chasing for tg4 integer workaround
+- ac/llvm: implement nir_tex_src_{texture,sampler}_handle
+- radv,aco: lower vulkan_resource_index in NIR
+- radv,aco: lower buffer descriptor loads in NIR
+- radv,aco: lower texture descriptor loads in NIR
+- radv,aco: lower image descriptor loads in NIR
+- aco: fix RA validation of 16-bit fma_mix operands
+- aco: don't use v_mad_mix on GFX9 if 16-bit denormals must be preserved
+- radv: allow inline push constants in more situations
+- radv: allow holes in inline push constants
+- radv,aco: implement 64-bit inline push constants
+- radv: increase inline push constant limit if we can inline all constants
+- radv: don't require robust vectorization for nir_var_mem_global
+- aco: use vcc for 64-bit vgpr addition
+- aco: use saddr for global access with sgpr address
+- aco: don't expand smem/mubuf global loads
+- nir: add _amd global access intrinsics
+- ac/llvm: implement _amd global access intrinsics
+- aco: implement _amd global access intrinsics
+- aco: increase global_load_params.max_const_offset_plus_one
+- radv,ac/nir: lower global access to _amd global access intrinsics
+- aco: remove old global access intrinsics
+- nir: add load_shared2_amd and store_shared2_amd
+- nir/opt_load_store_vectorize: fix broken indentation
+- nir/opt_load_store_vectorize: create load_shared2_amd/store_shared2_amd
+- aco: fix signedness of DS_instruction::offset0/1
+- aco: handle read2st64/write2st64 in optimizer
+- aco: implement load_shared2_amd/store_shared2_amd
+- ac/llvm: implement load_shared2_amd/store_shared2_amd
+- radv: use load_shared2_amd/store_shared2_amd
+- ac/nir: properly handle large global access constant offsets
+- radv: fix clearing of TRUNC_COORD with tg4 and immutable samplers
+- aco/ra: fix vgpr_limit
+Rob Clark (28):
+- freedreno/registers: Add a couple regs we need for kernel
+- gallium/dri: Extend image extension to support in-fence
+- android: Push in-fence-fd down to driver
+- egl+libsync: Add helper to complain about invalid fence fd's
+- freedreno: Update uapi header
+- freedreno/drm: Add SYSPROF param
+- freedreno/perfetto+fdperf: Set SYSPROF param
+- gallium/dri: Add missing in_fence_fd initialization
+- turnip: Don't call getenv() directly
+- mesa: Fix discard_framebuffer for fbo vs winsys
+- mesa: Easier shader capture for android
+- freedreno/ir3: Remove unused define
+- freedreno/ir3: Don't try re-swapping cat3 srcs
+- freedreno/drm: Split msm backend into subdir
+- freedreno/drm: Add fd_device_open() helper
+- freedreno/drm: Rework bo creation path
+- freedreno/drm: Add FD_BO_NOMAP hint
+- freedreno/drm: Add FD_BO_SHARED hint
+- freedreno/drm: Add fd_bo_upload()
+- freedreno/drm: Avoid CPU_PREP ioctl if bo is idle
+- freedreno/drm: Move submit_queue to base
+- freedreno/drm: Move bo idx to base
+- freedreno/drm: Move ring_pool slab parent to base
+- freedreno/drm: Extract out "softpin" submit/ringbuffer base class
+- freedreno/drm: Reorder device destroy
+- freedreno/drm: Add virtio backend
+- pipe-loader: Try loading freedreno for virtgpu device
+- freedreno/ci: Update a306 expectations
+Rohan Garg (4):
+- anv: Refactor descriptor copy
+- anv: Handle VK_DESCRIPTOR_POOL_CREATE_HOST_ONLY_BIT_VALVE for descriptor sets
+- anv: Drop dead code in anv_UpdateDescriptorSets
+- iris: set a default EDSC flag
+Roman Stratiienko (2):
+- panfrost: Don't crash on panfrost_bo_create() with size==0 invocation
+- android: Set max platform-sdk-version to 10000
+Sagar Ghuge (2):
+- intel/fs: Add Wa_22013689345
+- intel/fs: Add Wa_14014435656
+Samuel Pitoiset (141):
+- radv: stop setting streamout state when a new pipeline is bound
+- radv: add reference counting for descriptor set layouts
+- Revert "radv: re-apply "Do not access set layout during vkCmdBindDescriptorSets.""
+- radv: allow RADV_FORCE_VRS with pipeline VRS declared as dynamic
+- radv: rewrite RADV_FORCE_VRS directly in NIR
+- radv: do not force per-vertex VRS if there is no pixel shader
+- radv: only emit the per-vertex VRS state if the pipeline forced it
+- radv/ci: update CI lists for CTS
+- radv/winsys: fix initializing debug/perftest options if multiple instances
+- radv: fix allocating/uploading the trap handler shader
+- radv: make the trap handler shader BO resident
+- radv: fix finding shaders by PC
+- radv: remove useless NULL checks in vkBind{Buffer,Image}Memory2()
+- radv: remove set but unused radv_buffer::shareable
+- nir: add nir_intrinsic_load_vrs_rates_amd
+- radv: declare a new shader argument for loading the VRS rates
+- ac/llvm: implement nir_intrinsic_load_vrs_rates_amd
+- aco: implement nir_intrinsic_load_vrs_rates_amd
+- radv: rework RADV_FORCE_VRS to make it more dynamic
+- radv: only re-emit the per-vertex VRS rates if necessary
+- radv: rename RADV_FORCE_VRS_NONE to RADV_FORCE_VRS_1x1 and accept 1x1
+- radv: add RADV_FORCE_VRS_CONFIG_FILE to configure per-vertex VRS
+- radv: allow applications to dynamically change RADV_FORCE_VRS
+- radv: allow to force per-vertex VRS if the config file is present
+- radv: enable radv_disable_aniso_single_level for The Evil Within 1&2
+- radv: allow to force per-vertex VRS in the tessellation stage
+- radv: do not enable per-vertex VRS if the FS uses gl_FragCoord
+- ci: upgrade to libdrm 2.4.110
+- meson: bump libdrm_amdgpu version to 2.4.110
+- include/drm-uapi: update amdgpu_drm.h for new CTX OP to set/get stable pstates
+- ac: add ac_gpu_info::has_stable_pstate
+- radv/winsys: add support for new CTX OP to set/get stable pstates
+- radv: set profile_peak when capturing with SQTT
+- radv,aco,llvm: lower adjusting vertex alpha in NIR
+- radv: fix build on BSD
+- radv: initialize more depth/stencil states earlier
+- radv: initialize VGT_GS_OUT_PRIM_TYPE earlier
+- radv: remove useless radv_blend_state::single_cb_enable field
+- radv: initialize extra state for internal pipelines at one place
+- radv,drirc: move RADV workarounds to 00-radv-defaults.conf
+- radv: remove color exports in presence of holes
+- radv: disable DCC for Fable Anniversary, Dragons Dogma, GTA IV and more
+- radv,aco: do not lower nir_op_pack_{unorm,snorm}_2x16
+- nir: introduce nir_pack_{sint,uint}_2x16 instructions
+- aco: implement nir_op_pack_{uint,sint}_2x16
+- ac/nir: implement nir_op_pack_{uint,sint}_2x16
+- radv/ci: skip dEQP-VK.renderpass2.depth_stencil_resolve.*_samplemask
+- radv/ci: update list of expected failures
+- radv/ci: remove unused files
+- radv,aco,llvm: lower post shuffle vertex in NIR
+- aco: always emit vk_cvt_pkrtz_f16_f32 for nir_op_pack_half_2x16_split
+- radv: optimize the number of loaded components for VS inputs in NIR
+- radv: fix the CS regalloc hang workaround on GFX6 and few GFX7 chips
+- radv: rework the CS regalloc hang workaround
+- amd: add PKT3_LOAD_SH_REG_INDEX
+- radv: fix indirect dispatches on the compute queue on GFX10.3+
+- radv: stop waiting for DMA to be idle for all transfer operations
+- radv: update inputs_read when lowering the view index
+- radv: fix compatibility with VK_IMAGE_CREATE_EXTENDED_USAGE_BIT
+- radv: remove useless check in radv_cmd_buffer_upload_data()
+- radv: remove unnecessary NULL check in TrimCommandPool()
+- radv: remove unnecessary check in FreeCommandBuffers()
+- radv: move waiting for events to CmdWaitEvents2KHR()
+- radv: stop zeroing radv_sample_locations_state in barriers
+- radv: export the pipeline hash via VK_KHR_pipeline_executable_properties
+- radv: remove VK_AMD_shader_info support
+- radv: fix returning empty drmFormatModifierTilingFeatures
+- radv/winsys: remove old comment about zerovram
+- radv: only clear VRAM for app and descriptor BOs when set via drirc
+- radv: fix missing destruction of the inotify thread
+- radv: do not compute the cache UUID for LLVM if it's not used
+- radv: enable radv_disable_aniso_single_level for DXVK/vkd3d
+- radv,aco: lower color exports in NIR
+- radv: lower load_sample_mask_in in NIR
+- radv: lower adjusting gl_FragCoord.z for VRS in NIR
+- radv: implement VK_EXT_depth_clip_control
+- radv: advertise VK_EXT_depth_clip_control
+- radv: remove now unused radv_nir_compiler_options::layout
+- radv: fix mismatch between radv_GetPhysicalDeviceMemoryProperties*()
+- radv: drop EXT or KHR suffixes for stuff promoted in Vulkan 1.3
+- radv: lower has_multiview_view_index in NIR
+- radv: save/restore the stencil write mask during internal driver operations
+- radv: suspend/resume queries during internal driver operations
+- radv: rework the workaround that disables DCC for incompatible copies
+- radv: convert the meta depth decompression path to dynamic rendering
+- radv: convert the meta fast clear flush path to dynamic rendering
+- radv: convert the meta blit 2d path to dynamic rendering
+- radv: convert the meta resolve color FS path to dynamic rendering
+- radv: convert the meta resolve depth/stencil FS path to dynamic rendering
+- radv: convert the meta resolve HW path to dynamic rendering
+- radv: convert the meta blit path to dynamic rendering
+- radv: convert the meta clear path to dynamic rendering
+- radv: remove now unused radv_cmd_buffer_{begin,end}_render_pass()
+- radv: use the common vk_framebuffer
+- radv: enable VK_EXT_separate_stencil_usage
+- radv: fix cleaning the image view for CmdCopyImageToBuffer()
+- radv: save/restore the stencil reference during internal driver operations
+- radv/ci: update CI lists against CTS
+- radv: save/restore more dynamic states during internal driver operations
+- radv: use radv_dynamic_state for saving/restoring meta operations
+- radv: only declare dynamic states that are used by internal operations
+- radv: enable VK_KHR_pipeline_library
+- radv: fix dynamic raster discard with VK_EXT_depth_clip_control
+- radv: add a new helper to determine if rasterization is enabled
+- radv: mark all states declared dynamic at pipeline creation
+- radv: do not check if VkPipelineRenderingCreateInfo is NULL
+- radv: use radv_pipeline_has_ds_attachments() more
+- radv: remove unused parameters in radv_get_{wave,ballot_bit}_size()
+- radv: add radv_generate_pipeline_key() for common graphics/compute keys
+- radv: add a new helper to initialize various type of pipelines
+- radv: add radv_is_vrs_enabled()
+- radv: assert that the arg is declared when used in get_scalar_arg()
+- radv: lower ycbcr textures just before applying the pipeline layout
+- radv: remove more references to the pipeline layout during compilation
+- radv: copy the spirv module for debugging after compilation
+- radv: drop the module reference in radv_can_dump_shader()
+- radv: drop the module reference in radv_can_dump_shader_stats()
+- radv: drop the module reference for enable_mrt_output_nan_fixup
+- radv: stop passing the module to the compiler debug callback
+- radv: stop relying on shader modules after SPIRV->NIR
+- radv: re-order shader stages directly in radv_create_shaders()
+- radv: rework pipeline and shaders creation feedback
+- radv: add missing multi inclusion define to radv_shader_args.h
+- radv: introduce new radv_pipeline_stage structure
+- radv: replace convert_rt_stage() by vk_to_mesa_shader_stage()
+- radv: store the shader sha1 to radv_pipeline_stage
+- radv: drop the remaining uses of shader modules
+- radv: remove unused radv_pipeline_layout::size field
+- radv: add few helpers to deal with pipeline layout
+- Revert "radv: Disable NGG for GS with suboptimal output vertex count."
+- radv: fix initializing pipeline_key::topology for GFX9 and older
+- radv: only apply enable_mrt_output_nan_fixup for 32-bit float MRTs
+- aco: fix load_barycentric_at_{sample,offset} on GFX6-7
+- nir: fix marking XFB varyings as always active IO
+- nir: mark XFB varyings as unmoveable to prevent them to be remapped
+- radv: fix handling divisor == 0 with dynamic vertex input state
+- radv: allow to disable sinking of load inputs for FS via drirc
+- radv: enable radv_disable_sinking_load_input_fs for Grid Autosport
+- radv: re-emit dynamic line stipple state if the primitive topology changed
+- radv: disable instance packing to fix pipeline query stats
+- radv: disable DCC for Senra Kagura Shinovi Versus
+Shirish S (1):
+- radeonsi: allocate protected buffer only if required
+Shmerl (1):
+- docs/features: Mark VK_KHR_ray_query in progress
+Sidney Just (6):
+- wgl: add a flag to determine if running on zink
+- wgl: add zink to the list of auto-loaded drivers
+- zink: support VK_KHR_win32_surface
+- kopper: add win32 loader interface
+- zink: support win32 wsi
+- wgl: support kopper
+Simon Ser (4):
+- vulkan/wsi/wayland: switch from alpha/opaque bools to bitfield
+- vulkan/wsi/wayland: introduce wsi_wl_display_add_vk_format_modifier
+- vulkan/wsi/wayland: de-duplicate wsi_wl_display_add_wl_shm_format
+- vulkan/wsi/wayland: ensure added formats have flags
+Stefan Dirsch (1):
+- meson: restore private requires to libdrm in dri.pc file
+Sviatoslav Peleshko (2):
+- mesa: flush bitmap caches when changing scissors or window rects state
+- anv: workaround apps that assume full subgroups without specifying it
+Tales Lelo da Aparecida (1):
+- zink: validate and log errors on vulkan calls
+Tapani Pälli (9):
+- intel/genxml: add PIPE_CONTROL field for L3 read only cache invalidation
+- anv: invalidate L3 read only cache when VF cache is invalidated
+- iris: invalidate L3 read only cache when VF cache is invalidated
+- iris: fix a leak on surface states
+- mesa/st: always use DXT5 when transcoding ASTC format
+- iris: setup internal_format for memory object resources
+- mesa: check for valid internalformat with glTex[Sub]Image
+- ci: update various ci result files
+- isl: disable mcs (and mcs+ccs) for color msaa on DG2
+Thierry Reding (2):
+- tegra: Use private reference count for sampler views
+- tegra: Use private reference count for resources
+Thomas Debesse (1):
+- gallium/clover: pass -no-opaque-pointers to Clang
+Thomas H.P. Andersen (1):
+- pvr: fix overlapping comparison
+Thong Thai (7):
+- radeonsi: add check for graphics to si_try_normal_clear
+- gallium: add parameters for encoder format conversion (EFC) support
+- frontends/va: add encoder format conversion (EFC) support
+- frontends/va: zero-copy efc
+- radeon: add EFC support to only VCN2.0 devices
+- radeonsi: add option to disable EFC
+- frontends/va: fix decode issues introduced by efc change
+Timothy Arceri (5):
+- glsl/nir: free GLSL IR right after we convert to NIR
+- glsl: fix needs_lowering() call in varying packing pass
+- glsl/st: use nir pass to lower indirect rather than GLSL IR
+- nir: fix setting varying from uniform as flat
+- nir: fix sorting before assigning varying driver locations
+Timur Kristóf (38):
+- compiler: Extract num_mesh_vertices_per_primitive function.
+- spirv: Create PRIMITIVE_INDICES for NV_mesh_shader on-demand.
+- radv: Disable IB2 on compute queues.
+- radv: Don't disturb dynamic primitive topology with mesh shading.
+- ac/nir/ngg: Fix mixed up primitive ID after culling.
+- radv: Better exclude special MS outputs from driver location assignment.
+- aco: Allow 1-byte loads and stores with load/store_buffer_amd
+- aco: Fix workgroup_id.y and .z for NV_mesh_shader.
+- aco: Fix multiview view index for mesh shaders.
+- ac/nir: Move LDS area for primitive count to the beginning.
+- ac/nir: Properly handle when mesh API workgroup size is smaller than HW.
+- ac/nir: Sanitize mesh shader primitive indices using umin.
+- ac/nir: Make sure to exclude special outputs from arrayed output masks.
+- ac/nir: Refactor mesh shader output code to smaller functions.
+- radv: Refactor mesh shader draws and add num_workgroups.
+- nir: Add new variable mode for task/mesh payload.
+- spirv: Use task_payload mode for generic task outputs and mesh inputs.
+- aco: Add storage class for Task Shader payload.
+- aco: Support task_payload with barriers, refactor allowed storage class.
+- aco: Support memory modes properly with load/store_buffer_amd.
+- ac/nir: Use vertex count minus 1 to determine max index in mesh shaders.
+- ac/nir: Reuse existing nir_builder for emit_ms_finale.
+- ac/nir: Store mesh shader API and HW workgroup size in lowering state.
+- ac/nir: Fix workgroup ID in mesh shader waves other than the first.
+- ac/nir: Properly invalidate mesh shader metadata.
+- aco: Remove superfluous code for mesh shader workgroup ID.
+- ac/nir: Extract final mesh shader output counts to a separate function.
+- nir: Fix handling of NV_mesh_shader PRIMITIVE_INDICES output.
+- nir: Fix lowering terminology of compute system values: "from"->"to".
+- nir: Extract lower_id_to_index into a separate function.
+- nir: Introduce workgroup_index and ability to lower workgroup_id to it.
+- ac: Query the amdgpu MEC firmware version.
+- radv: Use correct buffer offset for conditional rendering.
+- radv: Disable NGG for GS with suboptimal output vertex count.
+- aco: Fix VOP2 instruction format in visit_tex.
+- nir: Handle out of bounds access in nir_vectorize_tess_levels.
+- radv: Fix gs_vgpr_comp_cnt for NGG VS without passthrough mode.
+- radv: Only use TES vertex offset 2 for triangles and quads.
+Tomeu Vizoso (21):
+- iris/ci: Enable Whiskey Lake boards by default
+- ci: Allow disabling the whole of the Collabora farm
+- ci: Disable jobs to the Collabora lab
+- Revert "ci: Disable jobs to the Collabora lab"
+- ci/freedreno: Disable a618 jobs
+- ci/freedreno: Update checksum for GolfWithYourFriends trace
+- ci/iris: Increase console timeout for perf jobs
+- ci/freedreno: Increase console timeout for perf jobs
+- ci/panfrost: Disable some jobs due to a lab failure
+- Revert "ci/panfrost: Disable some jobs due to a lab failure"
+- ci/freedreno: Reduce concurrency when replaying traces on a630
+- Revert "ci/freedreno: Disable a618 jobs"
+- ci: Disable Link Power Management with RTL8153
+- ci: Disable Google's lab
+- ci: Use CI_PROJECT_NAME instead of hardcoding 'mesa'
+- ci: Allow specifying a different kernel in LAVA jobs
+- ci: Add env var to add packages to install in rootfs
+- ci: Add env var to add packages to install in debian/arm_build image
+- ci: Allow local installations to build additional stuff into the rootfs
+- ci: Move most stuff out of root .gitlab-ci.yml
+- ci: Disable jobs to the Collabora lab
+Vadym Shovkoplias (4):
+- iris: Do not apply SCANOUT allocation flags for SHARED-only requests
+- anv: implement EXT_depth_clip_control
+- anv: fix EXT_depth_clip_control
+- anv: Fix geometry flickering issue when compute and 3D passes are combined
+Victor Hermann Chiletto (1):
+- radv: always check entry count in descriptor pool when allocating
+Vinod Koul (1):
+- freedreno/registers: update dsi registers to support dsc
+Vinson Lee (1):
+- pvr: Remove duplicate variable queue_create.
+Vitalii.Lomaka (1):
+- intel/batch-decoder: Fix uninitialized scalar variables
+Xaver Hugl (1):
+- gbm: improve documentation about the lifetime of resources
+Xiaohui Gu (1):
+- iris: Mark a dirty update when vs_needs_sgvs_element value changed
+Yevhenii Kolesnikov (1):
+- nir: Remove single-source phis before opt_if_loop_last_continue
+Yiwei Zhang (23):
+- venus: init renderer_info at renderer creation (part 1)
+- venus: init renderer_info at renderer creation (part 2)
+- venus: no roundtrip needed for shmem backed by BLOB_MEM_HOST3D
+- turnip: advertise VK_EXT_queue_family_foreign
+- venus: properly destroy deferred ahb image before real image creation
+- venus: deep copy format list info for deferred image creation
+- venus: clean up android wsi and ahb image builder
+- venus: pass necessary format list at ahb image format query
+- venus: add necessary format list for ahb image creation
+- venus: clean up physical device features and properties
+- venus: group extensions promoted to 1.3
+- venus: update to latest venus protocol
+- venus: add VK_EXT_line_rasterization support
+- venus: add VK_EXT_provoking_vertex support
+- venus: add VK_EXT_image_robustness support
+- venus: update protocol to remove redundant decoders
+- venus: let vn_android use vn_BindImageMemory2 and directly use reqs
+- virgl: fake modifier plane count query support
+- venus: workaround an ANGLE assumption on FORMAT_IMPLEMENTATION_DEFINED
+- venus: store extension mask in renderer info
+- venus: add cs helper stubs to be used by protocol
+- venus: update protocol for mask helper and ignore renderer unknown pNext
+- venus: prepare and feed renderer protocol info into cs
+Yogesh Mohan Marimuthu (4):
+- radeonsi: move clamp, alpha test from si_export_mrt_color() to new function
+- radeonsi: prepare clamp, alpha test before mrtz prepare
+- vulkan/device_select: for vulkan 1.0 use vid/did for boot_vga
+- vulkan/device_select: add has_vulkan11 flag with has_pci_bus flag
+Yonggang Luo (20):
+- glx/egl: improve dri null screen related error messages.
+- util: trim trailing space for files src/util/\**/*
+- llvmpipe: Revise u_sse.h to remove unused _mm_shuffle_epi8 inline function
+- gallium: Remove unused macro PIPE_ARCH_SSSE3
+- util: Fixes unused parameter warnings
+- c11: Fixes unused parameter warnings
+- meson: Add predefined macro -D__MSVCRT_VERSION__=0x0700 only in mingw environment without _UCRT
+- vtn: Fixes compiling error for mingw/ucrt by using setjmp/longjmp function instead compiler builtin
+- nir: Move the define of snprintf to header nir.h
+- util: Should not use ASSERTED in util_thread_get_time_nano
+- vulkan/microsoft: Remove \`override_options: ['cpp_std=c++latest']` option for visual studio
+- ci: Improve vs2019 mesa_build.ps1 for remove the need of cmd.exe
+- util: Rename pipe_debug_message to util_debug_message
+- util: Rename pipe_debug_callback to util_debug_callback
+- pipe: place \`struct util_debug_callback` at the proper place in p_context.h
+- util: Rename pipe_debug_type to util_debug_type
+- util: Getting u_debug.h not depends on pipe/*
+- util: Add tests for u_printf.h
+- util: Convert util/u_printf.cpp to util/u_printf.c
+Zoltán Böszörményi (2):
+- crocus: enable GL46 tests for HSW in ci
+- crocus: Enable compat profile the same way as core profile
+jiadozhu (1):
+- radeonsi: fix crash in flush_resource when used with buffers
+ (1):
+- frontends/va: fix coredump as creating surface with VAConfigAttrib
+wingdeans (1):
+- r600: Fix small leak in SfnLog
+xperia64 (1):
+- wgl: Add driver_zink as a dependency of the wgl frontend