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authorMarek Olšák <>2012-03-29 17:51:50 +0200
committerMarek Olšák <>2012-10-31 00:55:13 +0100
commite73bf3b805de78299f1a652668ba4e6eab9bac94 (patch)
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gallium: add start_slot parameter to set_vertex_buffers
This allows updating only a subrange of buffer bindings. set_vertex_buffers(pipe, start_slot, count, NULL) unbinds buffers in that range. Binding NULL resources unbinds buffers too (both buffer and user_buffer must be NULL). The meta ops are adapted to only save, change, and restore the single slot they use. The cso_context can save and restore only one vertex buffer slot. The clients can query which one it is using cso_get_aux_vertex_buffer_slot. It's currently set to 0. (the Draw module breaks if it's set to non-zero) It should decrease the CPU overhead when using a lot of meta ops, but the drivers must be able to treat each vertex buffer slot as a separate state (only r600g does so at the moment). I can imagine this also being useful for optimizing some OpenGL use cases. Reviewed-by: Brian Paul <>
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diff --git a/src/gallium/drivers/noop/noop_state.c b/src/gallium/drivers/noop/noop_state.c
index dbfe35b668c..16ce9b457d9 100644
--- a/src/gallium/drivers/noop/noop_state.c
+++ b/src/gallium/drivers/noop/noop_state.c
@@ -215,8 +215,9 @@ static void noop_set_index_buffer(struct pipe_context *ctx,
-static void noop_set_vertex_buffers(struct pipe_context *ctx, unsigned count,
- const struct pipe_vertex_buffer *buffers)
+static void noop_set_vertex_buffers(struct pipe_context *ctx,
+ unsigned start_slot, unsigned count,
+ const struct pipe_vertex_buffer *buffers)