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authorJosé Fonseca <>2009-12-11 12:08:32 +0000
committerJosé Fonseca <>2009-12-11 12:28:53 +0000
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scons: Pass -fno-strict-aliasing to gcc.
Strict aliasing tule violations were fixed on master, but they're still causing problem in this branch, so disable this assumptions. Do not apply this fix to master (revert when you merge).
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diff --git a/scons/ b/scons/
index ca1ca5153e7..0e5de0d0f8e 100644
--- a/scons/
+++ b/scons/
@@ -370,6 +370,7 @@ def generate(env):
'-fmessage-length=0', # be nice to Eclipse
+ '-fno-strict-aliasing', # we violate strict pointer aliasing rules
cflags += [