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egl: Ignore certain environment variables when setuid/setgid.
Specifically, ignore EGL_DRIVERS_PATH when an application is setuid/setgid. And ignore EGL_DRIVER when there is a slash in it.
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@@ -131,7 +131,8 @@ runtime</p>
<p>By default, the main library will look for drivers in the directory where
the drivers are installed to. This variable specifies a list of
colon-separated directories where the main library will look for drivers, in
-addition to the default directory.</p>
+addition to the default directory. This variable is ignored for setuid/setgid
@@ -139,7 +140,7 @@ addition to the default directory.</p>
<p>This variable specifies a full path to an EGL driver and it forces the
specified EGL driver to be loaded. It comes in handy when one wants to test a
-specific driver.</p>
+specific driver. This variable is ignored for setuid/setgid binaries.</p>