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authorIlia Mirkin <>2019-01-01 15:06:34 -0500
committerIlia Mirkin <>2019-01-01 15:11:14 -0500
commit8f98ff362c1e967b2997682f0b1b694a6b1bed98 (patch)
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parent8c93ef5de98a90a93434d351c769f3c06f206397 (diff)
nv30: disable rendering to 3D textures
There's no way to tell the 3D engine about swizzling on such textures. While rendering to NPOT ones may be possible, there's no great way to expose that in gallium, nor would there be any practical benefit. Fixes the non-compressed-format "copyteximage 3D" failures. Something odd going on with the compressed formats. Signed-off-by: Ilia Mirkin <>
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diff --git a/src/gallium/drivers/nouveau/nv30/nv30_screen.c b/src/gallium/drivers/nouveau/nv30/nv30_screen.c
index d7563f4a60e..2b69a8f6968 100644
--- a/src/gallium/drivers/nouveau/nv30/nv30_screen.c
+++ b/src/gallium/drivers/nouveau/nv30/nv30_screen.c
@@ -435,6 +435,12 @@ nv30_screen_is_format_supported(struct pipe_screen *pscreen,
if (MAX2(1, sample_count) != MAX2(1, storage_sample_count))
return false;
+ /* No way to render to a swizzled 3d texture. We don't necessarily know if
+ * it's swizzled or not here, but we have to assume anyways.
+ */
+ if (target == PIPE_TEXTURE_3D && (bindings & PIPE_BIND_RENDER_TARGET))
+ return false;
/* shared is always supported */
bindings &= ~PIPE_BIND_SHARED;