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update MESA_DEBUG with FP infomesa_6_3_2
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@@ -16,7 +16,9 @@ Mesa supports the following environment variables:
<li>MESA_NO_MMX - if set, disables Intel MMX optimizations
<li>MESA_NO_3DNOW - if set, disables AMD 3DNow! optimizations
<li>MESA_NO_SSE - if set, disables Intel SSE optimizations
-<li>MESA_DEBUG - if set, error messages are printed to stderr
+<li>MESA_DEBUG - if set, error messages are printed to stderr.
+If the value of MESA_DEBUG is "FP" floating point arithmetic errors will
+generate exceptions.
<li>MESA_NO_DITHER - if set, disables dithering, overriding glEnable(GL_DITHER)