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i965: Use sample barycentric coordinates with per sample shading
Current implementation of arb_sample_shading doesn't set 'Barycentric Interpolation Mode' correctly. We use pixel barycentric coordinates for per sample shading. Instead we should select perspective sample or non-perspective sample barycentric coordinates. It also enables using sample barycentric coordinates in case of a fragment shader variable declared with 'sample' qualifier. e.g. sample in vec4 pos; A piglit test to verify the implementation has been posted on piglit mailing list for review. V2: Do not interpolate all the 'in' variables at sample position if fragment shader uses 'sample' qualifier with one of them. For example we have a fragment shader: #version 330 #extension ARB_gpu_shader5: require sample in vec4 a; in vec4 b; main() { ... } Only 'a' should be sampled at sample location, not 'b'. Signed-off-by: Anuj Phogat <> Reviewed-by: Chris Forbes <> (cherry picked from commit a92e5f7cf63d496ad7830b5cea4bbab287c25b8e)
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