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configs: fix some remains of the i915simple driver
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- Pipe drivers:
- \ref softpipe
- - \ref i915simple
- - Simple 965 driver (brw_context.h, brw_winsys.h)
+ - \ref i915g
- Cell driver (cell_context.h, cell_winsys.h)
- \ref failover
@@ -120,7 +119,7 @@
\sa sp_winsys.h
-/** \page i915simple Simple i915 Driver
+/** \page i915g i915 Driver
The i915 Gallium3D Driver is an initial hardware driver implementation within
the Gallium3D driver architecture. We expect that once complete this driver
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The Draw module is effectively the part of \ref softpipe which is concerned with
vertex processing, split off into a separate module so that it can be reused
by drivers for rasterization-only hardware. As such it is also instantiated
- by the \ref i915simple driver.
+ by the \ref i915g driver.
Additionally, there are cases in the Mesa OpenGL state_tracker where it is
required to obtain transformed vertices and yet it is anticipated that using