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authorEric Engestrom <>2017-06-19 00:16:51 +0100
committerEric Engestrom <>2017-06-21 21:42:14 +0100
commit4a1238a452a7e49a6717506ffdbaeab18d90a6be (patch)
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parent60f984262c4d4c3c3828eb2eec3dc07c63922ece (diff)
egl: turn one more boolean `int` into a `bool`
Same as the previous commit, but this one was split out because it's a bit more complicated: this field is given as a pointer to a function, so the function had to be changed as well, and the function was use in a bunch of places, which needed updating as well. Signed-off-by: Eric Engestrom <> Reviewed-by: Emil Velikov <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/egl/drivers/dri2/egl_dri2.h b/src/egl/drivers/dri2/egl_dri2.h
index bffc63e1e94..3f29e64cdcf 100644
--- a/src/egl/drivers/dri2/egl_dri2.h
+++ b/src/egl/drivers/dri2/egl_dri2.h
@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@ struct dri2_egl_display
bool is_render_node;
- int is_different_gpu;
+ bool is_different_gpu;
struct dri2_egl_context