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Use separate $(MINSTALL) for installing libraries
The special feature of bin/minstall to copy symlinks is only ever needed when installing libraries which may have .so symlinks. All the headers and directories can use a normal install program. These two modes are separated as $(INSTALL) and $(MINSTALL) to allow the user (or autoconf) to override installing normal files as they please. An autoconf check for the install program has been added and will be used in preference to minstall when available. Fixes bug 16053.
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@@ -29,6 +29,11 @@ AC_CHECK_PROGS([MAKE], [gmake make])
AC_PATH_PROG([MKDEP], [makedepend])
AC_PATH_PROG([SED], [sed])
+dnl Our fallback install-sh is a symlink to minstall. Use the existing
+dnl configuration in that case.
+test "x$INSTALL" = "x$ac_install_sh" && INSTALL='$(MINSTALL)'
dnl We need a POSIX shell for parts of the build. Assume we have one
dnl in most cases.
case "$host_os" in