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@@ -57,10 +57,20 @@ GL_ARB_point_parameters
This is basically the same as GL_EXT_point_parameters.
+ Allows any texture combine stage to reference any texture source unit.
For rendering points as textured quads. Useful for particle effects.
+ Allows one to use textures with sizes that are not powers of two.
+ Note that mipmapping and several texture wrap modes are not allowed.
Device Driver Status
@@ -80,7 +90,7 @@ Wind River UGL implements OpenGL 1.3
Windows/Win32 implements OpenGL 1.3
DOS/DJGPP implements OpenGL 1.3
GGI needs updating
-BeOS needs updating
+BeOS needs updating (underway)
Allegro needs updating
D3D needs updating
DOS needs updating
@@ -115,19 +125,78 @@ to work as of 4/21/2002.
Allow multiple points to be rendered into one sw_span.
-Investigate the normal transformation bug when using non-uniform
-scale matrices.
+improve point/line rendering speed.
_tnl_end() has flushing forced on.
-improve point/line rendering speed.
readpixels from stencil/z should respect ctx->ReadBuffer
glVertexAttrib*NV(index>15) should cause an error.
-GL_ARB_texture_env_crossbar: Allows any texture combine stage to reference
-any texture source unit
+isosurf with vertex program exhibits some missing triangles (probably
+when recycling the vertex buffer for long prims).
+Porting Info
+If you're porting a DRI or other driver from Mesa 4.0.x to Mesa 4.1 here
+are some things to change:
+1. ctx->Texture._ReallyEnabled is obsolete.
+ Since there are now 5 texture targets (1D, 2D, 3D, cube and rect) that
+ left room for only 6 units (6*5 < 32) in this field.
+ This field is being replaced by ctx->Texture._EnabledUnits which has one
+ bit per texture unit. If the bit k of _EnabledUnits is set, that means
+ ctx->Texture.Unit[k]._ReallyEnabled is non-zero. You'll have to look at
+ ctx->Texture.Unit[k]._ReallyEnabled to learn if the 1D, 2D, 3D, cube or
+ rect texture is enabled for unit k.
+ This also means that the constants TEXTURE1_*, TEXTURE2_*, etc are
+ obsolete.
+ The tokens TEXTURE0_* have been replaced as well (since there's no
+ significance to the "0" part:
+ old token new token
+ These tokens are only used for the ctx->Texture.Unit[i].Enabled and
+ ctx->Texture.Unit[i]._ReallyEnabled fields. Exactly 0 or 1 bit will
+ be set in _ReallyEnabled at any time!
+ Q: "What's the purpose of Unit[i].Enabled vs Unit[i]._ReallyEnabled?"
+ A: The user can enable GL_TEXTURE_1D, GL_TEXTURE_2D, etc for any
+ texure unit all at once (an unusual thing to do).
+ OpenGL defines priorities that basically say GL_TEXTURE_2D has
+ higher priority than GL_TEXTURE_1D, etc. Also, just because a
+ texture target is enabled by the user doesn't mean we'll actually
+ use that texture! If a texture object is incomplete (missing mip-
+ map levels, etc) it's as if texturing is disabled for that target.
+ The _ReallyEnabled field will have a bit set ONLY if the texture
+ target is enabled and complete. This spares the driver writer from
+ examining a _lot_ of GL state to determine which texture target is
+ to be used.
+2. Tnl tokens changes
+ During the implementation of GL_NV_vertex_program some of the vertex
+ buffer code was changed. Specifically, the VERT_* bits defined in
+ tnl/t_context.h have been renamed to better match the conventions of
+ GL_NV_vertex_program. The old names are still present but obsolete.
+ Drivers should use the newer names.
+ For example: VERT_RGBA is now VERT_BIT_COLOR0 and
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