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authorDan Nicholson <>2008-06-30 09:40:30 -0700
committerDan Nicholson <>2008-07-12 10:25:40 -0700
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autoconf: Subsitute SHELL for all platforms
Establish the shell that make will use from configure. This is exactly how autoconf/automake operate, with the environment variable CONFIG_SHELL respected to override the autoconf checks. In the usual case where the user just executes `./configure', autoconf will pick a shell from the current shell, sh, bash, ksh or sh5 that meets its base criteria. The special Solaris case of looking for a POSIX shell has been changed to just set the SHELL variable since autoconf substitutes this already. The EXTRA_CONFIG_LINES substitution is dropped as it should no longer be needed.
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diff --git a/ b/
index ec8b5ddbc75..acb29e44686 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -33,18 +33,16 @@ AC_CHECK_PROGS([MAKE], [gmake make])
AC_PATH_PROG([MKDEP], [makedepend])
AC_PATH_PROG([SED], [sed])
-dnl Platform-specific program settings
+dnl We need a POSIX shell for parts of the build. Assume we have one
+dnl in most cases.
case "$host_os" in
# Solaris /bin/sh is too old/non-POSIX compliant
AC_PATH_PROGS(POSIX_SHELL, [ksh93 ksh sh])
dnl Ask gcc where it's keeping its secret headers
if test "x$GCC" = xyes; then