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-<h2>(TBD) 2009</h2>
+<h2>June 19, 2009</h2>
<a href="relnotes-7.4.3.html">Mesa 7.4.3</a> is released.
This is a stable release fixing bugs since the 7.4.2 release.
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<body bgcolor="#eeeeee">
-<H1>Mesa 7.4.3 Release Notes / date TBD</H1>
+<H1>Mesa 7.4.3 Release Notes / 19 June 2009</H1>
Mesa 7.4.3 is a stable development release fixing bugs since the 7.4.2 release.
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ for DRI hardware acceleration.
<li>Fixed some GLSL preprocessor bugs
<li>Fixed framebuffer mem leak in i945/i965 DRI drivers
<li>Fixed texture coordinate repeat bug in swrast (bug 21872)
-<li>Fixed incorrect viewport clamping (lower bounds is zero, not one)
+<li>Fixed incorrect viewport clamping (lower bound is zero, not one)
<li>GLX fix for glean's makeCurrent test case