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Merge branch 'remove-intel-dri1'
* remove-intel-dri1: intel: intelScreenContext() is no longer used intel: Remove remaining dri2.enabled tests intel: Drop more cliprect bookkeeping intel: Remove struct intel_framebuffer intel: Remove client-side vblank code intel: Drop intelWindowMoved() intel: Drop batchbuffer cliprect_mode tracking intel: Drop DRI1 static regions intel: Use depth buffer from ctx.DrawBuffer in copypix_src_region() intel: Drop LOCK/UNLOCK_HARDWARE() intel: Drop DRI1 SwapBuffer implementation intel: Drop DRI1 CopySubBuffer implementation intel: Drop DRI1 support Push __driDriverExtensions out of dri_util.c and into the drivers Remove leftover __DRI{screen,drawable,context}Private references Check for libdrm_$chipset.pc when needed
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