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appveyor: Set git core.autocrlf setting to true.
The git core.autocrlf setting defaults to true (ie, all text files get checked out as CRLF on Windows), except on Appveyor where's set to "input" (ie, all text files get checked out with the upstream repository's line endings, which for us typically means LF.) And this was masking on Appveyor a regression in processing t_options.h with CRLF line endings. This change makes core.autocrlf to be true, which would have enabled to immediately catch the issue, as seen in Reviewed-by: Roland Scheidegger <>
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os: Visual Studio 2015
+# Appveyor defaults core.autocrlf to input instead of the default (true), but
+# that can hide problems processing CRLF text on Windows
+- git config --global core.autocrlf true
LLVM_ARCHIVE: llvm-5.0.1-msvc2015-mtd.7z
+# Check git config
+- git config core.autocrlf
# Check pip
- python --version
- python -m pip --version