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i965: Reduce passing 2x32b of reloc_domains to 2 bits
The kernel only cares about whether the object is to be written to or not, only reduces (reloc.read_domains, reloc.write_domain) down to just !!reloc.write_domain. When we use NO_RELOC, the kernel doesn't even read those relocs and instead userspace has to pass that information in the execobject.flags. We can simplify our reloc api by also removing the unused read/write domains and only pass the resultant flags. The caveat to the above are when we need to make the kernel aware that certain objects need to take into account different work arounds. Previously, this was done using the magic (INSTRUCTION, INSTRUCTION) reloc domains. NO_RELOC requires this to be passed in the execobject flags as well, and now we push that up the callstack. The API is more compact, more expressive of what happens underneath, but unfortunately requires more knowledge of the system at the point of use. Conversely it also means that knowledge is specific and not generally applied and so not overused. text data bss dec hex filename 8502991 356912 424944 9284847 8dacef lib/ (before) 8500455 356912 424944 9282311 8da307 lib/ (after) v2: (by Ken) Rebase. Reviewed-by: Kenneth Graunke <>
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