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authorEmil Velikov <>2016-05-04 16:02:11 +0100
committerEmil Velikov <>2016-05-05 11:46:42 +0100
commit584fc12ccfeaf68c3a553276ca9d2b76a41c6502 (patch)
parentcf1a04c414e4a31349f85fc84c24053029f7be34 (diff)
cherry-ignore: add non-applicable "fix of a fix"
Commit 4420f189b6d addresses a regression introduced by 83b589301f4. The latter of which is a regression fix, that did not land in 11.1 branch. Signed-off-by: Emil Velikov <>
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diff --git a/bin/.cherry-ignore b/bin/.cherry-ignore
index 8aa6a76921a..20ed5bce559 100644
--- a/bin/.cherry-ignore
+++ b/bin/.cherry-ignore
@@ -10,3 +10,5 @@ f2c891353609b48459f27f205407d42823dd7d03 Add missing platform information for KB
# As requested by Ilia at
6eeb284e4f74a2fe5ae6cba90f97f219935e24df nv50/ir: normalize cube coordinates after derivatives have been computed
+# The commit fixes a fix, the latter of which did not land in 11.1.
+4420f189b6d6dd68b517cd73dfdf3775d7d0f580 st/mesa: fix glReadBuffer() assertion failure