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+Porting Information
+When moving from Mesa 4.0.x to Mesa 4.1 there are a number of things
+you may have to update.
+1. _mesa_create_context() changes. This function now takes a pointer to
+ a __GLimports object. The __GLimports structure contains function
+ pointers to system functions like fprintf(), malloc(), etc.
+ The _mesa_init_default_imports() function can be used to initialize
+ a __GLimports object. Most device drivers (like the DRI drivers)
+ should use this.
+2. more to come...
XXX Things To Do Yet XXXX
@@ -97,8 +113,7 @@ vector arrays. Pretty sure the SSE code is wrong.
Finish up NV_vertex_program support for evaluators. Vertex arrays seem
to work as of 4/21/2002.
-Move sw_span struct into swrast context instead of allocating it on
-the stack. Allow multiple points to be rendered into one sw_span.
+Allow multiple points to be rendered into one sw_span.
Investigate the normal transformation bug when using non-uniform
scale matrices.
@@ -115,4 +130,4 @@ GL_ARB_texture_env_crossbar: Allows any texture combine stage to reference
any texture source unit
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