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egl_dri2: fix EXT_image_dma_buf_import fds
The EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import specification was revised (according to its revision history) on Dec 5th, 2013, for EGL to not take ownership of the file descriptors. Do not close the file descriptors passed in to eglCreateImageKHR with EGL_LINUX_DMA_BUF_EXT target. It is assumed, that the drivers, which ultimately process the file descriptors, do not close or modify them in any way either. This avoids the need to dup(), as it seems we would only need to just close the dup'd file descriptors right after. Bugzilla: Signed-off-by: Pekka Paalanen <> Reviewed-by: Topi Pohjolainen <> (cherry picked from commit 08264e5dad4df448e7718e782ad9077902089a07)
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