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configure: check for dladdr via AC_CHECK_FUNC/AC_CHECK_LIB
Use both macros as in some cases using AC_CHECK_FUNCS alone may fail. Thus HAVE_DLADDR will not be defined, and as a result most of the code in megadriver_stub.c will not be compiled. Breaking the backwards compatibility between older libGL/xserver(s) and DRI megadrivers. Cc: Jon TURNEY <> Cc: "10.2" <> [Emil Velikov] Commit message. Signed-off-by: Emil Velikov <> Reviewed-by: Matt Turner <> (cherry picked from commit 39a4cc45a417bea3bb1cfbe20ea5045200f76c25) Also squashed together with: Use LIBS rather than LDFLAGS to add -ldl to dladdr check ec8ebff "Check for dladdr()" erroneously uses LDFLAGS rather than LIBS to add -ldl to the dladdr check. Replace the workaround in 39a4cc4 of explicitly checking in libdl, with a more correct approach of using LIBS. Signed-off-by: Jon TURNEY <> Reviewed-by: Emil Velikov <> Tested-by: Pali Rohár <> Cc: "10.2" <> (cherry picked from commit a2e1dc0cce3f5c4b94123a5fd4de42ecc988ab14)
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@@ -494,10 +494,10 @@ AC_CHECK_FUNC([dlopen], [DEFINES="$DEFINES -DHAVE_DLOPEN"],
dnl Check if that library also has dladdr
case "$host_os" in