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@@ -169,20 +169,6 @@ the Gamma FAQ</a>
-<H2>Direct Rendering Flag</H2>
-Some applications won't run with indirect rendering contexts (which is
-what the Xlib driver supports).
-To force the glXIsDirect() query to return True, set the MESA_GLX_FORCE_DIRECT
-environment variable.
-For example:
<H2>Overlay Planes</H2>
Hardware overlay planes are supported by the Xlib driver. To
@@ -282,8 +268,6 @@ This extension was added in Mesa 2.6
MESA_BACK_BUFFER - specifies how to implement the back color buffer (X only)
MESA_PRIVATE_CMAP - force aux/tk libraries to use private colormaps (X only)
MESA_GAMMA - gamma correction coefficients (X only)
- MESA_GLX_FORCE_DIRECT - report that the driver is direct rendering, even
- though it's not.