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@@ -52,7 +52,8 @@ In any case, you'll have to download and compile GLUT for BeOS and
put in the Mesa-3.x/lib/ directory before you can compile
the demos/, samples/ and book/ programs.
-GLUT for BeOS can be found at: ??? fill-in ???
+GLUT for BeOS can be found at
This is a special version of GLUT adapted for the BeOS. I don't
believe Mark Kilgard's normal GLUT distribution includes BeOS
@@ -60,6 +61,18 @@ support.
+Special Features
+Mesa's implementation of the BGLView class has an extra member
+function: CopySubBufferMESA(). It basically works like SwapBuffers()
+but it only copies a sub region from the back buffer to the front
+buffer. This is a useful optimization for some applications.
+If you use this method in your code be sure that you check at runtime
+that you're actually using Mesa (with glGetString) so you don't
+cause a fatal error when running with Be's OpenGL.
Old BeOS Driver
Mesa 2.6 had an earlier BeOS driver. It was based on Mesa's Off-screen
@@ -76,4 +89,4 @@ work with the new Mesa 3.1 BGLView implementation.
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