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autoconf: Add from Xorg for easier setup from git
The defacto method to rebuild the autotools and run the generated configure is an script. It is much more discoverable than the custom `make configure' used here. The Makefile targets are still useful for creating tarballs, though. This is copied from Xorg.
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@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+#! /bin/sh
+srcdir=`dirname "$0"`
+test -z "$srcdir" && srcdir=.
+SRCDIR=`(cd "$srcdir" && pwd)`
+if test "x$SRCDIR" != "x$ORIGDIR"; then
+ echo "Mesa cannot be built when srcdir != builddir" 1>&2
+ exit 1
+autoreconf -v --install || exit 1
+"$srcdir"/configure "$@"
diff --git a/docs/autoconf.html b/docs/autoconf.html
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--- a/docs/autoconf.html
+++ b/docs/autoconf.html
@@ -43,9 +43,12 @@ configure script, type:
To see a short description of all the options, type <code>./configure
--help</code>. If you are using a development snapshot and the configure
-script does not exist, type <code>make configure</code> to generate it
-first. Once you have run <code>./configure</code> and set the options to
-your preference, type:
+script does not exist, type <code>./</code> to generate it
+first. If you know the options you want to pass to
+<code>configure</code>, you can pass them to <code></code>. It
+will run <code>configure</code> with these options after it is
+generated. Once you have run <code>configure</code> and set the options
+to your preference, type: