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commit 1856230d9fa61710cce3e152b8d88b1269611a73 Author: José Fonseca <> Date: Tue Jul 12 23:41:27 2011 +0100 make: Use better var names on packaging. commit d1ae72d0bd14e820ecfe9f8f27b316f9566ceb0c Author: José Fonseca <> Date: Tue Jul 12 23:38:21 2011 +0100 make: Apply several of Dan Nicholson's suggestions. commit f27cf8743ac9cbf4c0ad66aff0cd3f97efde97e4 Author: José Fonseca <> Date: Sat Jul 9 14:18:20 2011 +0100 make: Put back the tar.bz2 creation rule. Removed by accident. commit 34983337f9d7db984e9f0117808274106d262110 Author: José Fonseca <> Date: Sat Jul 9 11:59:29 2011 +0100 make: Determine tarballs contents via git ls-files. The wildcards were a mess: - lots of files for non Linux platforms missing - several files listed and archived twice Using git-ls-files ensures things are not loss when making the tarballs. commit 34a28ccbf459ed5710aafba5e7149e8291cb808c Author: José Fonseca <> Date: Sat Jul 9 11:07:14 2011 +0100 glut: Remove GLUT source. Most distros ship freeglut, and most people don't care one vs the other, and it hasn't been really maintained. So it is better to have Mesa GLUT be revisioned and built separately from Mesa. commit 5c26a2c3c0c7e95ef853e19d12d75c4f80137e7d Author: José Fonseca <> Date: Sat Jul 9 10:31:02 2011 +0100 Ignore the tarballs. commit 26edecac589819f0d0efe2165ab748dbc4e53394 Author: José Fonseca <> Date: Sat Jul 9 10:30:24 2011 +0100 make: Create the Mesa-xxx-devel symlink automatically. Also actually remote the intermediate uncompressed tarballs.
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@@ -25,7 +25,6 @@ if env['platform'] != 'embedded':
- SConscript('glut/glx/SConscript')
if env['gles']: