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gallium: new raw gallium interface to support standalone tests
Provides basic window system integration behind a simple interface, allowing tests to be written without dependency on either the driver or window system. With a lot of work, could turn into something like glut for gallium.
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--- a/SConstruct
+++ b/SConstruct
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ opts.Add(ListVariable('statetrackers', 'state trackers to build', default_statet
opts.Add(ListVariable('drivers', 'pipe drivers to build', default_drivers,
['softpipe', 'failover', 'svga', 'i915', 'i965', 'trace', 'r300', 'identity', 'llvmpipe']))
opts.Add(ListVariable('winsys', 'winsys drivers to build', default_winsys,
- ['xlib', 'vmware', 'i915', 'i965', 'gdi', 'radeon']))
+ ['xlib', 'vmware', 'i915', 'i965', 'gdi', 'radeon', 'graw-xlib']))
opts.Add(EnumVariable('MSVS_VERSION', 'MS Visual C++ version', None, allowed_values=('7.1', '8.0', '9.0')))