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glut: Do not rely on GLAPIENTRY symbol.
GLEW does some defining/undefining of GLAPIENTRY making it unreliable. GLEW should also be fixed, but removing the dependency on this symbol. This also restores the ability for GLUT to be used with -fvisibility=hidden. The downside of this is that ld warns of: Warning: size of symbol `glutBitmapXXXXX' changed from 4 in glut_xxx.o to 16 in glut_xxxx.o Due to the fonts being declared void * (*4 bytes), but defined as 16byte static structure. I'll fix that in a later commit. See also commits: - f321f16e83cae427d6496c11955fd1c898d0395c - d084982240bafba0169c4a6cacf02d45d6cfd8c1
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