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glsl/tests: Plumb $(PYTHON2) and $(PYTHON_FLAGS) into optimization-test.
Some distributions (like Arch Linux) make /usr/bin/python Python 3, rather than Python 2. Since compare_ir uses /usr/bin/env python, such systems will fail to run optimization-test, causing 'make check' to always fail. Automake's TESTS_ENVIRONMENT variable provides a mechanism to run programs or set environment variables in the test environment. Ideally, I think we would want to use AM_TESTS_ENVIRONMENT, since TESTS_ENVIRONMENT is supposed to be user-overridable. However, it isn't supported using the default/serial test runner. Fixes 'make check' on Arch Linux and Gentoo. Signed-off-by: Kenneth Graunke <> Acked-by: Matt Turner <>
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