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i965: Fix segfault in WebGL Conformance on Ivybridge
Fixes regression of WebGL Conformance test texture-size-limit [1] on Ivybridge Mobile GT2 0x0166 with Google Chrome R38. Regression introduced by commit 6c044231535b93c5d16404528946cad618d96bd9 Author: Kenneth Graunke <> Date: Sun Feb 2 02:58:42 2014 -0800 i965: Bump GL_MAX_CUBE_MAP_TEXTURE_SIZE to 8192. The test regressed because the pointer offset arithmetic in intel_miptree_map_gtt() overflows for large textures. The pointer arithmetic is not 64-bit safe. [1] Cc: "10.3 10.4" <> Fixes: Fixes: Intel CHRMOS-1377 Reported-by: Lu Hua <> Reviewed-by: Ian Romanic <> Signed-off-by: Chad Versace <> (cherry picked from commit b69c7c5dac4e2615e89cef773173484421830a8f)
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