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Both professional and volunteer developers contribute to Mesa.
-<a href="" target="_parent">Tungsten Graphics</a>
+<a href="" target="_parent">VMware</a>
employs several of the main Mesa developers including Brian Paul
and Keith Whitwell.
-Much of the on-going work in Mesa is done through Tungsten Graphics engineering
-Prominent examples of this work includes:
+In the past, Tungsten Graphics contracts implemented many Mesa features
<li>DRI drivers for Intel i965, i945, i915 and other chips
@@ -29,23 +31,19 @@ Prominent examples of this work includes:
Other companies including
<a href="" target="_parent">Intel</a>
-and IBM also actively contribute to the project.
+and RedHat also actively contribute to the project.
+Intel has recently contributed the new GLSL compiler in Mesa 7.9.
-Volunteers have made significant contributions to all parts of Mesa, including
-complete device drivers.
+<a href="" target="_parent">LunarG</a> can be contacted
+for custom Mesa / 3D graphics development.
-<H1>Custom Development</H1>
-Contact <a href="" target="_parent">
-Tungsten Graphics</a>
-for information about custom development in Mesa, OpenGL, X and other
-graphics technologies.
+Volunteers have made significant contributions to all parts of Mesa, including
+complete device drivers.
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@@ -111,11 +111,9 @@ It implements the OpenGL 1.3 specification.
-November 2001: I cofound <a href="" target="_parent">
-Tungsten Graphics, Inc.</a> with Keith Whitwell, Jens Owen, David Dawes and
-Frank LaMonica.
-I continue to develop Mesa as part of my resposibilities with Tungsten
-Graphics and as a spare-time project.
+November 2001: I cofounded Tungsten Graphics, Inc. with Keith Whitwell,
+Jens Owen, David Dawes and Frank LaMonica.
+Tungsten Graphics was acquired by VMware in December 2008.
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@@ -157,9 +157,6 @@ Added a new page describing the <a href="cell.html">Mesa Cell driver</a>.
Gallium3D is the codename for the new Mesa device driver architecture
which is currently under development.
-A <a href=""
-target="_parent"> summary</a> of the architecture can be found on the
-Tungsten Graphics website.
Gallium3D development is taking place on the <em>gallium-0.1</em> branch
@@ -210,11 +207,8 @@ shading language and built-in functions.
<h2>April 2007</h2>
-Thomas Hellstr&ouml;m of
-<a href="" target="_parent">
-Tungsten Graphics</a> has written a whitepaper describing the new
-<a href="">DRI memory management
+Thomas Hellstr&ouml;m of Tungsten Graphics has written a whitepaper
+describing the new DRI memory management system</a>.
<h2>December 5, 2006</h2>
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-<p> Copyright &copy; 2002-2003 by <a
- href="">Tungsten Graphics, Inc.</a>,
+<p> Copyright &copy; 2002-2003 by Tungsten Graphics, Inc.,
Cedar Park, Texas. All Rights Reserved. <br>
Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this