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v3dv: VK_KHR_display extension support
When VK_KHR_display is enabled it needs to open the primary node on the vc4/vc5 display device, so pass it to physical_device_init(). Extension functions call through to the wsi_common_display.c implementations. v2: Follow Mesa conventions for comments and char * Refer to vc4 display device in comments. v3: Added Copyright © 2020 Raspberry Pi v4: Test device has primary node when using simulator. v5: Assert that we have a primary device. Fix trailing blank space. Reviewed-by: Iago Toral Quiroga <> Closes: Part-of: <>
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--- a/src/broadcom/vulkan/
+++ b/src/broadcom/vulkan/
@@ -105,6 +105,11 @@ if with_platform_x11
libv3dv_files += files('v3dv_wsi_x11.c')
+if system_has_kms_drm and not with_platform_android
+ libv3dv_files += files('v3dv_wsi_display.c')
libvulkan_broadcom = shared_library(
[libv3dv_files, v3dv_entrypoints, v3dv_extensions_c, v3dv_extensions_h, sha1_h],