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virgl: remove an incorrect check in virgl_res_needs_flush
Imagine this resource_copy_region(ctx, dst, ..., src, ...); transfer_map(ctx, src, 0, PIPE_TRANSFER_WRITE, ...); at the beginning of a cmdbuf. We need to flush in transfer_map so that the transfer is not reordered before the resource copy. The check for "vctx->num_draws == 0 && vctx->num_compute == 0" is not enough. Removing the optimization entirely. Because of the more precise resource tracking in the previous commit, I hope the performance impact is minimized. We will have to go with perfect resource tracking, or attempt a more limited optimization, if there are specific cases we really need to optimize for. Signed-off-by: Chia-I Wu <> Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
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