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parent1299694ed5e3c2f51c076b020a9ad2fef2e1d059 (diff) Include commits mentionining "CC: mesa-stable..." in pick list
We recently adopted a new convention that patches can be nominated for the stable branch by including a line in the commit message as follows: CC: This is a convenient syntax as "git send-email" will notice this line and automatically copy the resulting patch email to the mesa-stable mailing list. Here we extend the regular expression in the script to also notice this pattern, (as well as the traditional "NOTE: This patch is a candidate..." form.
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@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ git log --reverse --grep="cherry picked from commit" origin/master..HEAD |\
sed -e 's/^[[:space:]]*(cherry picked from commit[[:space:]]*//' -e 's/)//' > already_picked
# Grep for commits that were marked as a candidate for the stable tree.
-git log --reverse --pretty=%H -i --grep='^[[:space:]]*NOTE: .*[Cc]andidate' HEAD..origin/master |\
+git log --reverse --pretty=%H -i --grep='^\([[:space:]]*NOTE: .*[Cc]andidate\|CC:[[:space:]]*mesa-stable\)' HEAD..origin/master |\
while read sha
# Check to see whether the patch is on the ignore list.