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Set library and header installation directories from configuration
Currently the installation directories for libraries and headers are resolved within the install commands. For instance, the libraries will be installed to $(INSTALL_DIR)/$(LIB_DIR). This limits the flexibility of the installation, such as when the libraries should be installed to a subdirectory like /usr/lib/tls. This adds the make variables $(INSTALL_LIB_DIR) and $(INSTALL_INC_DIR) to define the locations that the libraries and headers are installed. For the static configs, this resolves exactly as before to $(INSTALL_DIR)/include and $(INSTALL_DIR)/$(LIB_DIR). For autoconf, they are derived directly from the --libdir and --includedir settings.
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@@ -994,6 +994,7 @@ echo ""
echo " prefix: $prefix"
echo " exec_prefix: $exec_prefix"
echo " libdir: $libdir"
+echo " includedir: $includedir"
dnl Driver info
echo ""