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glx: Fix interval test in glXSwapIntervalMESA
It appears that, in spite of what the spec says, the interval parameter to glXSwapIntervalMESA has been an unsigned int since day-1. This made the 'if (interval < 0)' test useless. The test is removed and the spec is updated to note that the interval is an unsigned value.
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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ Issues
New Procedures and Functions
- int glXSwapIntervalMESA(int interval)
+ int glXSwapIntervalMESA(unsigned int interval)
int glXGetSwapIntervalMESA(void)
New Tokens
@@ -103,11 +103,8 @@ Additions to the GLX 1.3 Specification
- glXSwapIntervalMESA returns GLX_BAD_VALUE if parameter <interval> is
- less than zero.
glXSwapIntervalMESA returns GLX_BAD_CONTEXT if there is no current
- GLXContext.
+ GLXContext or if the current context is not a direct rendering context.
GLX Protocol