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Move installing osmesa.pc to drivers/osmesa
Move installing osmesa.pc to drivers/osmesa, where it belongs better This also restores the installation of gl.pc if we are building osmesa at the same time as libGL, which was broken in commit 39785488 when the .pc installation was converted to automake v2: Remove HAVE_OSMESA_DRIVER automake conditional, it's now pointless as we will only be building in the drivers/osmesa directory if the condition it checked was true. Signed-off-by: Jon TURNEY <> Reviewed-by: Eric Anholt <>
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+Name: osmesa
+Description: Mesa Off-screen Rendering library
+Requires: @OSMESA_PC_REQ@
+Libs: -L${libdir} -l@OSMESA_LIB@
+Libs.private: @OSMESA_PC_LIB_PRIV@
+Cflags: -I${includedir}