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i965: Fix output register sizes when variable ranges are interleaved
In 6f5abf31466aed this code was fixed to calculate the maximum size of an attribute in a seperate pass and then allocate the registers to that size. However this wasn’t taking into account ranges that overlap but don’t have the same starting location. For example: layout(location = 0, component = 0) out float a[4]; layout(location = 2, component = 1) out float b[4]; Previously, if ‘a’ was processed first then it would allocate a register of size 4 for location 0 and it wouldn’t allocate another register for location 2 because it would already be covered by the range of 0. Then if something tries to write to b[2] it would try to write past the end of the register allocated for ‘a’ and it would hit an assert. This patch changes it to scan for any overlapping ranges that start within each range to calculate the maximum extent and allocate that instead. Fixed Piglit’s arb_enhanced_layouts/execution/component-layout/ vs-fs-array-interleave-range.shader_test Reviewed-by: Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho <> Fixes: 6f5abf31466 "i965: Fix output register sizes when multiple variables share a slot."
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