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authorRob Clark <>2019-11-17 11:28:16 -0800
committerRob Clark <>2019-11-22 13:48:29 -0800
commitcc6484f1641ca905074ad48b7def844540075643 (patch)
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gitlab-ci/deqp: preserve caselists for blocks with fails
Bump cts_runner to pick up the change to preserve .qpa and caselist .txt files for blocks of tests that contain fails, and preserve the caselist files. To reproduce fails that depend on order of running tests, these are useful. Signed-off-by: Rob Clark <> Acked-by: Eric Engestrom <>
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2 files changed, 5 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/.gitlab-ci/ b/.gitlab-ci/
index 2622819f2e5..c4d8bd878f3 100644
--- a/.gitlab-ci/
+++ b/.gitlab-ci/
@@ -2,9 +2,9 @@
set -ex
-git clone --depth 1 -b anholt-mesa-ci-2
-cd cts_runner
+git clone --depth 1
+cd parallel-deqp-runner
meson build/
ninja -C build -j4 install
cd ..
-rm -rf cts_runner
+rm -rf parallel-deqp-runner
diff --git a/.gitlab-ci/ b/.gitlab-ci/
index 9a18c9fc6ce..58aa7759b7a 100755
--- a/.gitlab-ci/
+++ b/.gitlab-ci/
@@ -69,6 +69,8 @@ vulkan-cts-runner \
if [ $DEQP_EXITCODE -ne 0 ]; then
+ # preserve caselist files in case of failures:
+ cp /tmp/cts_runner.*.txt $RESULTS/
echo "Some unexpected results found (see cts-runner-results.txt in artifacts for full results):"
cat $RESULTS/cts-runner-results.txt | \
grep -v ",Pass" | \