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mesa: standardize on C99's uint*_t instead of u_int*_t
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** These opaque EGL types are implemented as unsigned 32-bit integers:
-typedef u_int32_t EGLDisplay;
-typedef u_int32_t EGLConfig;
-typedef u_int32_t EGLSurface;
-typedef u_int32_t EGLContext;
+typedef uint32_t EGLDisplay;
+typedef uint32_t EGLConfig;
+typedef uint32_t EGLSurface;
+typedef uint32_t EGLContext;
/* EGL_MESA_screen_surface */
-typedef u_int32_t EGLModeMESA;
-typedef u_int32_t EGLScreenMESA;
+typedef uint32_t EGLModeMESA;
+typedef uint32_t EGLScreenMESA;
** Other basic EGL types:
-typedef u_int8_t EGLBoolean;
+typedef uint8_t EGLBoolean;
typedef int32_t EGLint;
typedef void * NativeDisplayType;