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gallium/u_blitter: use TXF if possible
This fixes piglit: arb_texture_view-rendering-r32ui TEX (image_sample) flushes denorms to 0 with FP32 textures on GCN, but such a texture can contain integer data written using an integer render view. If we do a transfer blit with TEX, denorms are flushed to 0. Luckily, TXF (image_load) doesn't do that. TXF also doesn't need to load the sampler state, so blit shaders don't have to do s_load_dwordx4. TXF doesn't do CLAMP_TO_EDGE, so it can only be used if the src box is in bounds, or if we clamp manually (this commit doesn't). Reviewed-by: Nicolai Hähnle <>
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