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docs: Update TODOs of egl.html.
Thread-safety is no longer a TODO item. There are surely bugs to be fixed though.
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client API renders to the specified render buffer for pixmap and pbuffer
+<h3><code>EGLDisplay</code> Mutex</h3>
+The <code>EGLDisplay</code> will be locked before calling any of the dispatch
+functions (well, except for GetProcAddress which does not take an
+<code>EGLDisplay</code>). This guarantees that the same dispatch function will
+not be called with the sample display at the same time. If a driver has access
+to an <code>EGLDisplay</code> without going through the EGL APIs, the driver
+should as well lock the display before using it.
-<li>Thread safety</li>
<li>Pass the conformance tests</li>
<li>Better automatic driver selection: <code>EGL_DISPLAY</code> loads all
drivers and might eat too much memory.</li>